50 Jimmy Fallon #IGOTCAUGHT Posts That Made Us Laugh

Hashtags are a big thing on social media these days. The hashtag #IGotCaught has been used by a great lot of people on social media to talk about their unforgettable moments where they wanted to do something but failed miserably and got caught, which resulted in some memorable (and often hilarious) experiences for those people. Jimmy Fallon, the late-night talk show host, thought it would be a great idea to get his audience to share their #IGotCaught moments. And we can’t agree more it resulted in a great segment on his show. We have gathered 50 of those #IGotCaught moments shared by followers of Jimmy Fallon on social media. So without further ado let us check out these memorable moments.

Teachers Also Skip Class

Teachers are supposed to be role models for the students. They have to teach the learning material to the kids and encourage them to adopt good habits such as not lying. However, this teacher is unlike others. They called in sick to get an off and go to the beach for a fun day.


However, the teacher faced some shock when they bumped into one of their students. The kid was supposed to be in the same teacher’s class but was skipping. Luckily, they both kept their cool and just nodded. After all, the teacher couldn’t blame the student for missing class.

Failed Fart Attempt

Now, this is an entry that you may relate to on some level. If not, we guarantee you will burst into laughter. When trying to pass gas in public, you must keep some tips in mind. Firstly, be aware of the surroundings. Secondly, ensure to have an alibi for the worst-case scenario.

Unfortunately, this person failed in getting both the tips right. Montalvo was in the quietest place (library) when he had to fart urgently. He thought that it would be silent, and no one would know. His guess was wrong, and he ended up producing a slow whistle sound which got him quite a few stares.

Caught Red-Handed

Kids love to believe in unreal things such as tooth fairies during their childhood. After all, who doesn’t love
presents for losing a tooth? This is why parents go out of their way to ensure their child doesn’t lose faith.
However, Shawnda did the opposite because of a failed attempt.

She planned to put the gift under her son’s pillow while he was asleep. Unfortunately, Shawnda was too tired and fell asleep while doing the deed. The following day her son woke up and caught her red-handed pretending to be a tooth fairy. At least the son still got a gift.

Never Write About Your Crimes

During childhood, many kids love to write in their diaries. After all, it is an excellent way to remember memories. Not only that, but writing can be a coping mechanism for many children. However, no one told this girl about not the rule of not writing crimes in a diary.

@meeesheee17 stole some money from a mall fountain when she was a kid. However, she was a thief with a conscience and wrote in her diary to pay back the mall. Unfortunately, her mother read the statement and caught her. Even though it was only a quarter, we wonder what her mother thought upon finding the confession.

No Compromise On Star Wars

Star Wars has one of the biggest fandoms in the entertainment industry. Many kids and adults are obsessed with the film series. That is why they would do anything to watch them. Lori also decided to skip her school by calling in sick to watch a midnight premiere of Star Wars.

Unfortunately, Lori did not watch out for news cameras near the cinema. This is why she got caught the next day when she appeared in the news background. We just hope that her parents and school didn’t see the same news. It would have definitely gotten her in trouble.

“I Have A Twin”

Styx was an American brand that produced many hit songs during their time. This is why their concerts were always packed with people from all over the US. CJ Gilbert was also a die-hard fan of this band. That is why she canceled a date to visit the concert with her friends.

During the concert, she got a call from her date and pretended to be sick. Unfortunately, CJ did not realize that her date was at the show too. Not only that, but he saw her enjoying herself in the front row. So she had no choice but to play the “I have a twin” card.

The Illegal Tattoo

Tattoos are considered taboo by many parents around the world. While the kids use them to express themselves, the older adults refuse to treat them differently. This is why most people who get ink hide it from their parents. Kaitlyn was also succeeding in this task, but the truth caught up to her.

Kaitlyn went on a cruise trip and thought a strange bug bit her during it. So she asked her mom to look at the bite for confirmation. We don’t know whether the bug bite was there or not, but the mom ended up seeing her daughter’s tattoo.

