Amazing Things Done By People And The Nature

The world is a mysterious place holding relentless amounts of miracles hidden from our eyes. Some of them are almost always out of our control, like natural phenomena, for example. Some of them are totally in our power to play with.

With so much information and content available on the internet, you might think that you have seen it all; until you see this list of unusual phenomena that we have compiled for you. These events, incidents, and stories are some of the most unique and unusual things you will ever come across. So without further ado let’s dive in and start our review of the best things you can do and observe indoors and outdoors that will make your life much more entertaining.

The Frankenstein Pumpkin For Halloween

Most people go through the intensive process of carving a pumpkin on Halloween, but this intelligent guy grew a
pumpkin inside a plastic mold. That is why the pumpkin has the face of Frankenstein, and it is the ideal addition to
any Halloween decorations. In the same way, you can grow the pumpkin in any shape you like.

So, the next time you have Halloween festivities going on, be sure to buy various plastic moulds and grow pumpkins in
them instead. This solution is as unique as it is easy. Once you do, you will have decorations for the entire home
in no time.

A Portal To A Different Dimension

You might be wondering how this guy ended up creating this portal, and the answer is simple. All he did was tie glow
sticks to burning steel wool and swing it around. The picture was taken while he was swinging the glow sticks and
the steel wool around.

Of course, it looks as if he is opening a portal to a different dimension to our imaginations. From the idea to the
picture, everything about this image is fantastic. Would you ever think of trying this at home and taking a picture
to make your friends think you are opening a portal?

The Glowing Frog

Have you ever seen a frog eating too many fireflies at once? If you haven’t, there is a first time for everything as
this frog has fireflies inside him. That is the reason he is glowing, and the glow stays like this till the
fireflies die inside the tummy of the frog.

If this frog was a cartoon, he would explode, and hundreds of fireflies would come out from inside of him. Nature is
fantastic, and this is proof that amazing things happen in nature every day. But, of course, we don’t get to witness
such things very often.

The Frozen Wheel

Are you wondering what this picture is showing? It took us a minute to figure out, but we did. Luckily, you don’t
have to waste time as we will be telling you about it. This picture is of a car wheel that froze while it was
spinning because of the cold temperature.

As soon as the wheel spun, the ice formed around it and jammed it. This is why it also got covered in dirt.
Otherwise, this picture would have been more aesthetically pleasing. However, we wouldn’t want to be near this car.
After all, the spiky icicles can pop a tire of a nearby vehicle.

The Invisible Desert Shack

If you want to create the illusion of an invisible house in the desert, all you have to do is add horizontal mirrors.
The mirrors are horizontally placed between the wooden pieces, as you can see in the picture. Doing this creates the
illusion that the house is floating on wooden pieces.

We don’t know why or what this house is doing in the middle of the desert. However, it must be an inconvenience for
the birds, as we are sure many must have bumped. On the other hand, scorching sun and mirrors are a recipe for a
fire disaster.

Lightning Striking A Flagpole

You must always avoid a golf course when there is a storm because the lightning can strike you at any moment. The
image shows how lightning struck a flagpole on a golf course and resulted in what you can witness. However, it is
dangerous to be on open golf courses during a storm.

That is because lightning strikes one place on the ground and then spreads through the entire course. There have been
many incidents where people got injured on the golf course because of lightning. So, whenever it is storm season in
your region, be sure to stay safe.

A Polished Coconut

This may look like a chocolate ball to you, but this is what a coconut looks like when it is fully polished. We did
not know we needed this image in our lives until today. All of us have always seen a coconut hairy, but this is what
a polished one looks like.

It is one of the most satisfying images we have seen today, and you probably will too. So, if you also want to
replicate this image, all you have to do is polish a coconut at home. Beneath all the hair, you will find this
fantastic shiny object.

The Old Spring Roll Phenomenon

We all forget food in our office sometimes. However, none of us come to find a plant growing from the dish.
Surprisingly, this person did. If you don’t believe us, look at the picture carefully. The worker forgot their
spring roll in the office. When they came back, they found tiny leaves growing from the food.

Are you wondering how the food started growing a plant? Well, the answer is straightforward. One of the ingredients
in this spring roll was bean sprouts. When the food was left at the office and received sunlight, they grew. If the
roll were left for a few more days, the worker would have found a well-grown plant.

The Petri Dish Experiment

Petri dishes are small trays that are used for experiments by scientists. However, this kid got their hands around
one and what came next is surprising. While the child may not be intending to perform an experiment, they ended up
doing it. The picture you see is the result of the accidental activity.

The kid put their hand into a petri dish containing agar. Surprisingly, these things grew on the tray after that.
What you’re seeing is the bacteria that were on the kid’s hand. We don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t want to be
around this child until they cleaned their hands thoroughly.

