Top 50 Examples Of Humans And Technology Not Being A Great Match

Technology is evolving all the time and at a really rapid pace, but, well, do you really think humans are keeping up with the development of the technology they are creating? We don’t really think so, and this post is highly likely to prove us right. Very often indeed we take technology for granted in our everyday life, which is perfectly understandable, but at times we might damage it in ways that can’t be repaired.

So, if you have been looking for some wonderful examples of human beings who ruined their devices in truly unimaginable ways, you have come to the right place. Here, we present the top fifty instances which hilariously prove that technology and the representatives of the human race are not necessarily (or, we would probably say, not always) happen to be such a good match after all.

1. The File With Seven Hundred Million Pages

Most of us have documents that don’t exceed a few pages. If we are working on something important, we might have a file of fifty or so pages. However, as Big Bertha suggests, the size of this file is 1.69 TB, and we are wondering what could be on it.

After all, if you do the math, 1 TB equals 1,000 GB, which means that the document has more than seven hundred million pages. So is the person storing the secrets of the universe? We can only imagine what this file could contain.

2. The Warped Screen

It hurts our hearts to see new laptops broken beyond repair, and that is exactly what this picture represents. A new HP laptop is warped from an unusual angle, and it does not seem like it will repair. It looks as if the poor laptop came between a door and crushed like no other.

We hope that whoever gets to repair this screen does it really well. However, we think that the owner should sell the laptop for parts because it does not look like it will be of any use even after getting fixed.

3. Together Forever

If you have never seen an adapter and a plug glued together in your life, today is your lucky day. After all, don’t you hate it when your adapter keeps coming out of the socket, and you need to keep fixing its position? Well, this person resolved the issue by gluing these two elements together.

The sight is disastrous, and it is a hazard for all sorts of things that can go wrong. We hope the owner has a good sense of buying a new adapter and socket. From the looks of it, these two aren’t going anywhere.

4. Home Of The Wasps

Here is a sight we never thought we would see in our lives. The wasps have created a comfortable home for themselves inside the fan of this computing device. Maybe they needed the warmth, or perhaps they liked the buzzing sound of the fan.

Whatever the reason is, it is better to replace the fan or throw the entire thing away. That is because you don’t want to mess with wasps as they can sting you. We feel for the poor technician who had to deal with this wasp issue inside the computer.

5. Beyond Repair

The number of burnt processors and rust on this laptop is insane, and this device will not see the light of day. We wonder how someone can ruin their laptop in such a way and have the audacity to bring it to the technician. After all, no one can repair this as the laptop is beaten and dead.

It is unclear whether the laptop has been left in the rain while on charge or if someone spilled burning coffee on it on multiple occasions. Whatever it was, we are thankful we are not the ones whose laptop is beyond repair.

6. The Rusty Desktop

We have never seen so much rust on a desktop before, and it is time to throw this one away. The poor processor has taken a rough beating, and we don’t understand why a sealing agent is right next to it. After all, nothing will save this desktop.

The desktop will probably not even be sold for scrap metal parts as no one likes to buy rusted objects. So it is time to bury the desktop and let it rest in peace because it has gone through a lot in its lifetime.

7. Unfinished Business

Clearly, the internet provider of this neighborhood was lazy or had an emergency to attend to, which is why the cable is unfinished business here. Now you know why that buffer symbol on the screen never goes away, and everything takes ages to load. Humans and technology don’t match because we don’t take the time to ensure it works properly.

At least the neighborhood will not pay the monthly internet bill because of this error. We hope that the provider has the good sense to finish what he started in the first place so everyone can enjoy a good internet connection.

8. Please Don’t Touch

At first glance, the entire picture is a fire hazard, and the fire department will not be happy to see this mistake. Somehow, whoever did this thinks that a “please don’t touch” sign will fix everything. Unfortunately, the entire thing needs to be replaced, or it will cause problems for the whole building.

People need to become more conscious of the dangers these things can pose. That is why everyone must take an introductory fire safety course. It will allow people to not do things with technology that can cause problems in the future.

9. The Drywall Disaster

Sometimes we look at pictures and think that humans should not be given the technology at all. Looking at this picture is giving us a headache because of everything that is wrong with it. The least the person could have done was use the appropriate drywall screws for the installation.

If all the plugs and outlets in the house are installed in this way, it can be a danger to everyone. The company that did this was unprofessional, and we hope the homeowners put the company in their place after seeing this disaster.