Never Plagiarize

Many students cheat on projects instead of making an effort to research information. After all, writing papers in school and college can take a lot of time. This results in many kids plagiarizing some of the material. However, Steve took the copying game to the next level by reusing an entire paper.

In his senior year, he found an APA paper on the internet and submitted it as his own. However, his teacher caught him and gave him a zero to make it clear. If you are a student, our advice is never to plagiarize. Schools have all the tools to confirm the authenticity of projects.

Invasion Of Privacy

Many of us have snuck out of our house during our teenage years at least once. It may be to get some snacks from a nearby store or to go to a party. Nonetheless, this is a ritual that many kids follow to this date. However, not all are excellent at not getting caught.

Alex also snuck out of her house and wrote about it in her diary. Unfortunately, her mother invaded her privacy and read the book. What Alex did was wrong, but that is understandable as she was a kid. However, there is no justification for a parent reading their kids’ diaries.

The Meeting Mishap

Doodling is one of the top ways to escape boredom during a long business meeting. However, Michelle took this game to the next level by writing. Instead of paying attention, she spent the conference coming up with an Independence Day speech. However, her boss misunderstood and thought she was taking notes.

So the boss asked Michelle to type all the notes she took during the meeting. We wonder if the executive really misunderstood what she was doing or he wanted to teach her a lesson. Nonetheless, we bet Michelle definitely learned from her mistake. If not, then good luck to her in the future.

Failed Food Sneaking Attempt

Food at cinemas is quite expensive and low in quantity. This is why many of us try to sneak snacks into the theatre. Not only that but a lot of people succeed in their tasks. The only tip to remember is to act cool and hide the food well during the security check.

However, this girl did not get the memo of not taking foods with a distinctive smell. She tried to sneak in pepperoni and sausage in a tote bag. However, the security recognized the aroma and checked her bag. This is why you should avoid sneaking foods with odor.

The Worst Place For Skipping A Class

The top tip to remember when skipping a class is to avoid staying within a 100-meter radius of the classroom. So Holly decided to go to the library in tenth grade. After all, no teacher would think that a student skipping class would be in a room full of books.

We guess she just had a bit of bad luck that day. That is because her teacher decided to use the library for her class on that day. Unfortunately, Holly got caught on the spot. The only thing we wonder is why she did not hide amongst one of the shelves?

Wrong Identity

When you live in the same city as your cousins, you are bound to bump into each other at times. For example, you may see them at a restaurant or retail store. Leyla thought this when she saw one of her cousins in Target and sniffed her like a dog.

However, she realized that the person was not her cousin after making a fool out of herself. The only mind-baffling thing here is why would you even want to sniff your cousin in a public place. We hope Leyla learned her lesson and never repeats the same mistake at Target or elsewhere.

Santa Got Caught

Christmas is one of the best festivities that marks the end of the year. You get to enjoy quality time with your family and get some gifts. Lisa also had a plan to spend an uneventful Christmas evening with her kids. She also printed some “From Santa” tags and attached them with the presents.

Unfortunately, Lisa’s Christmas was far from uneventful. This is because she left the picture file open on her laptop. Not only that, but her kids saw the tags on the computer. So it’s safe to assume that the children realized the truth about Santa. Either that or maybe Lisa saved the day by creating a story.

Always Remove The Evidence First

It is a rite of passage for teenagers to throw a party when their parents aren’t home. Pam also followed in the same footsteps and enjoyed a party. However, she failed to cover up her tracks and got caught. This is why you should always get rid of the evidence first.

Pam successfully hid the party from her parents for the whole night. However, she forgot to remove the garbage bag with beer cans from her garage. As luck would have it, her parents got to the evidence before her. It’s safe to assume that she got grounded for at least a month for this.

No One Can Resist Pizza

There have been many stories of people not being able to resist specific food items. Cooper here also had the same experience because of a pizza. His mom picked up the box to take it home and enjoy a good dinner. Unfortunately, Cooper couldn’t resist the charm of this dish.

