Sadhguru’s ‘Save Soil’ initiative reaches 3.9 billion people globally.

The “Human Is Not A Resource” (HINAR 2022) event, themed “Blueprint for Active Transformation,” was held by Isha Leadership Academy in the gorgeous Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore. On Sunday, it came to a close with an unplanned session by some of the core team members of “Save Soil,” the global campaign led by Sadhguru that has already reached over 3.9 billion people worldwide, making it the most well-known people’s movement in the world.

Participants, who are business professionals, were curious to learn about the processes involved in putting together a massive grassroots movement called Save Soil, for which Sadhguru undertook a taxing 100-day motorcycle trip across 27 countries to spread awareness of the impending global catastrophe of soil extinction. The action plan for the 30,000-km London to India Save Soil trek was revealed to the core group of volunteers by Sadhguru just three months before it was carried out, according to Moumita Sen Sarma.

“My initial concern was, was it even executable,” she said after realizing the scope of the massive undertaking ahead. However, the seemingly impossible became feasible once the teams joined together and followed Sadhguru’s instructions.

Another critical team volunteer, Lokanetra, agreed. Being a member of Isha means that everyone just aligns once the vision is clear and Sadhguru establishes the direction. He acknowledged that there might be conflicts and overlaps but attributed the smooth execution to the volunteers’ capacity to share the greater goal. He said, “These overlaps, disputes, and misunderstandings will always exist, but the alignment is always 100%.

“Volunteering is a choice, and to selflessly devote oneself is a fantastic instrument for self-growth,” Jeby Cherian remarked, offering a new viewpoint. The volunteers all contribute as needed. They actively seek criticism and appreciate it since they always want to improve. KPI/KRA or other business world techniques are unnecessary when all these components are together. The magic happens in this manner!

The participants fired out a barrage of inquiries as the core group described the numerous difficulties associated with carrying out the Save Soil movement, astounded to learn about all the goings-on in the background.

Next, VS Parthasarathy, Vice Chairman of AllCargo, revealed complete information on how he became one of the leading logistics providers in India. Parthasarathy emphasized five crucial factors in his account of his company’s transition that helped it attain execution excellence. “YIELD with an unwavering emphasis on profit, CLIMB with an unwavering focus on scaling, UNMIX to remove complexity, FABLE, which entails telling engaging tales, and TRUST.”

The “Human is Not a Resource” program’s sixth edition used learning, capacity, and execution elements to tell the tale of operational transformation. A human being is not a resource – a human being is a potential, Sadhguru remarked in his inaugural video on the first day of the program, setting the tone for the course. It is merely that a potential and a reality are never precisely the same. Whether or not we realize this potential will largely determine what a particular human will become.

Sadhguru established Isha Leadership Academy more than ten years ago, intending to deliver the best leadership education possible by fusing practical skills with instruments for wellness. Beyond methods or procedures, Isha Leadership Academy focuses on developing leadership as a natural and intuitive process. Its guiding idea is the significance of regulating one’s mind, body, and energies before managing circumstances and others outside of oneself.