The Frozen Water

You might have seen many frozen bodies of water before, but we bet you have not seen this. The water does not even
look like itself anymore because the freezing is next level on this body of water. We don’t know what happened, but
it seems that the water froze rapidly and formed large crystals with geometric patterns.

Whatever it is, we find the water highly aesthetically pleasing in this image. Of course, we would never survive
living in this place because of how cold it is. However, the water is so frozen that maybe one can walk on it

The Food Freezing Experiment

Antarctica is a region where many scientists go for research purposes. The person in the picture is also a
researcher. However, when he is not busy making a groundbreaking discovery, he does food freezing experiments and
posts them on Twitter. This picture is just one of the many examples of what he does.

The scientist keeps food outside overnight to see if it freezes in the cold or not. One day they kept this pouring
pan of omelet outdoors. Since the temperature was –94 degrees Fahrenheit, the egg froze. Not only that, but it is
strong enough to keep the pan in the air too. The scientist calls this a frozen food sculpture.

Lightning On The Beach

If you didn’t know this before, lightning is attracted to water and will strike near it during storms. While the
person who took this image was crossing the beach, they came across this weird sand sculpture. It is a result of
lightning striking the sand, making it look like this.

Anyone looking at this from afar would think it is some kind of sand monster. However, it is just the combination of
lightning and sand. So, the next time you walk on a beach after a lightning storm, don’t be afraid to find
sculptures such as these.

A Frozen Waterfall

Winters are a freezing yet beautiful time because we get to see many things we don’t witness in the summers, like
this frozen waterfall. The temperatures in this region are so low that the entire waterfall mist froze. The result
is so beautiful that it should be displayed in an art gallery.

Maybe Elsa visited this place and turned this place into a frozen wonderland. While all of this looks beautiful, we
don’t think we would ever survive in such low temperatures. After all, the cold might not bother Elsa, but it does
bother us.

The Beetroot Juice Experiment

We don’t know if this man was experimenting purposely or not, but the result he created is intriguing. Do you ever
wonder what happens to beetroot juice when you leave it outside the fridge overnight? Well, this picture is the
perfect example for you. It is an actual beetroot juice that a man left on their kitchen counter overnight.

When you keep beetroot juice outside for the whole night, its top layer rips apart. This is what creates this
interesting pattern that can make your skin crawl. An interesting thing about this experiment is that it took place
because of a yeast reaction. The same thing happens when you try to prepare kombucha.

The Ice House

If there is one state that experiences freezing temperatures, it is Michigan, and you can see it in this picture. The
temperature is so low that the entire house is covered with a thick layer of ice. Such a layer is the result of a
winter snowstorm hitting the region.

We just hope that everyone inside the house is safe because this ice looks as if it has trapped everyone inside the
home. Winter storms are challenging, and not everyone can deal with them. We know we would not be able to survive
such temperatures and snow.

The Burnt Wood

When you burn wood using high voltage, the results are surprising because you never know what you will get. The
carving in the image is a result of someone using high voltage to burn wood. Because of this, we see what looks like
trees on this beautiful piece of wood.

Of course, we don’t know if this was an accident or someone knew what they were doing with the wood. It was
purposeful, maybe this can be an art form where people create sceneries using high voltage on wood. Whatever it is,
it looks fantastic to us, and that is what matters.

The Fun M&M’s Science Experiment

Middle school was one of the best times because everyone got to participate in fun science experiments such as this.
The image contains M&M’s in water, and they have created a diffusion barrier. The colors are not merging with
one another, and each M&M has created its own color barrier.

One of the most surprising things about this is that the barriers are excellent, and they are not crashing into one
another. You can also try this at home and check if your M&M’s create such a diffusion barrier. You will be
surprised at the fantastic results.

The Cabbage Bloom

Did you know that when you leave cabbage in the fridge for too long without using it, it starts blooming? Yes, this
image is the prime example of what we are talking about, as this cabbage is blooming beautifully. It turns into a
plant, and more cabbage might even grow from it.

Of course, the cabbage in the image looks much more interesting than what you get to witness in the grocery store.
You can even display this cabbage in your home and use it as a decoration piece. After all, it is extraordinary, and
all your guests will notice it.

Driving Over Chalk Paint

We are in love with this beautiful and colorful car tire that no one gets to witness daily. That is the result of the
tires going over sidewalk chalk on a hot day, as it results in this splatter. If you want to give your car a splash
of color, you can also do this.

Of course, we have no idea how this happened, but it looks beautiful, and we wouldn’t mind this on our car. It seems
as if the car just went through a colorful rainbow. Maybe you can use this technique too to make your car more fun.

Power Of The Turbines

The power of any windmill is invisible to us because we don’t get to witness the air moving through the windmills.
However, when there is fog, you can see the power of the turbines. The image represents just how powerful the
turbines are and how they spread the air.

