50 Items of Household Use That Can Help One Resolve Everyday Household Problems

Household problems are inevitable if you think about it… Whether it’s leaking pipes, a broken showerhead, or mold on your ceiling, these issues will come up at some point in time. And when you are faced with these problems, you shouldn’t worry too much, because when there is a problem there is always a solution as well. The best part about these problems is that you can resolve them by using items that you already have available to you at your home. With the right kind of household items (and with a little bit of creative approach applied at times) you can take care of just about any problem that comes your way! This list features 50 useful household items that will help you solve everyday household problems.

Use Skewers as Cob Holders for Corn on a Cob

Skewers can be used as cob holders for corn on a cob. This is something that is really easy to do. Simply put the
skewered corn in some boiling water to cook it and then enjoy it with your toppings of choice!

This will not just protect your hands from being burned, but it will also help you enjoy a great corn-on-a-cob
experience. Look at this particular designer’s solution: so nice, simple, funny, and easy to hold in your hands. We
are pretty sure you can find more options on the market.

Always Keep a Small Portable Battery Charger with You

Portable battery chargers are a great way to charge your phone on the go. Pretty much everyone these days has this
little thingy in their bag. It’s so useful when you know you won’t be able to use a proper socket to charge your
phone. But, as even the author of the article didn’t know before doing some research, there are similar chargers for
laptops as well.

Whether you’re at work or out with friends, if your phone dies and there is no power source insight, these items will
ensure that you can always stay connected and continue using your devices as long as they have some juice left!

A Doormat with All the Important Things to Do Listed On It

A doormat with all the important things to do listed on it is something that will serve you well and will let you
have some fun too. Have a list of things like checking the wallet, checking the keys, and turning off the stove, and
other similar things on a doormat.

You can get such a doormat from the market or you can even get them customized. Depending on the information that you
want to provide to those who enter your house it can be: a welcome phrase (‘Nice to see you!’ etc.) or a warning
(‘Armed people inside’, ‘Wipe your feet or leave’ etc.).

Use Cookie Cutter or Cake Molds for Making Sand Structures at the Beach

Cookie cutters and cake molds can be used for making sand structures at the beach. Collect all your cookie cutter
shapes in a bag and head to the beach with some friends. They will provide you with endless hours of entertainment
as you try building different things using these items!

This is a good option for people who want to save their time and buy the product that is required in a shop. But
there are also hardcore DIY fans who are ready to spend some time making something of their own. This is also
doable, of course, so you can use other household items to create some amazing shapes at the beach.

Use Plexiglass to Cover Your Workstation

If you have a pet cat then you know the feeling of how annoying it can feel when you are working and your cat jumps
on your keyboard and other items at your work station. This can not only damage the equipment but can also affect
your work in a negative way. Not to mention the large amount of cat fur that you might have to deal with later on.

That can also damage your device’s functionality and lower their life. So the best way to protect your workstation
from cats is to use Plexiglass to cover your keyboard so whenever the cat jumps on the strong but transparent
plexiglass it may be thinking it is standing on the keyboard whereas it would only be standing on the glass. So this
can be a great way to protect your workstation and keep working without getting disturbed.

Use the Wires from Clothes Peg to Join Two Chopsticks Together

You may think that spoons, forks, and knives might be the most common items that people use while eating however you
might be surprised to know that many people (also in the western world) prefer to use chopsticks for their food. And
let’s be honest about one thing, using a chopstick is no easy task. It can be tricky. So one way to make the whole
experience easy is by connecting two chopsticks together so they can hold the food better. The easiest way to do
that is by using a clothes peg.

If you have ever used a clothes peg then you know there are two parts to it. The first one is made up of plastic and
the other one is the coiled wire made up of steel. You can remove the plastic part and use the weir part to attach
two chopsticks together. You can easily affix the chopsticks in the wire and enjoy a comfortable eating experience
with your favorite utensil.

