Top 50 Contractors That Did Not Do A Great Job (But Made Us Laugh)

As we all know, the job of a contractor is to fix things and not ruin them. However, any of us can have a bad day, the result of which will be us doing a terrible job.  So, this article will be about 50 miserable contractors who did this exact thing, and the results of that are absolutely hilarious as you will feel sorry for them but laugh at them at the same time.

Of course, you would never want to hire these guys to fix things around your house, because who knows what the results of their so-called services are going to be. But if you just want to have a good laugh, you have come to the right place. So, here are the top fifty examples of contractors’ jobs done really, really badly, and absolutely hilariously.

The Garage With No Entry

All of us love to own luxurious things to improve our lifestyle. Many of us dream of having enough cars that we can
fit in a two-story garage in our homes. However, this garage door has gone horribly wrong as there is no way to
connect it to the driveway.

Looking at the picture, we wonder what the contractor was thinking or if they were thinking at all. After all, the
idea would have never worked in a million years, and this picture is proof. We just hope the owners did not waste a
lot of their money on this useless garage.

The Rail Derail

Whoever created this rail track will hear about it for the rest of their lives from their boss. After all, the
purpose of laying a track is to ease the flow of the train so it can go smoothly. However, the cement block is a
huge hurdle as it renders the track useless.

Trains coming here will have to stop as they can’t get ahead. We hope this issue was fixed later because it is not
okay to derail a rail (pun intended). We just hope the contractors did better on their next job because this is a
grave mistake.

Beginner Level Contractor

If you want to see a job done by an amateur contractor, there is no better example than this picture. It looks like
someone was playing SimCity and laid down a house at the wrong angle. After all, how hard is it to create a straight

Throwing in a building like this in the middle of the road when it is not even straight is a big hazard for everyone.
We just hope that this beginner-level contractor learned from their mistake and did better next time. It is
hilarious but also tragic because it can put lives at risk.

The Ladder And The Pipe

Okay, this mistake is not forgivable because it defies the basics of being a good contractor. Even beginners know not
to make this mistake because it is the worst thing that can happen. The general rule when using a ladder is not to
start in the middle of the ladder when screwing something.

Clearly, the contractor was not thinking when screwing in the metal pipe; otherwise, they would not have started in
the middle. There should have been a spotter with them to spot this problem and solve it immediately. After all, it
is a basic issue that should not have taken place.

The Fake Window

We all know what a fake window is, but such windows need to be executed well so they can’t be seen from outside. The
contractors probably did not know this rule, and neither did they know what they were doing. After all, everyone can
tell that the upstairs bedroom is a lie.

The picture is a significant lesson for everyone that one should not hire amateur contractors for their home. This is
what you get when you are willing to compromise quality with the budget. Be sure to vet your contractor and see
their work before hiring them to ensure these mistakes don’t happen.

Fire On The Roof

Of course, the roof is not on fire, but these renovations will be once the contractor is done with it. The sign goes
perfectly with what is happening with the renovations as it couldn’t be more apt. We love how the contractors have
flaunted these renovations, which makes us think they want everyone to know about the improvements.

It has been a while since we have gone to a movie theatre, and we can’t wait to see how this one turns out. The
chimney is a disaster and leaves us wondering about many things. Hopefully, the contractor will fix it before the
renovations are complete.

Plumbing Gone Wrong

We can’t stress this enough: you must always hire a professional plumber or contractor when it comes to your
bathroom. As we can see from this picture that this contractor did a disastrous job. Even teenagers understand that
the sink must be a few feet away from the toilet seat so one can comfortably do their business.

Of course, plumbing is one of the most confusing jobs, which is why you should hire a professional. See, this is what
happens when you hire someone amateur to do your bathroom. You end up with no space and your toilet seat right next
to the sink.

The Truth Bomb

The truth is always appreciated, even when it causes us inconvenience, and that is what the sign emphasizes. It shows
that you get the job done wrong when you rush things, and it takes longer to fix those problems. That is why you
must hire a contractor that is patient with your work.

After all, the best things take time and patience to build. So, the next time you hire someone, make sure they take
their time with your work. If they are in a rush, you will have to pay more money, and you might end up with
something you never wanted.

Always Double-Check Measurements

It looks like that the measuring tape of this contractor was not suitable when he was doing this job. The general
rule of thumb is always to measure twice and cut once instead of the other way round. As you can see, the menu board
is too short, and we assume that the measurements went wrong.

The contractor could have done a better job, but this board is hilarious because it looks like a baby board as
compared to the regular ones we see. Poor guy did not gain height and ended up a dwarf. We just hope someone
appreciates this board.