He finished all the pieces before reaching home as he was sitting in the back of the car. When his mom opened the box, she got the shock of her life. After all, there was nothing in it except a few crusts. We wonder what happened to Cooper after doing this.

Every Kids Nightmare

As a child, it is acceptable when you pee your pants. The incident can happen because of drinking a lot of water. Additionally, you may not be able to control yourself. This is what happened to Moriah at the age of ten. Unfortunately, the accident occurred in a playground full of kids.

She peed her pants while playing on the ground. However, she quickly tried to hide the stain by rolling in the sand. Unfortunately, the trick didn’t help her at all. While we don’t know other details, we can expect that she was made fun of. But for all kids out there, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Alcohol? No, It’s Candy

Minors love to do the exact things they have been told not to do. For instance, you may throw a party when your parents are gone for a trip. Besides that, you may drink alcohol and lie about it. This is normal for many underage people out in the world.

Matt Lipton also indulged in some underage drinking during his teenage years. When his mother recognized the smell, he lied using the Bart Simpson trick. Yes, we are talking about blaming a candy for the scent. Luckily, the tricked worked for this guy and saved him from getting into trouble.

Hole In The Wall

Many of us mess up during our childhood and damages something at home. This may include breaking your mother’s favorite vase or scratching the wall. However, Sara had it worse than most other people. This is because she ended up putting a hole in her house’s wall when her parents weren’t around.

She hung up a calendar at the exact place to hide the hole. The item covered up the damage throughout the time she stayed in that house. However, her parents finally found the hole when she moved out. Amazingly, she managed to hide it for many years successfully.

Caught Eating Cake

We all have heard of siblings eating the last piece of cake by hiding in the house. After all, no one loves to share a good dessert with someone else. However, this is the first time we have heard of a mom doing the same thing. Yes, you heard us right.

She lied to her 3-year old by telling them that she was going to the laundry room to fold the clothes.
Instead, she schemed to enjoy the last piece of cake there without sharing. Unfortunately, the kid followed her into the room and caught her in the act.

Wrong Timing

As kids, we love it every time the teacher leaves the class for a task or when the period ends. However, not many of us start shouting after the teacher leaves. This is because they may still hear you. However, what happened to Lauren in third grade is worse than this.

She immediately shouted “Partyyy”  after her teacher left the class. At least that’s what she thought.
Unfortunately, the teacher never went and was standing behind her when she shouted. All we can say is someone must have gotten scolded a lot. Either that or she got detention for misbehavior.

Surprise Gone Wrong

Birthday surprises are the best when executed smoothly. However, this requires a lot of effort and precision. You have to hide the cake from your loved one. Not only that, but you have to ensure that no one spills the beans. However, it hurts when you end up ruining the surprise yourself.

Leila baked a cake for her sibling’s surprise birthday party. Her plan was perfect, but she ended up making a mistake. She posted about the surprise on her Snapchat story. Unfortunately, she forgot that her sibling was on her friend list. They saw the story and learned about the surprise.

The Science Project Lie

We all love to keep secrets from our parents, especially regarding things we are not supposed to be doing. While we may be learning to fool our parents, Lisa Lemon is already a master at it. She got caught with a bong and a strange smell in her room by her mother.

Luckily, the mom did not know that a bong is a smoking device. This is why Lisa was quickly able to fool her. She lied that the tool was for her science project. Meanwhile, she evaded questions about the smell by saying that she was creating an air freshener.

Stalking Gone Wrong

College is a time where you experience a lot of stress because of grades. However, it is also the stage where you start to have new crushes. Julie’s experience was no different than most other people’s. However, she faced a lot of embarrassment when looking up her crush on a college computer.

While searching for the details, she struggled to spell the last name of her crush. Surprisingly, someone behind her corrected her by telling her the proper spelling. However, she had the shock of her life when that person turned out to be her crush. We bet the guy was flattered.

Stealing From Santa

Children have strange habits and rules of not letting parents eat various things. Julie also suffered from the same thing on Christmas Eve. She got up at night to indulge in some milk and Santa’s cookies. Unfortunately, her young daughter was awake at the time and caught her in the kitchen.