Use Grab and Go Lights

These lights are very unique and are perfect for people who like to take a midnight snack. So what do you do when you
want to go downstairs to the kitchen and enjoy a yummy snack while everyone is thinking you are still on that new

Normally all the lights are shut off at night which may make it a very scary experience to go downstairs. However, if
you have a ‘grab and go’ light you can simply just pick it up go downstairs without any worry in the world; eat your
snack, and come back.

Beware Of Knocking Sign

If you get a lot of salespeople or religious missionaries asking you to give some of your time so you could listen to
them then this is the perfect sign for your home. In some areas, the visit by such people is very frequent and all
it does is make people feel irritated.

So the best way to get rid of such people is to have this signboard outside your house at the front gate so they know
what they are getting into. You don’t even have to be rude. You can just tell them that you are willing to listen to
them but before that they have to make the payment. What a great way to generate some passive income.

Make Key Holders By Using Plastic Molds With The Shape Of Your hands

This is the perfect way to make your entryway look very unique. It is also a great way to ensure that you don’t lose
your keys in dark areas where they may be difficult to see. Not only is this a very creative idea but it will also
be a fun experience. You can try this with your partner and other people in your house so everyone can get involved
in this.

You can color each of the hands differently for aesthetic purposes. This will also help differentiate different keys.
You can put your key in your own plastic hand mold while your partner can keep their key in the plastic mold made
with their hand. This way you guys will never mistakenly take the other person’s keys.

Make a Facemask with LED Lights

It may get difficult for you to find your face mask at night. SO the best way to go about is to be creative. Use a
flashing LED light that people generally use for biking and attach it to your face mask.

It is a very unique idea that will be of great help to you. With so many places not allowing people to enter without
the mask, it is important to always keep note of where your mask is at any given time, and when your mask has a
bright light attached to it, it is going to be very difficult to lose it.

Perfect Idea for Eye Glasses Wearers

How many times have you had trouble seeing just because your eyeglasses got a bit dirty and you did not have a soft
cloth to clean them? Well not everyone carries around a handkerchief or a soft cotton cloth to clean their glasses.

So the best way to deal with this problem is to sew a price of soft fabric on the inside of your jacket. So whenever
your glasses get dirty you can just clean them with the fabric on the inside of your jacket. Try to sew it in a
place which is not visible and you can do it to all your clothes that you wear while you are outside the out.

Turn Your Old Landline Phones into Mobile Chargers

People born in the early 1990s might be the last generation to ever remember the landline phone. Landlines are still
available all over the world but people don’t use them anymore, replacing them with all of these fancy yet slightly
less charming electronic devices.

So if you are someone who misses the old landline phones and it makes you feel nostalgic then what you can do is take
on a DIY project of turning your old landline phone into a mobile phone charger. This way you will be able to have
the old landline always near you and it will also serve a very functional purpose.

Pullout Fridges Are Great For Smaller Apartments

Not everyone’s kitchen is as big as they want. The best way to maximize the space in your kitchen is with a pullout
fridge. These kinds of fridges are great because they take up very little space and you can always keep them hidden
when not needed.

These fridges can make your living experience much more comfortable. These fridges are also very elegant and
definitely give a great look to your house. And it is definitely very convenient: instead of having a proper
furniture item in the room, you will just have a small set of drawers. Isn’t it better?

Make Creative Teabags for a Fun Tea Experience after a Long Day

There are many different ways that people enjoy tea. Some like it the more traditional way while others prefer the
use teabags that you can buy in your local supermarket. Teabags are usually found in a square shape. However, they
don’t have to be like that.

You can make your tea drinking experience more fun and creative by changing the shape of your tea bags to something
more creative, like a fish, for instance. You can see the example in the picture above. Making something like this
requires a certain amount of time and patience, but it’s worth it, don’t you think?

Turn Your Wall Sockets In to Built-In Extension Cords

If you are someone who doesn’t have that much space in your house then this is a great idea for you. You can turn one
of the wall sockets into an extension cord so you don’t have to worry about finding places to plug in your
electronics outside.

This way there will be more available spaces for other things and no need to bend or crouch down because it will all
be self-contained at high spots like the walls. The important thing to note here is that you shouldn’t do it
yourself. Always hire a professional electrician to do the job.