Always Plan Ahead

It is always best to plan ahead, especially when you are creating structures of great importance. We don’t understand
the logic of creating a tunnel in this way because it does not serve any purpose. If you understand why the tunnel
is like this, please don’t hesitate to tell us because we would love to know.

We don’t understand if the engineer went wrong here or the contractor or both. After all, any professional can spot
this mistake if we can. We wonder where this is and who did this so we could congratulate them on such a spectacular

The Life-Size Traffic Cone

The picture looks as if a traffic cone has come to life and is telling us to slow down or stop in the construction
zone. Of course, we understand how busy and high-traffic a construction zone is and the hazards it brings. The guy
is doing a great job so everyone on the site and passing by can be safe.

Of course, we love the design elements that have gone into this creation. We also appreciate the makers’ effort to
ensure that the life-size traffic cone is smiling. We would stop, too, if such a smiling traffic cone told us to

The Unfixable Mistake

We don’t know how this mistake got to this point, but someone should have noticed this before it became permanent. Of
course, we understand that construction is not easy, but these mistakes shouldn’t happen. Besides that, such errors
can also be easily spotted before the structure becomes permanent.

It looks like the bridge was not in sync, and one decided to zig while the other decided to zag. We just hope that
someday they can collaborate and be on the same page to allow people to reach the place they want. It is a tragic
yet hilarious mistake we have seen.

Hakuna Matata

The traffic sign is awfully confusing, and the local high schoolers think that too as they slipped this poster on the
sign. After all, what should one prepare for on the road and why? Signage must always be clear, or else it is
useless, but we think the contractor did not know this basic rule.

We just hope that the signage did not put anyone’s life in danger because unclear signs are risky to leave. The
contractor had one small job to do, and they did not even do that right. If there were an award for incompetence, it
would go to them.

The Best Seats

Sometimes, we see contracting jobs that are so bad that we don’t know if we should cry or laugh at its absurdity. One
of these jobs is this one, and it is a unique mistake that no one else has ever made. We all want the best seats in
the stadium, and this one takes the cake.

The seats are perfect for people who get dragged to stadiums with their friends and are not interested in the game.
If you want to prank your friends someday, you can always purchase these seats and gift it to them. They will hate
you, but you love you at the same time for such an elaborate joke.

Too Much To Handle

Yes, we love puns, and this one is apt as there are too many handles to handle in just one door. We still don’t
understand why people use door handles as knobs are much more accessible and convenient. Of course, whoever was
trying to fix this did not know what they were doing.

It is the saddest yet hilarious home repair we have ever seen because it defeats the purpose of having a door. We
hope that the repair person fixed this issue or hired a professional to get it right. After all, we would never want
to live in such a room.

Hole In The Roof…

See, kids, this is what happens when you run too fast in a hallway that is not sturdy enough. You end up with your
feet through the floor and are midway through two floors. That is why our teachers keep telling us not to run in the

However, we still wonder what this guy was doing because it takes a lot of force to tear a floor. We hope the school
fixes these mistakes and creates sturdier floors. After all, this is a safety hazard for everyone and should not
exist on the school premises.

Sleeping On The Job

We understand that working as a contractor is challenging because it can tire you physically and mentally. Still,
that is no reason to stop doing your job and sleep. Clearly, these contractors don’t care about what the clients
think because they are too busy taking their afternoon naps.

Maybe they liked the new carpet installation so much that they decided to rest on it. Whatever the reason, be sure to
wake them up and appreciate them for their hard work. After all, we all deserve to be appreciated for the good jobs
that we do to make other people’s lives easier.

The Irresponsible Workers

As a contractor, you are responsible for parking your machinery in the right place after using it. However, with
great power comes great responsibility, and many contractors don’t take this responsibility when operating heavy
machinery. We love that these homeowners have taught a lesson to the irresponsible contractors who left their
machinery in this manner.

The homeowners wrapped the machinery in plastic and left a note for the workers letting them know they would have
sold it on eBay next time. We also wonder how much one would get from the sale of this machine as it would be highly

Toilet In The Kitchen (For Real Multitaskers)

We don’t know whether we should laugh at the person who has this in their home or offer sympathy to them. Even babies
know that toilets and stoves don’t belong in the same place, which is why we don’t understand what the contractor
was thinking. Imagine guests coming to your home and looking at this disaster.

Of course, the contractor is not entirely to blame because the homeowner should have said something while this was
happening. The design is unhygienic, unclean, and makes no sense to us. We are curious to know the story behind this
because no one in their right mind would approve of this.