10. The Spotted PC

We are guessing that whoever did this loves a polka dot and wanted that on their computer too. We don’t know if this is a look achieved by bleach or a spray cleaner, but we feel bad for the poor PC experiencing this disaster. We just hope that the equipment goes through proper restoration because it is not beyond repair.

Of course, the image quality of the PC will be a disaster after opening the computer. A small plastic sheet cover-up could have saved all this from happening, but we guess the owner did not have the sense to think of that.

11. The Battery Inflation

Did you know that an inflated battery can burst and wreak havoc on a device? By looking at this device, we can tell that the battery is ready to explode as it is inflated like never before. The worst part is that this has taken place on a baby monitor.

We are just happy that the battery did not explode and harm the people around it. We also wonder how the battery ended up like this. After all, even rough use can’t cause the battery to inflate like this and be ready for an explosion.

12. The Tangled Mess

If you think headphones are the only tangled mess, you haven’t seen server cables before. While some tangling is okay, the server you see in the picture is a mess and must be fixed immediately. The company was in a rush to set up its servers, and you can see that from this mess.

The company could have avoided this issue by spending ten minutes on the server and using some cable ties. However, we guess the company likes the tangled look and wanted to achieve this. We hope someone fixes this terrible mess as soon as possible.

13. The Unfortunate Shipping

Don’t you hate it when you buy something expensive on the internet and when it comes it is nothing like you expected? Well, that is what happened to the expensive equipment as the cheap delivery method ruined everything. The desktop looks like a jigsaw puzzle that one needs to complete for it to work.

We also have a feeling that because of this unfortunate error in shipping, most of the equipment parts will not work. The parts also look custom-made, and we feel bad for whoever ordered this beautiful yet broken PC. There are a few hundred dollars you will never see again.

14. The Keyboard Disaster

Rice would fix everything they said, but clearly, this person took an entirely new approach to fix the keyboard. We guess the owner does not know that Apple will replace the keyboard in no time as they have an exchange program. The failed attempt has made the problem even worse, as cleaning the mess will be a nightmare.

Sometimes, we wonder why on earth it is that some people do certain things and if common sense leaves their bodies completely sometimes. Whatever the reason for doing that might have been, all the owner had to do was take it to a repair shop. He would have had to pay a bit of money, yes, but we still think it would’ve been worth it…

15. Two Broken Pieces

The laptop you see in the picture went through a breakup with its most important piece, yet it is still working. We are shocked that the screen is still alive and the keyboard lights are still working despite this breakup. From its looks, the owner lost a Mortal Kombat game and took their frustration out on the laptop.

To all the people who love to play games, it is best not to play games if you have a short temper. Sometimes emotions take control, it is understandable. But they make you do things you might regret doing when the storm is gone… After all, you wouldn’t want all your technology broken in a fit of rage.

16. The Cracked Part

The cracked part of this PC looks like another shipment has gone wrong. Whenever you ship equipment and technological items, you must opt to pay a high price to ensure you get your shipment on time and in one piece. The company that sent this needs to improve its shipment packaging.

We know that we would not want to waste our money on broken items. The PC part looks like a broken graham cracker, except that it is not edible at all. Please check reviews before buying such things to ensure you get value for your money.

17. The Broken Apple Pens

The best thing about Apple Products is that their build quality is high, making them last a long time. However, by the looks of it, these Apple Pens don’t have any life left in them anymore as their structural integrity looks like a disaster. The only delivery the pens will go through is the repair center or the recycling bin.

So, the next time you order a bunch of Apple Pens, you would want to consider making sure that they are delivered to you with an insurance plan. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste your money on pens that look like this.

18. The Broken Ipads

You saw broken Apple pens in one place, but have you ever seen an entire shipment of broken iPads? Today is the unfortunate day you witness these things as many people don’t take care of shipments.  These iPads were confiscated by the customs offices and destroyed.

We are sad to see this happen, as many iPads have gone to waste. Technology is excellent, but we must be conscious of the waste we create. All these broken things go in the ocean or landfills that destroy our planet, which is why we must be more careful.

19. The Unprofessional Fixing

If you wanted to cool down your CPU or a part of it, you could have used only a tiny amount of thermal paste. However, this person went overboard and dumped the entire tube of thermal paste on the device. Sometimes, we wonder why people don’t see tutorials before attempting to fix technological items.

Of course, the easier way would have been to give the PC to a professional, and they would have fixed the issue in no time. That is a lesson that you must not attempt to fix things you know nothing about.

20. The RAM Issue

While the person thinks they only took out the RAM, we see from the picture that they also took out the RAM’s housing. The RAM housing is always on the motherboard, and it is firmly stuck. That is why we know that whoever did this used some force to take these things out.