As per Julie, the kid was disappointed in her actions. Not only that, but she even told her not to repeat the mistake next year. It’s incredible that children get territorial on such tiny things. However, we understand why she was upset. After all, those cookies were to please uncle Santa.

I Want More

Kids these days are interactive and sarcastic when it comes to receiving presents. This may be because of the access to smart devices or the influence of TV. Nonetheless, they never settle for anything less than what they want. This mother learned this the hard way when her daughter resorted to stealing money.

She left one pound for her daughter as a gift from the tooth fairy. However, this wasn’t adequate for the kid. So she decided to take more money herself by stealing from her mother’s purse. Unfortunately, she wasn’t too sneaky and got caught by her loving parent.

The Vitamin Fiasco

As kids, parents expect you to maintain your health by providing vitamin tablets. However, no child likes to consume large pills, especially when some taste bad. That is why the only option left is to pretend you have eaten the tablet. Kimberly also did the same by hiding the vitamins in seat cushions.

The trick worked for her for several years until her mother decided to clean the cushions. She was selling them and wanted to ensure top-notch condition. So during the cleaning, the mother found out all the tablets. That is why you should always get rid of such evidence or not lie at all.

Never Leave A Window Open

Disney has produced some of the best-animated movies of our childhood. Lion King is one of the classics that no child would ever forget. Markis may be old now, but he still has the same sentiments for the movie. That is why he reenacts the scenes with his cat every time he watches the Lion King.

Unfortunately, he forgot to close the windows a few times while watching the movie. So now his neighbors also know this secret. We wonder what they think about him. Maybe they have a good laugh when Markis watches the movie, or they get nostalgic too.

Food Wastage

Whether you are a food lover or not, we bet this post will have you laughing and feeling angry simultaneously. After all, food wastage is not to be taken lightly. This is because someone else could have used those provisions to eliminate their hunger. However, we are still confused by Maxellande’s behavior.

She wasn’t hungry but got invited to dinner and ordered a steak. Once the mouthwatering dish came, she took a picture and attempted to throw it using a window nearby. Unfortunately, she failed to realize that the window was closed. What’s so baffling is why she ordered a steak when she wasn’t hungry.

The Hash Brown Case

If you haven’t heard of the McDonald’s employee and hash brown story, you’re living under a rock. That is because it was one of the best highlights a few years ago. Katie worked at the drive-thru of this fast-food chain. So she used to hide hash browns in her pocket.

While sharing the story with Jimmy Fallon, she revealed new details too. Apparently, the boss used to watch her eating the stolen hash browns in her car. We wonder if she ever got scolded for it or, worse, got fired. Whatever the case, this is one of the funniest posts on this list.

Never Answer The Bell While Partying

Teenagers love to attend parties and enjoy a good time with their friends. Of course, another reason to go to the event is that they can indulge in underage drinking. However, we don’t judge any kid on this. After all, we all have done the same things in the past.

Fortunately, most of us don’t get caught, unlike this Twitter user. This person was only fifteen when they snuck out of the house to attend a drinking party. Unfortunately, their mother was smart and reached the venue. Not only that, but when she rang the bell, the user was the one to answer.

Who’s Playing The Piano Then?

Children have to follow the rules set by parents strictly at times. For example, it may be necessary at your house to eat a specific food without any questions. Besides that, you may have to learn things that you hate but your parents don’t. This is especially true when it comes to a musical instrument.

Corrine didn’t want to learn piano and hated practicing it because of her parents. This is why she used to play prerecorded tunes on her instrument to misguide her parents. Then, unfortunately, her mom walked into the room one day while the keys were playing.

Fart Attempt 2.0

Keeping your surroundings in mind and an alibi are necessary when farting in public. Carl Nacar followed these two tips by checking his surroundings in the park when gas was building up in his body. He concluded that no one was near and decided to release the fart before anyone showed up.

Unfortunately, Carl needs to get his eyesight checked. This is because a man was sitting on a nearby bench when he farted. As soon as he did that, the guy ran away from the scene because of the foul smell. That’s when Carl realized that the coast was not clear.