The Door That Leads Nowhere

After looking at this picture, we have so many questions because we fail to understand why a door would be there. The
person who parked his car below this door should probably park it somewhere else because nothing good can come out
of it. After all, anything could be on the other side of the door, and we don’t want to find out.

Maybe this is an emergency door, but it is placed in the oddest position because one would probably fall and break a
few bones after opening this door. What do you think this door leads to and what is on the other side?

Just Winging It

The number one rule of being a contractor is always to read the blueprints before executing any job. We assume that
the contractor skipped this part, or this mistake would not have happened. In this case, the contractor was winging
the design and left everything to chance, and the results were not good.

The staircase is now useless because an extensive concrete pillar is blocking it. The only option here is to jump
over the stairs and get to the bottom. Maybe the contractor wanted to take revenge on everyone and make them do
jumps; who knows?

The Climbing Contractor

We understand that it is essential to include some play in your work to make it enjoyable, but this is just bizarre.
We have never seen anything like this, and we did not know this was possible. Maybe, the contractor was tired of the
supervisor and just wanted to escape from work.

Towering up on a building like this is a bold move, but it is not the way to lead work. We hope that someone knocked
some sense into the contractor and guaranteed that nothing like this would happen again. Such a move is unsafe for
the structure and the people around.

The Goofy Contractor

Jokes always make the workplace fun and lighten up the mood, which is what this contractor is doing. We know that the
supervisor must have given him dirty looks, but as long as he did his work right, we think it is all well. Of
course, there are rules to being a contractor, and you can’t goof off around like this.

If the supervisor gets angry, contractors can end up with a probation period for a few months. While we find this
funny, we hope that the contractor did not get in trouble for this because everyone deserves a good laugh once in a

The Big Mess

Maybe it was the first time the contractor ever operated this machine, but he has made a big mess out of this.
Someone should have told him that the higher he will go, the more likely the machinery will tip. We learn from our
mistakes, and we hope the contractor knows what to do next.

We just hope that no one got injured during this process because such a mistake can cost lives. However, it seems
that they avoided most of the cars, but it is still a big mess. We wonder how they fixed this issue as it would have
been challenging to get the machinery back up.

Traffic Tic-Tac-Toe

If you think your workplace is fun, you have never seen construction workers blowing off steam at sites. The picture
is a prime example of all the fun that happens when you leave construction workers unattended for some time. The
workers were bored, and they decided to let off some steam by playing traffic tic-tac-toe.

After seeing this picture, we also want a turn on the machinery to mark our tic-tac-toe territory. We would love to
get in on this game and win. These guys have taken the meaning of games to a whole new level, and we love it.

The Useless Warning

Did you know that even signage can get hacked as people can write what they like? If you didn’t, we have this picture
to prove that people can hack signage to create funny pranks. The sign is warning us of a dinosaur on the loose, and
we wonder how many people fell for it.

Someone found a way to hack into the sign and do this prank. Of course, we all know that there can’t be a dinosaur on
the loose because we don’t live in the Jurassic period. However, you can always be extra cautious to avoid any

Never Finish Anything

Construction work requires patience, dedication, and passion because the jobs are challenging to execute. You have to
plan and then do the work before the deadline starts creeping up on you. We guess the construction worker from this
picture had a close deadline and lost his will to work further on the project.

We also feel the same when we have no will left to complete a task, and we understand where he is coming from. Well,
at least the construction worker was honest about it and didn’t hesitate to tell everyone that the work was not

The Guy You Should Hire

Right after the guy who could not finish his work, we have a construction worker who will always finish his job. So,
if you started some construction work and require finishing, he is the guy you must hire. The rule is not to take
advice from the back of a truck, but this has made us curious.

If your husband began a repair job he could not complete, don’t hesitate to hire this guy. We are sure he will help
you get the job done in no time. After all, no one would make such a bold claim if it wasn’t true.

The Crocodile Visits The Construction Site

We wonder how many bizarre stories construction workers have that they can tell other people. They seem to live
adventurous lives, as you can gauge from this post. We still don’t know how the crocodile ended up here, but we are
intrigued, to say the least, as it might have been a surprise for the construction workers.

If we were in the place of the workers, we would have packed our bags and left the site. After all, we are in no
position to compete with the crocs. We would happily give them the construction site and leave to tend to other

The Real-Life Version Of The Crane Game

If you have ever played the old arcade crane game, you know what we are talking about. The game is one of the best
ways to improve your coordination, balance, and many other things. From this picture, we can understand that the
construction work was tired of the arcade game and wanted something challenging.