Of course, the issue is not that significant, and a professional will fix it in no time. We hope that the person went to an experienced technician instead of attempting to fix this mess. Another disaster like this would be hilarious.

21. The Make-Do Cooling System

We will give this person points for the creativity that has gone into this cooling system. It takes guts to put the fans of a desktop right in front of the air conditioner to cool it in no time. We wonder why no one stopped the person from doing this because it is a disaster.

Unfortunately, while the initial plan looks absolutely genius, only the true DIY fans will appreciate the brilliance of this high-tech experiment. You can totally count on the fact that the rest of the computer will not offer optimal performance after this disaster.

22. The Unfixable Mess

While this looks like the office of a local internet provider, you must be grateful that this is not the office of your local internet provider. The wires and cables are a mess, and any technician on their way to work on this site will have their work cut out for them.

That is because they will be there for a long time trying to get rid of this mess. The worst part is that if they lose a wire, it will take them hours to find it again. Even the picture is making our brain hurt.

23. Stuck Together Like Glue

A key is the smallest part of a keyboard and does not take much time to fix. Even an amateur can fix an issue with a key with a little bit of common sense. Unfortunately, the person attempting to fix this did not have any common sense as they tried gluing the keys to the desktop.

Instead, the glue came in between two keys and skewed one of them. The disaster is hilarious yet tragic, as we can’t seem to take our eyes off it. Thankfully, anyone can really easily fix this issue in no time.

24. The Swollen Battery

Swollen batteries are no joke because they can explode and cause harm to anyone around it. However, the swollen battery in the picture looks like a packet of Capri-Sun after swelling. Of course, that is one packet we would never want to drink from.

We wonder if the battery industry does this on purpose so people can begin replacing batteries often and they can earn more money. We just hope that someone removed this hazard and carefully disposed of it so that no one can else come in the way of harm.

25. Cut Those Wires

The keyboards look like someone was taking revenge on them and wanted to cut their most important part. We wish we did this as kids, so we did not have to sit through those boring computer classes that were of no value. However, the act is entirely evil, and we are glad we are not on the other side of it.

After the wire cutting, the keyboards look like something you get when you order a keyboard from a scam website. We hope that the people somehow found a way to make these poor keyboards work, as they did not deserve this.

26. The Unfortunate Repairman

Whatever happened here is truly unfortunate. We are guessing that a cabinet filled with devices to be repaired came tumbling down, which led to this tragic incident. Somebody should have locked the cabinet tight and kept the devices properly in place.

Imagine being a repairman and seeing this disaster as soon as you walk into your office to fix a few devices. We wouldn’t want to be at the other end of this incident, and we hope he found someone else to fix these with. Some of these look beyond repair.

27. Refurbishing Old Plugs

The plug is from a pinball machine, which is why we are not surprised by the state it is in. However, whoever has to refurbish or fix this plug is in for a ride because it will take a while to get this up and running. Of course, professionals will fix the plugin in no time.

One thing the professional will need to fix this is patience because it will take a lot of time to repair this problem. We wish the technician the best of luck and hope he takes care of this plug without issues.

28. The Disaster Charger

Imagine plugging your charger inside your MacBook, and after a while, you start smelling something burning. We would flip because MacBook’s are expensive, and any minor thing can damage them in no time. Besides that, if you leave such things for too long, it can cause severe damage to the surroundings.

Fortunately, no one got hurt during this incident. From the laptop to the owner, everything and everyone is okay. As long the owner has a warranty, the Apple Store will repair the MacBook in no time, but it is best to check your charger before plugging it in.

29. The Spray-Painted MacBook

We don’t understand why anyone would do such a silly thing because MacBooks are a beautiful collection of laptops. What you see in the picture is a MacBook that someone spray-painted on with a hideous color. You can’t see the logo, and the laptop looks like a dark slab.

If the person was deciding to do something silly, the least they could have done was paint the MacBook a better color. So please don’t try these things at home unless you want to waste your money and invest in a new MacBook for your home or office needs.

30. The Expanding Scooter Batteries

What you see in the picture are CSB batteries that are used to power scooters, and they have expanded like nothing else. Unfortunately, these batteries are lead-acid, and the inflation is highly dangerous as no one should come close to them. There is no telling when these batteries would explode and cause a disaster.

The only thing to do with these batteries is to keep them far away and out of reach from anyone. It would be a public service as you never know when they can burst or explode, causing some real damage.