The Mop Sock

Cut an old towel or bathmat with that special soft fabric and attach it to your socks or even your shoes. Once you do
that you don’t have to worry about cleaning the house as whenever you walk around the house in these socks, it will
naturally clean the floor itself. This is one invention that we didn’t know we needed.

It is an absolutely great DIY invention that can be very lucrative if any clothing or shoe company thinks about
introducing such products in the market. It can be marketed as sustainable footwear as the company can recycle old
towels and bathmats for this purpose.

Draw Measurements on the Kitchen Cutting Board to Always Get the Right Amount of Ingredients in the Dish

This is a very innovative way to do things. You can get any kitchen cutting board and attach pencils or pens on the
side of it so that whenever you need s specific amount of ingredients for your dish, all you have to do is draw the
required measurements from the ingredients with the pen.

Draw a line at each ingredient level and then add them up in your head before adding everything together into one
bowl. It will help you make sure that there are no excess measures taken which might alter taste if not needed.

Black Bristol board Curtains

This may be one of the most beautiful interior design things that you would ever see. These curtains are cut in a way
that the light from the outside makes it look like the lights on a city skyline as seen from far away.

This can be a very romantic and elegant way to do things. You don’t have to get it for the whole house but you should
definitely try this out in one room or maybe even on your windows of two rooms that are next to each other.

Hand Carve Your Charcoals into Different Shapes

It does not have to be Halloween. Maybe your partner is a goth and you want to make their barbecue experience even
more enjoyable. We think it would be a great idea to spice up your Barbeque with this unique approach.

Carve your charcoals into different shapes like the ones shown in the picture above. These charcoals are shaped like
skulls however you can carve them any way you like. You can also find a commercial service provider that can help
you with your charcoal carving requests.

Create a Unique Book Shelf and Reading Room in Your House

This really is a great idea for book lovers. You can buy the cheapest bookshelves that you can find and then put
popular prints or pictures on them to make it look like an art gallery of sorts. One of the examples is demonstrated
here in this picture.

Each print will be connected by some common theme. This way they can all come together in one space without looking
out of place. It gives your house a more artistic feel and makes reading fun at the same time!

Turn Your Old Grand Piano Into A Bookshelf

If you are one of those people who happen to have an old grand piano in the house somewhere, then this is a great
idea for you. You can put popular prints on them and use them as bookshelves so that your books do not just lie
around but actually look beautiful at the same time.

Depending on your preferences and skills, you can either turn a piano into a bookcase by yourself or just make an
order and put your old musical instrument into the loving hands of people who are ready to do it for you

No matter how you decide to do this, it gives each room a more artistic feel which will make reading fun!

Sew Pockets On The Side Of Your Bedsheets

This is a very useful idea which can save you from all the hassle of looking for your phone or keys when in bed. You
simply need to sew pockets on each side of the bedsheet and then put everything inside them before going off to
sleep at night.

This will ensure that there are no unnecessary sounds coming out while sleeping and it also prevents any disturbance
because we tend to turn around in our sleep quite often! It will be particularly useful for people who have problems
falling (and staying) asleep.

Unique Doodads to Boil Your Eggs With

This is a great idea for people who are constantly in search of new ways to do things. Most people boil their eggs
with the help of metal spoons or even pots but this can be very messy and not so practical because you have to use
both hands while cooking.

These unique egg boiling gadgets will allow you to cook your eggs without using any other utensil except one hand!
Talk about simplification, these items might just become household names soon enough if they are well marketed! We
would love to have them in our kitchen.

Unique and Creative Sink Plugs

This is a very interesting idea for people who want to make their accessories stand out. You can get creative with
your sink plugs and use them in an artistic way so that the whole house looks like it has its own story unfolding
before our eyes!

These are not too expensive which means you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank when trying something
different! Make sure there is nothing around or under your plug however because these ones tend to be quite heavy
once filled up with water!

Hand Painted Disposable Cups

This is a great idea for people who love to drink tea or coffee, especially in the mornings. These cups are
hand-painted and definitely look exquisite! They can be used only once after which they will be thrown away but it
sure makes up for an interesting conversation starter at your next party with friends.

