Top 25 Objects That Can Simplify One’s Life When Used In An Unusual Way

All of us are trying to make our lives easy and convenient. That is because we don’t have much time and need to get things done as soon as possible. Because of this, you need hacks that save your time and effort so you can take care of the important things in your life.

If you are looking for a simple home, clothing, cooking, lifestyle, and other hacks, you are in the right place. We have curated a perfect list for you that will save you hours and make your life convenient in no time.

Here are the top forty hacks that are guaranteed to change your life. Start applying them today and witness what a breeze your life becomes. 

Can’t Find Your Glasses?

Everyone who wears glasses is familiar with the struggle of finding them. No one can have enough pairs of spectacles.
If you have glasses in excess amount, you would need safe storage for them. Here is a hack that would change your
life and make it convenient for you.

This hanger would save your time and end the need for bulky cases. The main advantage of using this hack would be
presenting you with all the options you have. You can pick them with ease and leave in a go, saving you from the
hassle of finding them. Do try it!

Worried About Your Valuables While Shopping?

Here is a hack that would make your shopping experience way less stressful than ever. No one wants to worry about
their valuables throughout their shopping. Well, how about you clip your handbag to the shopping cart? It would make
it a lot more difficult for anyone to grab your bag.

It would be a surprise for anyone when the cart comes along with the bag. Using this hack will make your shopping
experience peaceful, and you won’t have to look back at your cart every minute. Especially if you need time to look
for the things you need to get.

Want Your Cereals The Way You Like?

Are you tired of your cereals getting soggy just before you can finish them? Well, it’s a struggle for it not to
happen. Do you know there is a way that can get you sog-free cereals every morning? Adding an ice cube to the bowl
is the answer to your everyday problem.

Don’t worry the ice cube will not ruin the taste of your favorite cereals. On the other hand, it will keep your milk
cold. If you think adding water would do the same thing, it won’t work. This hack will change your morning routine
once you try it.

Full Bowl Of Tasty Popcorn

This hack is going to help you a lot if you’ve friends or family over for movie night. One thing that hurts popcorn
lover is how the flavor end halfway through the bowl. So place a straw right in the middle of the bowl full of
popcorn. Then add the flavor through the straw.

It doesn’t matter if you add butter or caramel through the straw. It will distribute the flavor evenly throughout the
whole container. Pull out the straw once you are satisfied with the amount of flavor you want. Enjoy what you’ve
been missing on and do tell your friends about this hack to change their lives.

Organize By Command Hooks

Does the clanging of lids and pots irritate you every time you open the crockery cabinet? Many times there is no
space available for both pan and pot. You need some command hooks to help you organize your crockery cabinet.
Command hooks are very useful for many things, and you should have them in your arsenal.

Placing the command hooks behind the cabinet door will provide you with some extra space. Make sure you utilize
command hooks in every part of your kitchen. You can fit many lids in each cabinet, however, it depends on the size
of your cabinet. After this, you won’t get irritated by the clanging of any utensil.

Removing Stickers

Do you want to remove a sticker from a product you bought, but the glue is very sticky? This hack will help you
remove the stubborn label, and you can reuse the container. Next time when you want to remove a sticker, cleanly put
the pieces in the freezer for a couple of hours.

The result you will see after this would shock you. The sticker would be as easy to peel like a banana. It can be
removed just by your fingernails with one smooth motion. The need to scratch or scrape the label would end and give
the piece a clean look.

Eat Watermelon Hassle-free

Do you want to join a watermelon on a sunny day but are too lazy to go through so much hard work? Cutting a
watermelon could be messy and juicy. The easiest and creative way to eat watermelon is like you eat a coconut. Cut
the top edge of the watermelon, grab a spoon and start right away.

This method will save you from all the hassle of cutting and yet enjoy a juicy piece of watermelon. Most people don’t
use this hack because the watermelon in front of them is too big for individual consumption. However, there are
small-sized watermelons available everywhere. 

Recycle Candle Lids

Recycling, reusing old things would save some money and also reflect your creativity. You might use candles in your
home. After the end of the candles, all you are left with is the candle lid. However, you can bring that into your
everyday use. How would you do that? That’s easy; you can turn a candle lid into a coaster for your dining table.

The size of the lid is perfect for any glass or cup. The lip around the top keeps the condensation inside it, saving
your table from wet round rings. If you have a high-quality table, make sure you put up candle lid coasters to
protect it from any water.

Same Air Freshener Different Aroma

Your air freshener may smell pleasant now, but there comes a day when the aroma starts fading. An air freshener lasts
from 1-2 weeks, and then it’s thrown away. How about if you can use the old air freshener with a new aroma. Well,
that is possible.

