50 Family Photos That Are Really Strange

Family photos require a lot of effort as you have to schedule everything and decide what to wear. However, it can be an excellent memory if the concept is good and the pictures turn out to be great. This is why you may try to do unique themes for your family photo.

Of course, not all unique themes are exciting or can be shown to other loved ones. These fifty family photos will also help you understand that a fancy concept for the picture does not always work. So here are the top 50 family photos that will make you cringe in embarrassment.

The Ideal Normal Family Photo

This family photo is a prime example that some families have different ideas about the ideal picture. These men are wearing a prop that is difficult to recognize. It is giving them an elongated bald appearance to stand out. You may even consider the photo to give off alien vibes.

The best part is that all but one member seems to be enjoying taking the photo. Two brothers are smiling in the picture with the father. However, the person on the extreme left understands that this photo will be an embarrassment in the future. This is why you can easily see his dismay.

The Most Serious Family Photo

Family photos mainly involve people smiling throughout the picture and enjoying the moment. However, this portrait is having the opposite effect. Everyone in this picture has a serious look and will make you feel like the individuals didn’t want to be there. The MI-16 rifle also adds to the seriousness of the photo.

The picture may also remind you of band photos as everyone is wearing a tie-dye shirt. All the clothing and the hair color of all members resemble. Interestingly, this family photo does not seem to be taken by a professional. You can guess this by the black backdrop.

A 70s Family Photo

The 70s were famous for many things but this picture style is one of the worst achievements of that time. If you show this photo to someone from this era, they will say that it is highly photoshopped. Of course, they wouldn’t know that this was the typical style during the 70s.

What’s so weird about this picture is that everyone except the dad has a smile. This disparity is hard to miss and makes you wonder what the photographer said to the father to get this expression. One of the kids also has a nervous smile that seems a bit forceful.

A Photo of a Family Photo

There are many unique family photo concepts but this is one of the most interesting thoughts. The dad got a tattoo of his daughters and wife on his back with their names. So they decided to turn this into a big moment by getting a family photo of the ink.

It may not seem like a lot of thought has been put into the picture but that is not true. You can understand from the disparity between the dad’s arms and back that he specifically tanned his back to emphasize the ink. Everyone also seems to be happy about the picture.

Creepiest Santa Ever

You may think that this is a Christmas photo seeing the Santa costume. However, you may think otherwise if you notice the scary mask. Of course, there may be a specific reason behind the costume. For instance, this may be a Halloween photo instead of a Christmas picture. This justifies the mask easily.

Of course, it may also be a Christmas picture, but the father may have gotten the wrong costume. This can happen if you shop late for Christmas and the supplies have sold out. The children also do not seem to be shocked by the scary Santa costume.

A Weird Family Photo

This picture may not be the weirdest family photo on this list, but it certainly piques one’s curiosity. Everyone except the little girl is wearing similar clothing, making her stand out. It seems like all the members are trying to win a competition of being the odd one out.

The mother is holding a chicken which may be because she considers the animal to be a part of the family. One of the kids is dressed up as a cowboy while the other one is holding a musical instrument. The only normal person in this picture seems to be the father.

I Don’t Want To Be There

Every family has one kid who does not like to take pictures or attend events. You can identify that child in this family photo too. One of the sons doesn’t want to be there and is trying to ruin the picture by falling back. He is the one with the mother.

Meanwhile, the baby in the father’s hand seems curious about his brother. He is intently looking at the crying kid, probably wondering why he’s making a fuss. The girl is the only child cooperating with the parents for the picture. However, her posture also implies that she does not know how to pose.

A Gothic Family Photo

The backdrop and color theme of this family photo is just one of the matching things in this portrait. Another similar thing in the picture is the painful expression of the daughters. They are not trying to hide that they are being forced to take the family picture.

All of them are not only dressed in black, but they have gothic makeup. So it is most likely that the girls have the same music taste and listen to similar bands. Of course, Santa does not seem to care about the painful expressions as long as the picture is being taken.

The Photoshopped Family Photo

Many photographers and families like to recommend a wild theme for a family photo. However, this can produce bizarre results sometimes. This picture is a prime example that a good photographer is essential to nail a wild theme.

This picture may seem hilarious, but it has many mistakes making it one of the worst family photos. The lighting is not consistent, so the skin tones of the member are different. There is also a lion between the legs of the father. This is a serious mistake as the animal is supposed to be in front of the dad, considering he’s holding an ax for protection.