31. The Right Choice

Don’t stress your brain too much trying to figure out what this picture represents. What you are looking at are laptops that are being taken apart by technicians so the SSD of the laptop can be re-used. The laptop models look recent, and we wonder what brought them to such a state.

However, since restoring or repairing these laptops is useless, the right choice is to use the SSD for other PCs. We find it fascinating that the electronics industry is also trying to recycle or repurpose things beyond repair. We wish them the best of luck with this endeavor.

32. The Original Mouse

For people who don’t know what the dangling object in the picture represents, it is a mouse. These things used to have trackballs inside them, and we used them for desktops. The technician was called into this office because someone bought a new mouse, but it wasn’t working.

The reason for that was the old mouse that was still connected to the back. The person thought that this is an internal part that one does not touch, so they called a technician for the issue. We still don’t understand what happened to the case here.

33. Don’t Put Your Keyboard In The Oven

We can’t believe we have to say this, but please don’t put your keyboard in the oven to dry if you spill a liquid on it. As you can see, the picture is proof as to why you should never do that. The situation is hazardous, but we can’t help but laugh at the person who thought it would be a good idea.

We really do hope that the keyboard mechanism is intact enough to repair and fix so it can be of use (which is highly unlikely, to be perfectly honest with you…). Plastic will always melt, so always keep your gadgets away from heat.

34. The Damaged MacBook

We have seen some astonishing damages to technology, but this one is new because it looks like the MacBook has been totaled.  You will not see anything on the screen ever again, and this MacBook seems like it will never be repaired. We don’t understand why anyone would bring such a MacBook in a repair shop because only a magician can fix this.

That is the worst damage to a MacBook we have ever seen, and it is a total waste of money. We hope the person does not do this to other laptops. It is difficult for us to even imagine how one can cause this kind of damage on an electronic device in the first place.

35. When You Push The HDMI Too Hard

Yes, the picture is self-explanatory as someone pushed the HDMI cable too hard, but it looks like they pounded the cable slot with a hammer. That HDMI slot has never seen such damage in its entire lifetime. We wonder what the kid was doing and how this event took place.

Because of such a mistake, even the back panel will need replacement. Kids, if you are playing games on your PlayStation, please be patient and use the cables gently. If you do this, your PlayStation will not last a long time.

36. Worst Tangled Mess Resolved

People should really take care of the technological items that they keep in their offices, or they can turn into a mess. The mess in the picture is one of the worst ones we have seen on any server out there. Fortunately, a technician came and resolved this mess, but it would have taken him hours.

Whoever the technician is, he totally deserves a medal for doing the job so well. Just looking at the picture, our OCD senses are tingling as it was one of the worst cases of entanglement we have seen in our lives. 

37. The Evil Printer

If anything, this is not fine because the printer page is on fire, and we don’t understand how this happened. Maybe it overheated, or perhaps something went wrong with the wires that caused it to happen. We hope that the issue was resolved and no one was harmed during this disaster.

You must always check your printer before use and ensure that it does not catch on fire. After all, you don’t want the printer from hell on your hands. Fire safety is no joke, and all precautions must be taken into account.

38. Error: Wire Not Found

Honestly speaking, if someone called us to fix this wiring issue, we would resign on the spot. These are telephone cables that are on to the distribution points, but these are a mess. We don’t understand how it got this bad and what caused the issue to exaggerate this much.

Just looking at the picture, we are getting a headache, and we are glad not to be computer technicians. To all the people working in technology, please take care of your servers and your cables. Such messes are easily avoided and should not be a problem.

39. 10 Points For Honesty

Honesty is the best policy, and we guess whoever tried to fix this knew he was not doing a good job. The tag and the work say it all because it looks like an amateur took their turn to try to fix this. Even though the job is poor, we still give the guy ten points for being honest.

If you are a professional, please go and help this guy out so he can secure a better electrical connection. After all, this is a temporary fix and will not last long, especially if the weather gets harsh. But you’ve got to give it to him, he does have some sense of humor…

40. Returning Work From Home Equipment

The story behind this picture is that a person returned this work from home equipment in this condition. We don’t understand how the equipment got this dirty, because it looks like the computers went for a walk on a construction. Or maybe, the computers have had a powder or cream explosion on them.

Whatever incident took place, everyone must be kind to each other and at least clean the equipment before returning. This is your reminder to dust your laptops and computers, so they never end up looking this dirty. After all, cleanliness is essential.

41. Where Computers Go To Die

Have you ever seen a grave of computers and other technological equipment? Well, now you have because this is a classic dumping ground for many companies where all the trash equipment goes. The picture is from a building, and this is one of the rooms.