The Charm Of TV Shows

Binge-watching a show is one of the best ways to spend some time after a day of hard work. However, this isn’t easy to do when your parents are expecting you to be asleep. Molly tried to fool her mother using the same excuse when she was up all night watching Friends.

The key thing she failed to realize is that her mother heard her clapping to the show’s theme song whenever a new episode started. That is why you should never lie without developing the perfect plan. Let’s hope she didn’t get into much trouble after getting caught red-handed.

The Naked Shot

Sometimes we are so comfortable in our homes that we tend to remember essential things. This is what happened to @MissSchliez after a soothing shower. She was entirely naked when she stood by her window to watch a cat. However, this is an act that she will never forget throughout her life.

While standing by the window, a Google Maps Camera Car passed by her. Are you wondering what this means? Well, the vehicle captured a shot of the naked @MissSchliez. We all learn some things the hard way. At least, now she will never stand by the window without getting a robe or towel first.

The Prayer Trick

All working men and women know that sleeping during business hours is prohibited. However, sometimes you cannot manage to stay up during work. So you decide to take a quick nap without the boss knowing. This Twitter user had precisely this in mind, but fate had other plans for her.

Her boss caught her while she was dozing off at her desk. Luckily, she didn’t take the risk without a plan. When her boss came near her, she gradually rose her head. Not only that, but she also said “Amen” right after this to fool her boss into thinking she was saying a prayer.

The Sibling Prank

Do you have a younger or older sibling? If so, you must be aware of the pranks they pull on you. Umair is also one of the siblings who enjoyed fooling his younger brother. He shared with Jimmy Fallon that he lied to his sibling whenever they got a brain freeze.

He used to tell his brother that brain freeze happens because of not brushing teeth. The sibling believed for quite some time until he finally discovered the truth. This must-have caused a good rivalry between them. We wonder what other pranks did Umair pull on his younger brother.

Clever Sister

Siblings are one of the best blessings you appreciate in your adult life. However, they can be a nuisance when you are young. Believe it or not, sibling rivalry is real and can be pretty severe at times. Jenn Collins also indulged in blaming her brother for a crime she did.

She sneaked into the kitchen some years ago and dropped a bit of flour on the floor. Then, to escape her parent’s wrath, she misguided them by leaving a foot trail to her infant brother’s crib. The only thing we are curious about is whether she actually succeeded or not.

The Fake Manager Lie

Do you know why magicians don’t use the same tricks frequently? This is because people can understand the secret easily and expose them. Unfortunately, this group of friends didn’t know this fact. Leah confessed to Jimmy Fallon that her friend often lies about being the manager’s friend to get free food at restaurants.

The trick allowed them to fool many waiters and indulge in free snacks. However, their luck ran out when they lied to the manager, assuming that they were a waiter. We bet they were promptly kicked out of the restaurant by security guards and banned from future visits.

Wrong Recipient

First dates can be tricky at times, especially blind dates. They are either a lot of fun or not fun at all. This
Twitter user suffered from the latter issue. Not only that, but he typed an SOS message during the date so that his friends could save him from boredom.

However, luck was not on his side when he sent the message. This is because he chose the date as the recipient instead of his friend. We bet the girl would have been greatly hurt by him. Or maybe she had the same opinion as Luke and was waiting for a miracle to happen.

Exposed In Front Of The Wife

Secrets can never be kept forever and always come out in the open at the worst time. This is exactly what happened to this Twitter user when he visited a sex shop with his wife. Supposedly, the husband was coming to the store for the first time. However, the cashier got him into trouble.

When the couple entered the shop, the salesman greeted him by saying “Nice to see you again” in front of the wife. The poor assistant did not realize the damage his words would do. However, we bet the husband came up with a good explanation on the spot.

Destroy The Evidence

Most kids who skip class keep all the loopholes in mind. They ensure to cover their tracks with a plausible excuse. Some even prepare a backup plan in the case that things go south. However, not all kids think alike. Some are best at skipping classes, while others are not.