You need not buy new ones all the time, you can simply use them one by one throughout the week until there is no more
leftover paint on them! This way you’ll also save money while giving each cup its own unique feel because of
different designs painted onto them every day!

Use a Digital Pill Lid With A Timer to Never Forget Taking Your Medicine on Time Again

This is a great idea for people who are forgetful by nature (and/or people with chronic illnesses). This lid has a
digital timer that can be set to go off at the time you want it to remind yourself that it’s medicine time!

You’ll never take your medicines late again. This is also extremely useful, because, using it, you also save some
money in terms of buying new pillboxes all the time because these ones work like magic once they’re put on top of
each bottle!

Festive Socks for Gym Goers

This is a great idea for people who go to the gym on regular basis. If you are someone who sweats too much while
working out, your socks can get really smelly after some time which means you’ll have to keep buying new ones all
the time!

These festive socks will always make you remember to work on those chicken legs to turn them into hard-built muscular

Also, if you are training to be an MMA fighter, these socks are also really useful: you will be constantly reminded
to train harder so that no one can say ‘You tap like chicken’.

Gift Money in a Creative Way Like Using a Handmade Card Like in The picture above

This is a great idea for people who love to give money as presents. Some people use envelopes, but instead of that or
just handing over the cash, you can make this process much more interesting and fun by giving someone some handmade

They can use them later like on their birthday or wedding card! This way it’ll be something that lasts forever and
also reminds them about your thoughtfulness every time they look at those handcrafted cards! Or they can keep them
somewhere in a drawer and they will remind them what a great friend you are.

Julius Caesar Stabbed In the Back

This pencil holder will make you the Brutus of the modern era. This bust of Julius Caesar is actually a pencil holder
with holes in the back to place your pencils in. The holes in the back are a representation of Julius being
backstabbed by Brutus and being physically stabbed by his colleagues at the Curia of Pompey.

Most people will probably find this pencil holder in bad taste.  However, if you are a historian you would love
to have it on your desk. So having something like this on your table, you now have an opportunity to show off your
amazing knowledge of ancient history and hence to impress some people. Don’t overdo it, though…

Carve Shapes or Sceneries On Your DIY Plates

Going to Ikea or to your local market to buy some simple pottery is a great idea. Why not, after all. But what you
see here is a great idea for people who love to actually make pottery.

Most of the time we end up buying dishes and bowls that are already shaped like what they need to be, …

… but if you want something unique, you can try out some clay during your pottery class and make shapes or sceneries
on them with sharp objects so when you pour stew or any other food on the plates it makes a unique shape. This will
definitely make your guests go wow!

Soggy Lettuce Umbrella

Soggy lettuce-shaped umbrellas are unique and effective. You can find them from the market at a very reasonable rate.
However, this may also give some DIY project experts ideas about making umbrellas covers out of soggy lettuce. This
is a great idea for people who have soggy lettuce in their fridge.

Many times we end up packing our stuff or throwing away food because it has gone bad! But this umbrella will help you
avoid getting your or your clothes wet so your fresh vegetables don’t go to waste! This is a unique concept that
will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Lighter Shaped Like A Fire Extinguisher

This is a great idea for people who still smoke cigarettes, even though it isn’t fashionable anymore. This lighter
will make you still look cool when you light your fag (that’s British slang for ‘cigarette’, just in case you didn’t
know) in front of your friends.

Ironically using a fire extinguisher shaped lighter also gives a subliminal message that cigarettes can cause fire
and can be dangerous so there should always be proper precautionary measures taken by everyone and that you should
always be careful when you are smoking.

Some Very Creative Key Shapes like the One Shaped like a Sword in the picture below

This is a great idea for people who love to decorate their room. Many of us end up buying our keys and other items in
the same shape! But these key-shaped objects like the sword one will make your door look much more beautiful while
the key is inside the door.

Think about Excalibur so every time you take the key out of the keyhole you would feel like King Arthur. Someone
really likes Batman, someone is a fan of Aquaman or Catwoman, but your favorite superhero will be this medieval
knight no one really remembers anymore. That is definitely as cool as it gets!