How to do that? To reuse the air freshener, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to it, and it
works like a new one. With hundreds of different smells of essential oil, you can choose any smell you like and
would love around you.

Using Hanger Clips As A Book Opener

When you get a new book, it may be difficult to keep some pages open. This is because the paper can be stiff and
causes the notebook to close again. However, now you can tackle this problem easily. All you need is a pants hanger
with at least two functional clips.

The top thing you need to know is to open the book to the page you want to keep open. After that, attach the clips to
the papers on both sides of the book. Once you do that, nothing will cause the notebook to close again. If you’re an
artist, this hack will come in handy when drying the paint.

Use Hair Straightener As An Iron Substitute

Shirt collars are a hassle sometimes because no matter how much you iron them, they still stay wrinkled or turn. If
you are fed up with this, the best way to straighten your collar is to use a hair straightener. But, of course,
straighteners are portable, and you can easily pinch your collar between the straightener.

Because of this, you will fix that wrinkled shirt collar in no time. In the same way, if there are other small parts
of your shirt you can’t seem to iron, be sure to use a straightener. It will straighten anything in seconds.

The Back Razor

Do you struggle with having a lot of back hair? Do you want to get rid of them, but shaving is a hassle because you
can’t reach your back with your hands? If you face such issues, this back razor is the perfect solution for your
back shaving needs.

Take your back scratcher and attach the razor to it with some tape and start getting rid of all that hair in no time.
However, you must be careful while using this because too much pressure can cause razor cuts. So, be gentle, and
your back will be smooth in no time.

Buy Household Items From Hardware Stores

Okay, we know this is not a hack, but this tip will change your life if you visit the hardware store often. You can
buy household goods from such stores to make your home look unique. By now, you must be wondering how that is even
possible, so let us explain you.

You can substitute coasters in your home with small tile samples. Besides that, you can also use a marble slab as a
charcuterie board or a serving tray for your guests. In the same way, all you have to do is get creative, and your
home will look unique.

Create A Private Toilet

Don’t you hate it when you are in a public bathroom, and there is space between the door? It makes you feel exposed,
and think that everyone can see, making it difficult to do your business. If you feel this way, then toilet paper is
the ideal solution for you.

All you have to do is take some toilet paper and attach it to the top and bottom of the opening. By doing this, you
have created a bathroom curtain, and nobody will be able to see you. So, you can finally do your business in peace
and privacy.

Tie Your Hair With A Sandwich Bag Tie

Losing hair ties is common because they mysteriously disappear, never to be found again. If you keep losing hair ties
and can’t find any other substitute, you can always use sandwich bag ties. However, you must not use them for buns
or ponytails because they can damage your hair.

Instead, it is ideal if you want to create a short hairstyle such as a braid or pigtails. So, whenever you are in a
hurry, and you can’t find hair ties, try this hack out. It will save you on all your bad hair days in no time.

Cover The Sensor With Toilet Paper

Technology is here to make our lives easier, but sometimes, it can be annoying to deal with. For example, if you have
ever used an automatic toilet, you know it can start flushing even if you haven’t done your business yet. Such
toilets can be a nuisance in public bathrooms because they can keep flushing.

So, the best way to solve this problem is to cover the sensor with some toilet paper. When you do this, it will not
detect your motion, and you can easily do your business then flush. No more constant flushing for you.

Use Chopsticks For Cheetos

We must all thank the Chinese for creating some of the best inventions that make our lives easy. Chopsticks are one
of these things because you can use them for almost anything. So, if you don’t like having Cheetos dust while you
are consuming them, you can always use chopsticks.

Yes, just get those chopsticks out and begin eating your Cheetos one by one. It will keep the cheese off your
fingers, and you will even look fancy while doing it. Tell this hack to your friends too and make their lives easy
in no time.

A Makeshift Loudspeaker

Almost everyone can agree that their favorite thing to do on a road trip or long drive is to listen to their favorite
tunes in the car. However, it can be heartbreaking to learn that your speaker or radio is not working. If that
happens with you, then you can always use this hack.

You must take a paper cup, cut it from the ends, and attach it to your phone speaker. After that, you can begin
playing music, and you will love the loud sound. It is one of the best hacks for when your car speakers are not

Make Your Mixer Stand-Up

If you don’t own a stand-up mixer, you know how frustrating it is to keep using the mixer with your hands. It is a
tedious process that can tire you out in no time. However, we have a hack for you that will ensure your standard
mixer stands up without you having to exert any effort.