Marietta is one of the kids who are worst at not getting caught. She planned to skip a class for a mall opening and return after the event. Unfortunately, she forgot to destroy the evidence before returning to school. That is because she got caught because of the “Grand Opening” balloons.

Always Check The Surroundings

Girls love to talk about their crushes and the physical features they like the most. However, most of the time, they fail to check their surroundings. And this is the exact thing that embarrasses them at times. Kerri Gray also experienced the same thing while complimenting her crush’s butt to a friend.

The guy she praised was standing near her and heard the entire conversation. Instead of keeping quiet about it, he thanked her for the compliment. Imagine how awkward that would have been if you were the girl. We know we would have run away from the scene as fast we could.

Skipping Class

Skipping class is one of the top things that high school and college students love to do. While this is not a proud act, we all have done it at least once in our life. However, this girl had quite bad luck when she drove her friends to lunch during a class.

While waiting at a red light, her mother’s car pulled right next. Unfortunately, the mom saw her daughter and waved to let her friends know that they’ve been caught. Not only that, but she also followed them to the destination. That is why you should avoid skipping class in school.

Keep Phone Silent

A friendly relationship with the in-laws is tricky for many couples. Sometimes the wife may not love the husband’s family. Meanwhile, in other cases, it is the opposite. That is why you can resort to anything to avoid them. Melissa also hid when her in-laws came for a surprise visit.

She and her kids were hiding in the room when the husband called Melissa. Apparently, he was with his parents and wanted to know where she was. Unfortunately, Melissa forgot to silent her phone and was caught by the family. This is why the first thing to do while hiding is silence the phone.

The Exciting Date

First dates are exciting for most people, but Rachel Winter’s aunt wins the award of being the most excited. Before she started going on dates with her now-husband, the aunt conversed with him on calls. So when he finally asked her out on a date, she was pretty happy and screamed out of excitement.

However, she forgot to cut the call before bursting into happiness. Of course, the present husband heard the excitement, which caused the aunt to be embarrassed. This may be awkward for most people, but we think it was the opposite for the guy. We are just glad that Rachel shared this story.

Cover Your Tracks

One of the top ways to skip work is by taking a sick day. Many people use this excuse to get a holiday for
themselves. This Twitter user also did the same to attend a music festival. However, he didn’t cover his tracks well and was caught by the boss.

Apparently, the guy was in the front row at the music festival and forgot that the show was being displayed on the TV. His boss watched the same event at home and caught the lie. Not only that, but he called the worker and advised him to make a better effort next time.

Never Discuss Private Things On The Phone

We all worry about our friends and wish the best for them throughout our lives. Jess Pratt was also doing the same for her friend but couldn’t keep herself from discussing a matter with her husband. Her friend was leaving her husband and told Jess about what she was planning to do.

Jess decided to share this with her husband via message. Unfortunately, she chose the wrong recipient while sending the text. The person she selected was the same friend’s husband, to make matters worse. Imagine getting to know by a stranger that your wife is leaving you. We bet this strained their friendship a bit.

Meeting Strangers

Would you provide a lift to an old couple if you didn’t know them? Well, this guy did when he saw such a couple near his date. The man and the woman were asking Natasha for a ride while she was waiting for her date. Before she could refuse, the guy showed up and said yes.

When dropping them at the house, the couple asked them to come inside. Again, the date said yes to them. However, when the couple went inside, Natasha asked the guy why he wanted to hang out with strangers. This was when he realized that Natasha didn’t know the couple, so they ran away.

The Wrong Date

Scott was excited for his blind when a girl showed up at his table. He took the seat with her, and they enjoyed their meals. Strangely, the girl didn’t talk to Scott throughout the date. Once the food was over, she also walked without saying a word.

When Scott checked his phone after the girl left, he was left shocked. The blind canceled on him and had sent him a message. Whoever the girl was, she was definitely an expert at scoring meals. However, Scott should have known better. After all, it was strange that the girl did not talk to him.