We love that someone captured this on camera so everyone can see the hard work windmills do every day. You will be
lucky if you get to witness one of these in real life. It looks like a movie because the force of the windmills is
so powerful.

One With Nature

When you spend too much time in nature, you become one with it because there is no reason for separation. That is
what has happened between this boat and the surrounding nature as it has spent too much time on this lake. Nature
has become on with it, and it is a beautiful sight to witness.

We love this image because the boat looks like a floating garden, and it blends with nature around. If we were to
retire and live our lives doing nothing, this boat would be one of our top choices. We would love to spend time

The Cotton Candy Dream

One of the things we love doing the most is going to a car wash and sitting in the car as it goes through. That is
because the colors of the soap are beautiful, and they look fantastic when they are in the car. What you see in the
image are the beautiful soap colors.

We would love to eat these pretty colors, but we know we can’t do that because it is soap and it can hurt us. Do you
love going to car washes and looking at pretty colors as much as we do? Let us know.

The Cuddling Carrots

Whenever you plant carrots, you must ensure that all the seeds are spaced out evenly. If you don’t, this will be the
result, as the carrots will grow as if they are cuddling with one another. Such an intertwinement becomes possible
when people don’t place seeds in an appropriate manner.

However, we love how cute the carrots look because they look like a close-knit family who doesn’t want t let go of
one another. If we had this batch of carrots, we would not consume them because it would be a crime to break them up
after such an embrace.

The Water-Filled Basketball Court

This basketball court experiment is a random thing that happened. A pipe burst on the premises and filled the court
with water. The effect created by the liquid is quite surprising and may want you to swim. After all, it seems like
that the basketball court has actual waves like the sea.

Some of you may feel dizzy looking at the basketball court because of the wonky effect. However, that may just be the
result of a fast-moving picture. The most interesting thing about this experiment is that you cannot know the exact
amount of water. It may be two inches or more, but we cannot guess.

The Ice Effect

We love to get incredible patio furniture to improve the aesthetics of our home. However, this item is unlike
anything you will find out there. The table looks like a potato masher, but it isn’t. Besides that, all the holes
create an incredible effect, mainly during an ice storm.

The weather condition was chilly and extremely cold. This is why the water from the fountain froze and came about to
be an ice chandelier. The one thing we have to say is that the effect looks magical. Imagine taking a stick and
whacking the ice. It would create a mess but also create an artificial ice storm.

The Cup Painting

Reading tea leaves is an exciting hobby for many people, after all, who wouldn’t love to get an idea of their future.
However, for this person, the activity has reached a new level. After finishing their cup, they found a scenery of
trees created by the coffee grounds of their drink.

Are you wondering what this tells about the future of the person? Well, the scenery may suggest that the individual
will have an adventurous life. After all, most people only find grim at the end of their cups. Perhaps they should
go hiking and enjoy such scenery in real life.

The Beautiful Bike Phenomenon

When you leave your bike outdoors for an extended period, it will most likely get stolen. However, for this person,
an unusual but fascinating thing happened. Their bike didn’t get stolen, but it did become home to tiny living
organisms. What you see in the picture is not the seat’s underlying surface but a moss that has grown on it.

It is no secret that moss grows for various purposes. Sadly, for the bike owner, their seat got ruined because of it.
However, the outcome isn’t that bad. After all, it looks like a tiny forest has grown on the bike seat, and some may
even assume it is a designed pattern. 

The Outcome Of Asphalt And Lightning Combination

Did you assume that nothing happens when lightning hits asphalt? If so, you are not alone. We had the same thought
until we came across this picture. A stranger on the internet posted this photo some time ago. As per the caption,
this is the result when lightning hits the asphalt.

It is amazing the internet is full of unusual but interesting discoveries. Who would have that the combination of
lightning and asphalt produces a result like this? It seems as if the person is holding an alien object. We just
hope that the asphalt was dry when the reaction happened. Otherwise, the person would have to do some repaving.

The Unusual Candle

Candles have been in use for many years and help you out during darkness. Sometimes you want to enjoy your patio at
night by using a candle. However, take our advice not to leave your item outside. Otherwise, you will face the same
issues as the owners of this candle did.

The homeowners left the candle with its supporting platform on their outdoor patio. When the sun came out, the wax
deformed due to the intense. The only silver lining here is that the owners can fix the candle. If not, then it can
be used as a new decor piece.

The Highlighter Experiment

Many of us get bored at home and wish to try new things. However, this person had the most unusual idea. They kept a
highlighter in the microwave to see what would happen. While this move may be dangerous, it did turn out into a
beautiful phenomenon because of the smoke effect.