The One with the Pets

Getting family members to pose for a picture is already difficult and bringing pets only complicates things further. The dogs in this picture seem to be enemies and are barking at each other. A serious fight would have started if the owners were not holding the pets in their arms.

However, we have to admit this family photo is less bizarre than most other entries on this list. The siblings are enjoying themselves as you can notice they have big laughs on their faces. The middle sibling is also a bit terrified because of the two dogs on his side.

The One with the Matching Background

Taking a picture requires the skills of a good photographer. This will allow you to get suitable guidance about the background and clothing. Unfortunately, this family didn’t have a good photographer, so the picture is far from excellent. The primary mistake in the photo is that the background and clothes are matching.

Good photographers always recommend avoiding a clear that matches your surroundings when taking pictures. This is because it camouflages the backdrop and makes it difficult to distinguish. Clearly, the family didn’t know this as their sofa is the same color as their clothes. You may also not have realized this.

What Exactly Is Happening Here?

Explaining family photo themes is a bit difficult, but we never face away from a challenge. Of course, this picture is an exception. It is hard to tell what exactly is happening in the photo and why. The family members are wearing plates on their ears for some reason.

Their eyes are covered with plastic cups, and they’re using something to display two fake teeth like rabbits. Of course, they do seem happy taking the photo. However, we bet the photographer was also confused about this photo’s theme. If the family is copying a movie character, we still have to figure it out.

The One with a Bizarre Theme

This is another themed family photo that is not appealing to the eyes. It has a weird combination of a couple holding a gun and a parrot. The weapon also has a bayonet attached, reminding us about the old era. The man resembles Pablo Escobar a bit, so that may be the theme of this picture.

Unlike the older entries, this time, the pet is cooperating with the couple for the picture. However, the parrot also has a perplexed look and displays our emotions perfectly. We bet even the photographer was confused about the weird theme when taking the family picture.

The Family Photo with a Centaur

An interesting family photo always piques our curiosity, just like this one. The dad is wearing a centaur costume which is a costume that requires at least two people to walk. Besides that, a girl in a wheelchair is also photo-bombing the themed family photo. The parents seem happy about the theme, but the child does not.

Another unique feature of the picture is the incredibly high height of the father. It is most likely that he is using a raised platform to look tall. However, kudos to the photographer because they have managed to keep the prop hidden from the naked eye.

A Unique Christmas Family Photo

Christmas is a happy holiday for many families because of the festivities and tradition of gifts. This is why most people take a family photo on this day. Of course, this family took the game to the next level by trying a unique concept. Interestingly, it’s tough to crack this theme.

All the females in this picture have green tape on their mouths while their hands are tied using Christmas lights. Meanwhile, the man is holding a “Peace on earth” sign. So he may be being sarcastic about keeping his wife restrained for peace. The kid with the thumbs is also adding to the hilarious aspect of the photo.

The Native American Family Photo

Dressing up is one of the top features of a family photo. However, the concept of this one is more controversial than other entries. The family has dressed up as Native Americans of the old era. This can be problematic if the family is not of Native American descent because it can hurt the community.

Besides that, the dad also looks like a character from the famous show “Parks and Recreation.” The hilarious part is that this family photo theme is something that the character would have done in the show. If you have seen the series, you would also agree with our opinion.

A Family Of Monkeys

A family photo does not require you to have children, and this picture is a prime example of that. The couple in this photo does not seem to have kids. This is why they decided to take a family portrait with their six adopted monkeys. It is clear that the couple loves the animals a lot.

They have dressed the monkeys in overalls and old-era dresses for the family photo. This most likely took a lot of time because monkeys are not known for sitting in one place. The one in the center also doesn’t have clothes and stands out.

Let’s Do Some Taekwondo

Many families have hobbies and shared interests with their kids. For instance, you may go cycling with your partner and child every week. Similarly, your entire family may be taking Taekwondo classes together. That is what the family in this picture is most likely doing because they’re all dressed in their uniforms.

The most hilarious feature of this photo is the glasses that the dad has put on. He is trying hard to stand out by using spectacles and wearing a yellow belt. If you notice carefully, you’ll realize that the other members are wearing different colored belts. The dad also has a unique pose.

A Family of Redheads

Have you ever seen a family of redheads? If not, this picture will change things. Everyone in this picture is a redhead and seems to be enjoying the moment. Of course, the dad does not want to be there as per his expressions. This may be because of the weird costume everyone is wearing.