For this hack, you can take a towel, attach it to the mixer’s handle, and attach the other towel to something solid,
such as a cabinet handle. Doing this will ensure your mixer stands up as you watch it mix with ease and efficiency.

A Taco From A Taco

No matter what you do, eating a taco is always challenging because much of the stuff keeps coming out of the shell.
That is why the best hack not to waste the ingredients is to keep a soft tortilla on your plate. When you eat your
taco, the tortilla on the plate will catch all the ingredients.

Once you are done, you can make a tortilla taco and eat that. It is one of the best ways to reduce waste and eat more
tacos at the price of one. So, do this next time and thank us later.

Use All Condiment Bottles

Sometimes there is a lot of sauce and condiment left in the bottle, but you can’t seem to reach it. You can always
take a knife and cut the bottle in half when that happens. Doing this will allow you to use the entire bottle
without wasting any of it.

That is because the sauces are often stuck on the sides of the bottles, and they don’t come out. So, you can indulge
in this hack to get the most value out of your money and make your sauces last. You can create endless sandwiches
with this hack.

Use A Pencil Box For Your Glove Compartment

The glove compartment of any car is a small area where you can store important papers and documents. However, we
often keep shoving things in that area till it is filled with unnecessary items. If that often happens with you, you
can use a pencil box to organize the compartment.

Store all your essential items in the pencil box, and you can keep the rest inside the space left in the glove
compartment. It will help you save time and effort as you will not have to waste time looking for the most important

Substitute Buttons For Earrings

Many of us shop for cute clothes online, but sometimes they don’t fit exactly what we have in mind. In such a case,
you can always use this hack to cover up the parts you require. All you have to do is use an earring and stick it
between the two fabric pieces you want to bring together.

Use the stopper on your earring, and you are done as your shirt will hold in place for a long time. The best part is
that you can use earrings that match your clothes to create a fun look.

Use A Frame For Your Laptop Screen

This hack is for all the clumsy people who keep breaking any technology piece that comes in their way. If your laptop
hinges ever come loose and your screen can’t stay in place anymore, this hack is ideal for you. All you have to do
is take the back piece of the picture frame and attach it to the laptop with tape.

It will allow the laptop screen to have a solid foundation as it will not fall while you are using it. You can keep
using your laptop in this way till you have time to fix your screen.

The Leakage Solution

Whether you use a pitcher for coffee, water, juice, or anything else, you know it can be annoying when it keeps
dripping on the floor. It can cause the floor to be dirty and sticky, which is a nuisance to clean all the time. So,
if you are tired of this problem, this hack is ideal for you.

So, cut a plastic bottle from the front in half, and hang it on the dispenser spout. All the leakage and drips will
drop on the bottle, and your floor will stay clean. Say goodbye to wet floors with this hack.

Create A Frozen Rack

Do you keep running out of freezer space and don’t have any more place to keep your frozen items? If you do, this
hack is perfect for you because frozen foods have bulky packaging. All you have to do is take some paper clips and
attach them to your freezer rack and frozen food packaging.

It will create a rack that will guarantee more space in your freezer to keep other items. So, use this hack and never
run out of freezer space anymore. You can keep the kids happy with all their favorite foods in one place.

The Multi-Purpose Bread Tags

The next time you want to throw your bread tags away, you must think twice because they have so many uses beyond
their original purpose. One of the best ways to use these tags is for your scotch tape needs. You can use it to
create clean and easy cuts without wasting tape.

All you have to do is attach the bread tag to the last cut piece of the tape. It will help you find the tape roll,
and you can make cuts without making a mess. So, save these bread tags next time and change your life.

Natural Lighting Hack

Natural lighting is one of the most important things to have in a home because your mood is always dark and dreary
without it. This hack is for you if you live in an apartment or house with no natural lighting source. Visit your
nearest thrift store and grab some old windows.

After that, you can frost the glass and install LED lights behind the windows. Doing this will give the effect of
natural light shining through, and you will forget you are living in a space with no windows. So, try this hack
today and notice the difference.

Flip The Lid

Many people don’t know this, but medicine bottle cap lids are double-sided. One side is the childproof cap that
everyone struggles to open. However, if you flip the lid, you can close the medicine bottle with the cap without
making it childproof, and it will be easy to open.

So, if you constantly struggle with opening your medicine bottles, all you have to do is flip the lid. Once you do,
it will fit perfectly on the bottle, and you will not have to exert extra effort anymore. It is a life-changing hack
many people don’t know about.

Pack Your Closet

If you move a lot from one place to another, it is one of the best hacks for you because it will save you time. You
can use this trick instead of taking out clothes from the hanger and packing them in boxes. Take a big trash or
laundry bag and cover all your clothes inside it with the hangers.