All we have to say about this person is that they have quite the courage. However, you shouldn’t try this out at your
home. After all, the highlighter must have released toxic fumes. Not only that, but your microwave may not be as
robust as this person’s appliance.

The Crop Circle Phenomenon

Do you ever wonder how crop circles are made? Well, this picture is the perfect example. This person’s kitchen has a
blind through which sunlight passes easily. When it hits the can, a pattern of rings is created on the floor. We bet
crop circles came to your mind as well after seeing this picture.

Another thing this pattern can represent is the WiFi signal in your phone. However, rest assured this is not
something technical. The one thing we wonder is how the circled pattern is created. After all, the surface of the
trash can is smooth. If you have any guesses, let us in on the secret too.

The Freezer With No Ice Tray

Do you wonder what would happen if your freezer didn’t have an ice tray? Well, take a look at the picture below for
your answer. This person was too curious for their own good when they removed the ice tray from their freezer. After
all, the whole appliance was filled with ice.

While this may be a wrong move for a standard homeowner, this trick is something that all people who throw parties
need. After all, they can get a huge amount of ice in a short span. Thus, they will never run out of ice when
hosting an event.

The Wrinkled Fingers

If you have ever wondered what would happen when you fall asleep in the bath, you’re in the right place. This picture
is what you need to see. When you fall asleep in the tub, your fingers will start to turn wrinkly. Not only that,
but the texture is highly uncomfortable too.

A key thing we have to say is this is how mermaids are supposed to look. After all, they live underwater for longer
than this person did. While you may be tempted to test this, we suggest you do not. Accidental drowning is an issue
that you can face.

The Camera Effect

We all have a hidden photographer in us but lack the camera to put our skills to use. Luckily, this person does not.
They created this unique image by using the shutter camera effect. The propeller was moving at a fast speed when
this shot was captured. 

If you look at the picture carefully, you may think that this is a picture of a shark. After all, the shape of the
plane from the front resembles a shark’s mouth. However, you can take a sigh of relief as no such fish exists. Or
maybe it does, but we are not aware.

The Giant Lettuce

Many people cut the heads of their lettuce plant before it starts to grow upright. However, this person deviated from
the norm, and the outcome was amazing. This is because they were able to develop a large plant with a high number of
lettuce leaves.  So if you want more lettuce, you should do the same.

The only thing we don’t know about this experiment is whether it was intentional or not. Maybe, this was the first
time this person was growing a lettuce plant. So they didn’t know that typically you pick off lettuce heads.
Nonetheless, this trick could be helpful for many gardeners.

The Dollar Warning

Have you ever tried to open a picture of a dollar bill on Photoshop? If not, we suggest you don’t. This is because
the application won’t open the image for you. Instead, you will get the same warning as the person in this picture
did. So avoid wasting time by remembering this.

The Photoshop app will allow you to open a dollar bill picture. The software recognizes the note and sends you a
warning. The primary reason they don’t let this is to prevent counterfeiting. Even many printers will warn you. The
top thing we want to learn is this applies to all currencies or not.

The Frozen Gummy Worms

Gummy worms are one of the best candies on the market. If you have ever thought of freeze-drying them, you’re in the
right place. While many of us don’t think about this, some people have. Not only that, but they have tested it too.
If you don’t believe us, here is a picture for proof.

You may think that these are not gummy worms, but you’re wrong. This is what the candy looks like when you put them
in a freeze dryer. They retain their shape but become puffy like Cheetos. However, we don’t guarantee you that they
will taste the same as Cheetos puffs.

The Two-Colored Picture

Many of us take pictures with camera flash, but it is rare to achieve an effect such as this. If you’re wondering how
this happened, worry no more. This picture is the result of multiple cameras flashing at the same time. However,
this phenomenon typically occurs with an iPhone only.

The effect takes place when one camera is taking a picture but another flash at the same time. While this may have
ruined the aesthetic of the image, it did create a cool effect. The color shades have been separated, and it seems
as if two different pictures have been merged.

The Cat With The Laser Paws

If you have never seen a cat with laser paws, today is your lucky day because this cat is shooting lasers from
everywhere. That is why you must never get on the wrong side of this cat, or you will get hurt. If all cats had this
power, they would take over the world in no time.

These plasma balls were all the rage a decade ago, as everyone was getting them. Of course, we are glad we didn’t buy
these plasma balls because now they seem to be tacky. But, of course, the cat is loving this plasma ball.

The Almost Exploding Marble

Don’t try this experiment at home because whoever did this got lucky that the marble did not explode. The person
heated this marble on a flame and then dipped it inside cold water. The marble was about to explode, but it stopped
midway, which is what the marble looks like now.

That is why you must refrain from doing this experiment at home because you might end up losing an eye. Of course, we
love the texture of the marble at this stage because it looks mesmerizing. Remember, beautiful things can also be