Birth of Tea: All You Need To Know About

Tea is one of the most widely consumed drinks on a global level. People have just fallen in love with it, be it a steaming hot tea or a cold iced tea. Just a sip is enough to freshen your mind and offer you a moment of relief.

Tea is now harvested and consumed around the world. However, while sipping tea, have you ever thought about how it came into existence? That is what tea does to your mind as you get busy enjoying the taste.

Don’t you worry, here we will discuss how tea originated and many other interesting facts?

Where Tea Was First Originated?

Tea is a natural drink extracted from tea leaves grown and harvested worldwide. However, the first roots of tea go back to China, which is known as the birthplace of tea.

According to a legend, tea was first discovered almost 5,000 years back. So yes, it has been in existence since ancient times and always has been a remedy to provide freshness and relief.

How Tea Came Into Existence?

As you know, China is the birthplace of tea, but there is a story about how it was discovered as a drink. According to legend, a Chinese emperor was once sitting when a tea leaf fell in his pot of boiling water. 

As soon as the leaf fell, the fragrance from his pot amazed him and left him thinking. However, as he took a sip of that drink, it gave him a warm feeling. Since then, it has become the favorite drink of the emperor and the favorite of everyone around the globe.

Where is Tea Consumed The Most?

Many countries have wheat or rice as their staple. But do you know there is a country with tea as its official staple consumable? Yes, there is a country where tea is consumed the most, and the quantity will shock you.

Tibet is where tea has been declared a staple and is a part of every household. According to a survey, each Tibetan consumes around 40 cups of tea every day. Well, isn’t that too much.

How Was Tea Spread Around The World?

Globalization is the key that connects every part of the world. Through it, many countries have developed. For example, tea was once and is still a major traded item worldwide.

However, it spread worldwide when Dutch dominated the tea trade in 1678. But it was the British who traded tea on a commercial level globally.

Tea was produced majorly in Asia, and this is when the British administered East India Company came into play. They took over the global trade and traded some of the major spices in the world, including tea.

It is said that tea was the one item that was sold on a commercial level globally and gave the East India Company unimaginable profits.

Final Words

These were some of the most interesting facts about tea and how it played a major role in previous times. No doubt tea is still a great traded item.