A Ring Shaped Like Arms Hugging Your Finger

What better way to showcase your love for your other half by giving them a permanent hug. This ring is shaped like
arms hugging your finger and you can keep it on all the time. This will make a perfect wedding or anniversary gift!

This little jewelry item is comparatively cheap and easy to find on the internet, so we do not think it will be
difficult for you to please your partner using it. So you can always feel like your partner is hugging you 24/7 even
when they are out at work or on a trip far away.

Make a Large Body Pillow with Extra Clothes in Your House

If you have never used a body pillow then you are in for a surprise when you finally get one for yourself. It can
make you feel so relaxed and comfortable. It is also very comfortable for pregnant women. And they don’t cost a lot.

If you don’t feel like spending a few bucks on buying a body pillow you can make it at home with extra clothes and
pieces of fabric lying around. You can sew a body pillow yourself and enjoy a comfortable experience.

DIY Typography Clock

Unfortunately for millennials and all other ancient people who came before them, gone are the days of digital and
analog clocks. They have been replaced with one single device that is a phone, a clock, a computer, a map, a
hairdryer, and a treadmill all in one.

For those who miss the good old times we have this amazing creation. It may not be as famous or well accepted as the
digital and analog clock but it sure looks fancier than any of the two clocks. You can create this DIY typography
clock as shown in the picture at home. All you need is cardboard and a friend who is good with electrics.

Turn Your Unused Faucets into a Fancy DIY Light Faucet

This is a great idea for people who are into home decoration. So if you have any faucet lying around in the attic
that is not connected to any of the pipes in your house then you can use that faucet to create a fancy DIY light out
of it.

It will not just put the faucet to use but it will also be a great addition to the decorative lights in your room. We
agree that it looks a bit odd, but if you are a bored creative person, sometimes the stranger the better.

Alter Your Measuring Cups to Make Smaller Sized Cups

This is a great idea for people who need to make several servings of the same dish. Instead of buying separate sets
and different size measuring cups you can just alter your old ones so that they will measure less than what you
usually do.

This way you can save time, effort, and energy. For example, take two cups or utensils with a standardized
measurement let’s say 1 liter. Now keep one cup and revamp the other one so it divides into half a liter, a quarter
or liter, and so on.

Get Small Solar Panels for Charging Mobile phones and other Devices

This is a great idea for people who need their mobile phones charged all the time. The best part about having small
solar panels for charging your devices like mobile phones and other gadgets is that you don’t have to depend on
electricity or any external power source at home or office.

You can just put these things under the sunlight if there are no batteries in them. Imagine a situation where you go
somewhere there is no electricity at all, like the mountains or something similar to this. You will only need this
tiny little device to be totally energy independent.

Creatively Designed Ear Phones

The days of the regular earphone are gone and people want a better audiovisual experience for themselves. So if you
have an old set of earphones lying around in your house or office then you can make them more stylish by decorating
them yourself with different colors, designs etc.

Not only with the earbuds look cool will they also make you look cool as well. You can also design them in such a
spooky way as shown in the picture above. You can buy (or make) several, which will allow you to change them
depending on your mood at this particular moment.

Creative USB Ports Shaped Like Toasters, Cars and Other Unique Items

The old fashioned and boring looking USB ports are a thing of the past now. People want their homes and offices to
look more classy and elegant than ever before. So, this is one of those tiny little elements of design that you can

So if you have one or two USB Ports in your house then you can make them into unique items like cars, evens etc. by
covering up only that portion which is exposed under sunlight with nice paper prints so it looks beautiful from
outside too.

Alter your pillows to make them more comfortable

If you have a few pillows lying around at your home or office which look old and boring then what you can do is alter
them to make them more comfortable. You can sew them yourself or ask someone who is good with sewing to do it for

If you have a friend who is good with stitching then ask them to make the pillow covers out of vinyl for you because
with a cover like this your pillow will look even more elegant and classy. Or you can make an order and they have
them done professionally.

