Best Places to Go Skydiving in the USA

The ability to enjoy skydiving without much preparation or travel is made possible by the availability of prime skydiving venues worldwide. You will feel exhilaration while taking in the nicest vistas when you jump. On the way down, the best skydiving locations will treat you to breathtaking sights. The top 5 skydiving spots in the USA are listed below.

1: Molalla, Oregon

When green is your favorite color, visit Molalla to see green everywhere as you descend from the skies. The greenery could be crowned with white when you look at the Hood, Rainier, St. Helens, the Three Sisters, and sometimes the Shasta mountains. When was the last time you saw mountains in three different states? There isn’t any skydiving in Oregon during rainy or overcast days since the weather is unpredictable. Jumps may be permitted if there is only a thin layer of cloud cover and the clouds are high over Mount Hood. It’s a good idea to give the weather a call in advance.

2: Snohomish, Washington

Snohomish is one of the top six locations around the world where you can jump. When picking this stunning jump site in western Washington, one may see Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainier, and the San Juan Islands as they fall from a height of several thousand feet. Snohomish, about 30 miles north of Seattle and situated on Puget Sound’s eastern shore, offers the most discerning skydiver unmatched vistas of the Cascade Mountain Range and the tucked villages between the mountains the water.

3: San Diego, California

There is a fantastic drop zone in the picturesque Otay River Valley, about 25 miles southeast of San Diego. It is placed to provide fantastic panoramas on both the way up and down and is enough removed from the city to be safe and enjoyable. The Otay River, Lower Otay Lake, San Diego, the Pacific Ocean, and potentially even Mexico are places the skydiver wants to watch for on the way down, as the border is a little less than ten miles away. Skydiving is a lot of fun in San Diego because of the virtually ideal weather for most of the year.

4: Kalispell, Montana

Even a novice skydiver may benefit from excellent contemporary facilities, qualified instructors, and Montana’s Big Sky Country near Kalispell, Montana. Both certified skydivers and novices will value the great facilities, premium aircraft, and amenities offered and created with their needs in mind. Both novice and seasoned skydivers can use the network of drop zones. For a safe, enjoyable experience, a novice skydiver can jump in tandem with a certified skydiver. Many skydiving establishments charge a fee to provide a video of your jump. You may enjoy your skydiving memories in the future by doing this.

5: Wasilla, Alaska

Be prepared for awe-inspiring sights as you plunge from an airplane that has transported you into the Alaskan sky. View Alaska’s untamed beauty, including the breathtaking Denali, Cook Inlet, ice-blue glaciers, and rugged, snow-capped mountains. At a neighboring reindeer farm, you might even be able to see a reindeer. However, you’ll be the one performing the flying. Some experts will assist you in scheduling, organizing, and carrying out either your first or 100th jump. They’ll also provide you advice on drop-off points close to Wasilla. Beginner tandem dives and skydiving certification training are also offered in Alaska.