How to Sneak Exercise into Your Day

A strenuous work routine can keep you away from burning some calories. Research on this subject was conducted, claiming long hours of working can hurt an individual’s health. When a person is in the same posture for a prolonged time, the muscles start losing their tone. As a result, your body becomes flaccid.

 An inactive day makes you sluggish and makes your body vulnerable to numerous diseases. It starts from excessive fatigue, hypertension and eventually leads to obesity. However, the suffering does not end here as an inactive person is likely to experience mental distress.

So how can one incorporate exercise into his busy schedule? Here are some simple ways to keep your body healthy and functioning;


Stretching is one of the most straightforward kinds of exercise a person can do. Stretching helps in improving the flexibility of joints. In addition, it enhances blood flow in the muscles, making them regain their lost tone. The enhanced muscle strength reduces the risk of injuries and compels us to carry out daily tasks efficiently.

Anyone can do it anywhere. Just take a ten-minute break from your work and stretch your limbs while at your workstation. When pulling, one should never push the injured spot as it can result in severe pain.  

Walk A Mile:

Today, humans have become prone to finding convenience in every task assigned. Our excessively relaxed nature is one of the primary contributors to our unhealthy lifestyle. Instead of driving to a place that is not even a mile away from your residence, you can walk. This way, you will not only burn some calories but can also save time one spends while finding a parking space. You can even walk a longer route back home from work or school.

Tensing and Relaxing Your Muscles:

This exercise does not even require changing into our gym wear. You can do it while sitting at your spot. First, you have to take a deep breath, then tense a body part’s muscles for 5-10 seconds. The muscles should be squeezed as tight as possible for an individual. After 5 seconds, slowly reduce the tension in your muscles. Such exercises help improve breathing patterns as well as reduce hypertension.  

Take The Stairs:

Taking the stairs could be beneficial as you can burn up to 10 calories in a minute. Take it slow in the first days but then gradually increase your speed. You can save time instead of waiting for the elevator while getting some cardio.

Jog While Using A Stroller:

Women who are going through the period of motherhood miss out on exercise. However, they need to keep their muscles strong and healthy. So rather than being trapped in the house, take your child out with you for a jog. First, you have to put on your gym wear, strap your child in the stroller, and start jogging.  

Catchup While Walking:

There is no harm in achieving two goals at once. For example, you can have an interactive session with your co-worker while having a stroll around your workplace.