He has taken the crane game to the next level with this feat. We just hope that he safely brought the vehicle down
and no one was hurt during this process. After all, such tasks can be dangerous, and we must be extra careful when
doing them.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome

We absolutely love the creativity of this construction worker. Unfortunately, he did not have access to a stop sign,
so he decided to hold a turtle over the post. After all, if there is one thing turtles are known for, it is for
being the slowest animals on Earth.

The worker is a prime example of how you must improvise, adapt, and overcome when you don’t have the necessary tools
to execute your job. Nothing is getting in this man’s way, and he will make sure everyone goes slow and safe on the
road. Do you think this is creative?

The Contractor That Proves His Work

Have you ever made bold claims about your work to someone and didn’t prove them? Well, the contractor you see in this
image has a point to prove, and he did. The man claimed that the shelf could hold a man’s weight, and he left
nothing out to prove this fact to the people who hired him.  

Look at that smile on his face as he knows he has accomplished what he said he would. If all contractors were as
dedicated as this guy, the world would be a better place. We need more contractors like him to repair everything

There Is Always A Way

It is never too late to realize you made a mistake and find a way to fix it. The picture is a top example of the fact
that when there is a will, there is always a way. The contractors realized too late that they couldn’t build a road
with the pole in the middle.

Instead, the contractors built a walkway around the pole as an extension of the road. That is creative thinking, and
we hope the person who did this got their fair share of recognition. After all, it takes a genius to think of such

Do It The Contractor’s Way Or The Highway

We have never seen something quite like this as this contractor is bold and is not afraid to speak his truth. Of
course, the sign is one of the best advertising we have seen, but we wonder if it is a little harsh. After all, no
one wants to pay to help a contractor or watch them work.

One thing we love about this sign is the brutal honesty of the contractor. He has no problem telling everyone what
his charges are and what he expects from people. The contractor is not fooling anyone, and neither will he be fooled
by anyone.

Always Measure

The number one rule of contractor work is to measure whatever you are working with and always measure twice. We are
guessing that this contractor did not measure the hole and ended up like this. Of course, we don’t know what
happened because this can be a bet, too, as contractors love goofing off.

The contractor is lucky that the ground holds the tracks of the machinery, or this could have easily been a disaster.
We hope no one was hurt and the machinery was safe too. Working as a contractor is no joke, and one should always be
careful when handling such things.

A Reminder To Take Your Lunch

Construction is a busy job because there is so much to do that you sometimes don’t have time to take your lunch. If
you forget that sometimes, then this sign is perfect for you. The sign is a reminder that you must always take your
lunch with you.

Of course, it is on top of a caution sign to ensure that you don’t forget the most important thing when you take this
new route. The sign cares about you and wants you to have a good day ahead. We wonder who did this good deed and how
many people took their lunch after seeing this sign.

Unfinished Business

The greenhouse you see in the picture is ready to grow all vegetables and fruits you will ever need. Of course, it
looks unfinished and a job is poorly done. That is because we thought a greenhouse requires many things such as a
sunlight filter, water, cover, and many other things to keep it running.

Of course, the unfinished work did not stop the owner from planting some things. They must be very excited to have a
greenhouse in their home for growing things. Maybe it should have a sign saying greenhouse so people can know what
it is because it isn’t much.

Crushing Dreams

We all know that many people look down on construction workers, especially college kids earning a degree. Well, these
construction workers finally got their revenge by crushing college kids’ dreams. Too bad for those kids because they
have no place to find success now after the crushing of this center.

We hope that these kids find the success they are looking for, despite this. The construction workers probably had a
big laugh on this job, which is not a surprise. After all, college kids can be brutal sometimes, but they are just

The Honest Review

The restaurant reviews came early, and we are guessing the contractors were not impressed by the food they had to
serve. That is why they left this brutal yet honest one-star review for them. We know how difficult it is to succeed
in the restaurant business because even one bad review can turn the restaurant upside down.

Of course, we are sure that this is just a mishap or an unfinished site that will soon finish. Whatever the reason
is, we hope that the restaurant gained all the five stars and drew business. After all, everyone deserves success.

Project Bridge

Many students are obtaining an engineering degree because it is the future. The bridge you see in the picture was a
project done by engineering students to solve the snow problem. Of course, the bridge is overly simple, and even
third-grade students could have made this in no time.

However, we applaud the students for trying and doing something to solve everyone’s problems. Of course, this will
not be a pretty sight when summers come and all the snow melts, drowning the bridge. The engineering students should
have thought of that before creating this bridge, but at least it will work this winter.