All the technological trash is in one place, but the owners should have done a better job disposing of the equipment. It is not okay to use a room as a dumping ground for electronics because anything can happen, such as a fire. Remember to always dispose of your electronics properly.

42. Laptop Replacements

We don’t know if these laptops are being replaced, recycled, or thrown away, but these look like perfectly new laptops. Whatever the case may be, one should never waste electronics like these as they can cause a lot of environmental waste. We understand that new laptops come in the market each year, but that does not mean old ones should be thrown away.

Someone, please give the people who work at this office a lesson on preserving the laptops that work perfectly well. Or maybe the office is getting new free laptops, who knows. We hope it is the latter. Anyway: reduce, reuse, recycle. We don’t want these poor computers floating somewhere in the pacific ocean, do we?..

43. Don’t Pull The Plug

Sometimes you have to let electronics be and call a professional instead of solving the issue on your own. The person yanked the scanner plug too hard, and now they can’t do anything about it. That is because the scanner stopped working, and they thought this would fix the issue.

You are not supposed to pull the plug, and the scanner is probably beyond repair now. A rule you must always remember when it comes to electronics is that it is not supposed to come out if you have to pull too hard. Remember that the next time you have the urge to yank a plug.

44. The Broken Computers

The picture is from Frontier Airlines, and almost all of their computers don’t work. We just hope that this is not the case with their engines or other plane technology that might hinder flights. After all, safety is one of the most important things when it comes to flying.

We hope that they resolve this issue and fix their computers. That is because even a small glitch can lead to a breakdown of the entire system, especially when you are running an airline. Best of luck Frontier Airlines and the team.

45. Don’t Fit Something Where It Does Not Belong

The entire post is a big lesson on how you must never attempt to do things independently if you have no prior experience with electronics. Whoever did this also does not have the concept of measurements because one can tell that the GPU will not fit in the computer. The poor computer went through a beating and got smashed because of this mistake.

Next time, please hire a professional and let them do the work so they can find you a GPU that can fit properly. You can also measure things before trying to fit them into other objects. Otherwise – lo and behold! – this is what you get: a computer that looks like a victim of a bad intestine surgery…

46. When The Government Office Runs Out Of Money

Well, we finally have proof that our tax dollars are not being utilized in the right way from this picture. The image is from a government office where they didn’t have money for a proper rack, which is they used an office desk for this purpose. The wiring is a disaster, and if one small thing goes wrong, the entire system will break down.

We hope that the office got the funds it needed after this picture was taken. That is because leaving such wiring without a rack is not okay and can cause damage. Plus, it looks a bit like this electronic device ate some bad spaghetti, and the results of this food poisoning are on the office carpet right now.

47. Savages

If you can’t tell what is wrong with this picture, you are a savage too when it comes to using electronics. The problem with this image is that someone has specifically added USB ports to the outlet, yet people are still using adapters and taking up space. Either those people don’t know about these ports, or they don’t care.

The next time you are using an outlet to charge your devices, please double-check for a USB port. If the port is there, you can use that to take less space and ensure other people can use the outlet too.

48. The Toner Spillage

Always check the toner cartridge before putting it inside the machine. If you put it in the wrong, this is what happens as the entire cartridge explodes and spills. We feel bad for the person who will have to clean this up because as soon as they open the machine, there is a possibility that the cartridge will spill on them too.

If you don’t know how to put a toner cartridge, or generally how to use this amazing machine, always call a professional. It will save you time and effort as it will not be wasted in fixing objects. We understand that the genius who did it just wanted to save some cash, but no, you’ll have to spend some money anyway, sir.

49. Never Use Bottle Caps As A Heat Sink For A Processor

For people who don’t know what this picture represents, let us explain it to you. You are looking at a Raspberry Pi single-board computer, and someone has used a bottle cap as a heat sink for the processor. We don’t know what was going through the person’s mind when they decided to opt for this hack.

It is a genius hack if it works, and if it doesn’t, then it is just stupid. We just hope that the bottle cap can take the heat and doesn’t melt. If it melts, then the owner will have a new problem on their hands. 

50. The Possible Electrocution

The person ran the cable and anchored it to the wall to ensure that it was tight. If you have a loose line next time, please don’t do this because it is hazardous and unsafe. The cables can cause someone to trip, or it can even cause possible electrocution.

Wiring is not safe, and one must always take proper precautions when dealing with it. Whoever did this is looking for a potential hazard soon, and we will not be surprised if something happens. We hope that it does not cause too much damage.