Once you do, you can keep them like this, and simply hang the clothes again in your new closet. It will save you
hours, and you will not have to redo your entire wardrobe. So, try this out next time you move.

Makeshift Coat Rack

You always have various items and no space to keep them whenever you are traveling. For example, many of us keep our
clothes or warm sweaters with us during the flight. However, there is no place to keep them because there is no
space on the plane.

When that happens, you can simply insert a magazine into one of the grooves. It will create a makeshift rack, and you
can hang your coat or any other clothing item on the magazine. It will keep your clothing safe from the dirty
floors, and you can sit in peace.

Keep The Light Out

It can feel incredibly frustrating when the curtains don’t close completely. That is because one hates waking up with
the sunlight peering in and hitting your eyes directly. If that often happens with your curtains, you can always use
this hack to stay in bed and sleep in as much as you like.

All you have to do is grab a pant hanger and clip the curtains together so they can close. It will keep all the
sunlight out, and you can sleep for as long as you need. Say goodbye to frustrating curtains with this hack.

Stop Chronic Vomiting

Have you ever had one of those days where everything makes you sick, and you can’t stop throwing up? If you ever
experience such a day, then the perfect hack for you is using sweetened condensed milk for your state. You must mix
the milk with water and create a soup-like consistency.

After that, you must take the milk in sips to help you with stopping vomiting. You can even take medicines after
this, and they will work efficiently for your vomiting.  Say goodbye to throwing up in less than an hour with
this perfect hack.

Never Hang Crooked Pictures Again

Do you hate looking at crooked picture frames hanging in your home? Do you run out of patience when trying to hang a
picture in the best possible way? If you do, then all you need is some painter’s tape to prevent these issues and
hang a frame perfectly.

Use the painter’s tape to measure the location and width of the spot where you need to put the hooks for the frame.
Once you do, it will allow you to hang the picture smoothly, and it will be straight. Never have crooked pictures in
your home after this hack.

Add Salt To Your Scrub

It can be tricky to get the smell of oil from your hand, especially if it is not an essential oil. For example,
gasoline is an oil with a strong aroma that is challenging to get rid of. But, of course, it is not impossible, and
you can use this hack to get rid of the smell.

If you ever get gasoline on your hands accidentally, all you have to do is add some salt to your scrub or soap. Once
you wash your hands with this, it will eliminate the strong oil smell in no time.

Always Keep Multipurpose Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are one of the most important things to have in your toolbox because they are highly diverse. These
tools come in handy all the time and solve many problems around the house. That is why the biggest toolbox hack is
to add screwdrivers to make your life easy.

You can use them to secure screws, hang frames, and much more. So, keep some screwdrivers in your toolbox because you
never know when you will have to use them. It will simplify your life in no time, especially if you do genius hacks
around the house.

Use Garlic Press To Create Soft Foods

If you have an infant or a toddler, this hack is one of the best things you can do when going out. Always keep a
garlic press in your bag to make your life easy and feed your baby. That is because you can use it to press any soft
food and create a mush.

Once you create this mush, you can feed it to your baby without worrying about anything. It is the best hack if you
go out a lot and take your baby with you to events and restaurants. The hack will change your life.

Stop The Blood With Cornstarch

Many of us injure or hurt ourselves, and the blood starts flowing, and we have no way to stop it. When this happens,
the best hack is to use cornstarch for your blood flow. All you have to do is sprinkle some cornstarch on your
wound, and your bleeding will stop within seconds.

The best part is that you can also use this hack if you have pets around the house and injure themselves. It will
prevent your home from looking like a murder scene as you can stop the blood in no time.

Use A Landline To Tune Your Guitar

You might be thinking, how is this even possible, but that is why it is a genius hack you will love. The dial tone of
a landline phone is a concert F, and you can use it to tune your guitar. It will enable you to have the ideal
reference pitch you can use for your guitar.

Of course, you can always use a tuner like normal people, but if you don’t have one, this hack is ideal. It will help
you create the perfect tuning for your guitar that will change your life.

Donate Mascara Wands To Your Local Shelter

You must never throw your mascara wand away if you want to reduce waste, especially from the makeup you consume. The
best way to utilize your old mascara wands is to donate them to a local shelter. You might be wondering how it will
benefit the shelter, but they have a lot of use out of these wands.

The shelters use the soft bristles of the mascara wand to offer pets massages. Besides that, they also use them to
remove eggs and larva from the furs of various animals. So, reduce waste and make the pets happy by donating your
mascara wands.