Guardians Of The Stairs

Maybe we don’t know, but the stairs are incredibly important, which is why they have a specific door guarding them.
You can’t climb this gate at all because it even includes spikes to keep everyone out of place. We wonder if the
gate was intended to be created this way or if it was a mistake.

Anyone with a brain can see that you can just walk around the gate and go up the stairs. The person who thought of
this gate and made this should get an award for the most secure gate ever. After all, it will keep all the thugs

The Useless Bridge

When we see such construction feats, our brains hurt because anyone can see and tell that it is a bad idea. If a
layperson can notice it, how come construction workers keep on creating useless things? If the workers were worried
about flooding, they should have made the bridge over the sidewalk.

But of course, building it over the sidewalk would have made too much sense for them. The sidewalk is useless to
everyone else, but it must be a treat for skateboarders. Imagine their delight when they see this and begin doing
their tricks to show off to their friends.

The Suspicious Stairs

We can see that the stairs might have had a purpose a long time ago, but they are useless now. The contractors were
lazy and just left the stairs like this with the pipes so no one could see their mistake. The window also raises our
suspicion because someone used spray paint on it so no one could look in or out.

We are sure that this spot is for all the shady teenagers on the block looking for something suspicious to do. The
entire situation is shady and suspicious as we don’t understand what quite happened here. Although maybe things are
much simpler: the construction guys just didn’t know what to do with the piping, and the result of this ridiculous
little failure ended up in this article.

The Random Door

We don’t understand why someone would pay a contractor to create a door in the most random place for no reason. After
all, the door is useless and serves no purpose of letting anyone in or out. Of course, anyone opening the door from
the other side would fall and break their bones.

Maybe it is a fake door to fool people on the other side, and we wonder who would do such a thing. Or maybe there is
a meaning behind this door that we have no clue of. We would love to find the contractor and understand it.

The Crazy Train

The entire setup of this railway looks questionable, from the weird tunnel to the track change that is a disaster.
The track change is rapid and will only suit someone at an amusement park, not an actual railway. Besides that, it
makes no sense to have such a small tunnel for no reason in the middle of the track.

There is no logical answer we can come up with for any of these features. We can just keep our fingers crossed that
no one uses that track change because it will only lead to disaster and nothing good in the long run.

The Death Park

Did you love going to the park as a kid? If you did, we bet you have never seen such a bizarre play set in your life.
Whoever created this on the roof was probably not in their right minds as it looks right out of a horror movie.

The set is on the edge of the building and the most unsafe place for any kid to use. Even the slide is on edge, and
as you can see, anyone that goes on it will plummet to their deaths. Whoever was responsible for this must be held
accountable because it is a hazard.

Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

The basic rule of creating a structure is to create ease and convenience for people to move around quickly. Of
course, the contractor that made this did not know this rule, or this wouldn’t have happened. While the building can
hold its own and the structure is foundationally sound, the big pipe in the middle is a significant

Having a crowd in this hallway would be a significant inconvenience because no one will be able to move around. We
wonder if the owner of the structure paid the contractors in total for this mishap. After all, it is contracting

Pointless Structures

We don’t understand why someone wasted their time, effort, and money creating this structure of no use. It looks like
a ramp, but if someone gets on it in a wheelchair, it will take them the entire day to turn and come out. It is in
the middle of nowhere and serves no purpose.

Of course, the structure can easily be used by kids to sit on all day and play. That is because kids love playing
with pointless things and finding something to do. Well, at least the contractor made someone happy with this
useless structure.

Spot What’s Wrong With The Picture

The picture is mind-boggling because you will find many things wrong with it, and you have to spot them all. Let us
help you; the first thing wrong is the one and a half step. The second wrong thing with this picture is that the
door is upside down.

Of course, we will not give you all the answers, which is why you must find other things wrong with it yourself.
Whoever made this entire thing was not in their right mind because there were too many mistakes. It was the job of
someone who had no idea what they were doing.

The Wrong Side Of The House

At first glance, you might think that there is nothing wrong with this picture, but you couldn’t be more wrong. The
house is beautiful, and someone just finished making it, but unfortunately, the driveway is on the wrong side of the
house. The homeowners have a significant problem, and it could cost them lots of money to fix this mistake.

We wonder how the contractors and the owners overlooked this mistake when construction was taking place. After all, a
driveway is extensive, and everyone knows where it goes. We just hope the mistake was rectified without burdening
the owner’s pockets.