Indoor Plants That Won’t Die on You

Don’t have much of a green thumb but want to be surrounded by live plants? Well, we’ve got just the plants for you. Oftentimes, people love the aesthetic of indoor plants but hesitate when it comes to purchasing indoor plants. This is because indoor plants take a lot of care and need to be kept fresh and healthy to maintain the desired effect. Well, here are some indoor plants that are incredibly easy to take care of and will surely not die on you.

The Paddle Plant

A great and appealing indoor plant is the paddle plant. This plant is a succulent, which has sizeable round leaves. What is unique about this plant is that the tips of the leaves are pink. So, they’re great for a pop of color. The great thing is that the paddle plant requires nothing more than lots of sunlight. All you have to do is position it next to a window and let it grow. That is not all; the paddle plant doesn’t require a lot of water or any other type of care. So, even if you forget to water it, you won’t have to panic and worry about its health. It is an incredibly low-maintenance indoor plant.

The String of Pearls Plant

If you’ve got a bookcase or row of shelves that you need to liven up, then this is the perfect low-maintenance indoor plant for you. You can simply place it on the top shelf and watch as the string of pearls grows. The great thing is that the trail grows downwards, which is very popular nowadays. This plant is incredibly low maintenance, to the point where you only need to water it once every 1 or 2 weeks. It also does not require direct sunlight. However, it does require lots of indirect sunlight, so be sure to place it in a room that is bright with a window.

Agloenema Chinese Evergreen

If one of the things you struggle with is overwatering your plants, then this is the ideal indoor plant for you. This plant will stay healthy even if it is given an excessive amount of water, so you’ll finally have an indoor plant that is able to handle your over-watering tendencies. The great thing is that this plant blooms flowers in a wide array of colors, such as pink, red, green, and even white. So, you can surely find one that fits your indoor aesthetic. 

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Always wanted an orchid but were too worried about having to take care of it? Well, this is the perfect indoor orchid, which is not only incredibly pretty to look at but also remains healthy without much care. If the atmosphere around you is mainly humid with a low amount of sunlight, then the phalaenopsis orchid is the perfect indoor plant since it thrives in conditions like yours, which could be unsuitable for most other indoor plants. They also don’t require a lot of water and can be watered every other week.