Creative Pot Stoppers for Old Pots That Did Not Come with a Hole in Them like Modern Pots

This is a great idea for people who have some old pots lying at their homes or offices. If you don’t want to buy new
ones then what you can do is make or buy creative pot stoppers that you can easily find in the market or make at
your house. All you need to do is stick the pot stopper between the pot and the lid and voila!

These pot stoppers stop the lid from falling down thus stopping the steam from getting blocked in the pot. The gap
between the pot and the lid gives enough room for the steam to release from the pot. This is ideal for a perfect
cooking experience and you don’t need to worry about not having a hole in your pot like the new modern pots.

Specialized Chess Boards

The sales of Chess boards may have increased after the popularity of the show The Queen’s Gambit rose. However, chess
has been a popular game for centuries. People have loved it from the very beginning of the game’s inception. 
Having specialized chess boards makes for a great gaming experience. This is a great idea for people who love
playing chess.

If you are someone who loves to play this game then what you can do with your old board or table makes it into a
specialized chessboard where the space between each square will be smaller than usual so that there won’t be any
chance of moving the pieces incorrectly. You can buy a chessboard with specialized pieces like buildings and cartoon

SMART TV for A Wireless Audio Experience

Smart TVs are very common these days because of their amazing range of features and their quality and durability.
Many smart TVs these days come with Bluetooth technology that can help you watch television without you having to
disturb other people in the house.

Some smart TV remotes come with an option to connect hands-free or headphones that can also be a great way to enjoy
your favorite shows and movies without having to disturb other people in the house. Your life will get so much
easier with something like this.

Unique Shaped Ice Cube Molds

This is a great idea for summer and people who like to drink cold beverages. These days you can buy ice cube molds in
the shapes of animals, cartoon characters, or different objects that will make your drinks look more unique than
ever before.

You can even get some ice cube molds shaped like maps like the one shown in the picture above. It can be a great way
to have a cold beverage. Imagine holding a glass of cold beverage with ice cubes that aren’t actually cubes but
shaped like the map of Texas.

Creative Crafts for Encouragement

As the great song by Silly Wizard goes,

If you’re bent wi’ arthritis,
Your bowels have got Colitis,
You’ve gallopin’ bollockitis
you’re thinkin’ it’s time you died,
If you been a man o’ action,
Though you’re lying there in
You will get some satisfaction
Thinkin’, “Jesus, at least…

Plus, having a badge like this is a great idea to help you motivate yourself or your kids. If you have some old
things lying around the house or office which look boring and have no use then don t just throw them out because
they can be reused in creative ways. For example, making small golden stars to show someone encouragement.

Toilet Roll Stand Shaped Like a Sheep

This is a great idea for people who love farm animals. If you have unorganized toilet rolls in the bathroom then get
this creative toilet roll stand that even makes toilet rolls look good. The fact that it’s a toilet doesn’t mean
good design solutions aren’t required there.

You can place the toilet rolls on this stand and it would make them look like they are wool on the sheep. Not to
mention it would be great for the kids who don’t like to go to the bathroom to do their business. This will
definitely make them go to the bathroom.

Corn Bread made In Corn Shaped Mold

This is a great idea for people who love baking and making cornbread. If you want to bake something different than
your usual cakes then why not try to bake cornbread in an actually corn-shaped mold. This would be the perfect way
to bake cornbread. The corn-shaped cornbread will definitely make some heads turn.

Your guests will definitely love it so much and so will your kids. SO if your kids are making trouble in eating their
food then maybe you can make something as unique as this cornbread to make them eat food baked at home instead of
junk food from fast food joints.

Creative Light Fixtures to Set the Mood of the Room

This is a great idea for people who want to create a different type of ambiance in their room. Whether you want to
create a cozy and romantic feel in your rooms or you want to create a spooky one, all can be done with the range of
light fixtures available in the market. These days you can buy all kinds of different light fixtures that will set
the mood of your room.

You can even get some creative ones like those shown above which are shaped like flowers or hearts depending on what
kind of lighting you need at home. This way it would be perfect if you are hosting an evening party with family
members or friends where everyone could enjoy good food, drinks, and some spooky lightings.