However, the photographer knew his work well as they took an excellent shot. The red hue on the portrait matches the family members. The best part is that it is complementing the fall background and making the picture more aesthetic. This is why you must always hire a skilled person for your family photo.

A Family of Gene Simmons’ Fans

Gene Simmons is a famous Israeli-American musician known for his unique song concepts. If you know the singer, you’d realize that this family is a fan of the musician. Everyone has painted their faces to resemble the singer and pay him a tribute. The best part is that all of them are enjoying it.

Another great thing about the picture is that it includes a happy pet. The dog is cooperating with the family and posing for the photo. However, it would have been better if the couple painted the dog’s face too. The picture would have been perfect as there would have been no odd one out.

The Rainbow Concept

Some things may sound better in your head, but when you say them out loud, you suffer from regret. We bet this family also went through something similar. Dressing colorful and forming a rainbow may seem a cool idea for a family portrait. However, it isn’t and should be avoided.

The family did nail the coordination to some extent by getting the costume colors right. However, their shoes are affecting the aesthetics as they don’t match the shades. The couple should have also painted their hands to ensure only rainbow colors are present in the picture. They should have also painted the faces of their kids better.

A Family Photo with Darth Vader

Most family photos tend to be boring because many people don’t use a theme or unique concept. However, this family does not fall into the normal trend. This is because of Darth Vader in the background. One of the kids probably didn’t want to appear in the photo and dressed up as a famous character.

Of course, it is impossible to determine whether the kid under the mask is a son or daughter. It is also thought-provoking as to how the kid got their parent’s permission. After all, everyone else is dressed in usual clothing instead of different movie characters.

A 90s Family Photo

This family photo is a bit cute because of the good original concept. It seems that the family is doing a throwback of the 90s by dressing up in clothing from that era. Everyone is also holding large telephones that were famous in the 90s. Of course, this may not be a tribute if the photo was of that era.

The best part about the picture is that the expressions are spot on. You may actually think that the little boy is talking to someone on the other end. Meanwhile, the girl has one of the best smiles making the pictures happier.

Where’s The Kitten?

Kittens love to roam aimlessly and are difficult to find because of their small size. However, this family is using the animals in the best way to pique interest. The first three kids in the front have put one kitten in their pockets. If anyone were to ask them about the pets, the answer would have been hilarious.

Just like all other pictures, there are members in this photo that are also not interested. The woman in the back seems distracted and staring in a different direction. The girl with the kitten also lacks interest while the boy on the extreme right is enjoying the most.

The Space Launch

Outfits in family photos can be distracting, hilarious, or weird. The one in this picture is a combination of all three factors. It seems like the family is at a science center and will be launched into the space soon. That explains their costumes in the best way.

Like the previous entries, this photo also has someone who does not want to be there. The kid on the extreme right seems like someone has woken them up from a deep sleep. Meanwhile, the other members are enjoying the concept. You can see this from their happy facial expressions, especially the father.

Let’s Have Some Beer

In today’s time, many things are frowned upon by people. For instance, people will judge you if you smoke around kids. They will also consider you a bad parent if you give alcoholic drinks to your children. Interestingly, this picture features both these things. The many is having a cigarette around his daughter.

He is also giving his young daughter a sip from his beer can. Of course, the can is tall enough so the kid wouldn’t have had the drink unless the father raised the can for her. Unfortunately, we will never know whether the dad actually fed beer to his young kid.

Another 70s Family Photo

Kids can get in the heads of their parents at times if they understand their habits well. However, a literal representation of that may make you cringe. This picture may be displaying exactly that. The kid is in the mother’s head and seems to be enjoying the moment.

You may consider the picture to be photoshopped, but it isn’t. This is because it was taken in the 70s. This style of family portraits was unique and prevalent in that era. If you don’t believe us, you should ask your parents about it. They may even show you some of their pictures if they were old enough in that century.

The Parents That Quit

Most parents are strict about getting an aesthetic family photo and will scold their kids if they mess up things. However, this couple deviates from the normal trend. Instead, they quit when their kids wouldn’t stop fighting each other. You can see that the brothers in the background were annoying each other when the shot was captured.

The parents also don’t seem worried about it or care that the kids are ruining the portrait. Instead, they are smiling throughout the picture and enjoying the moment. We bet they made good parents, as forcing kids for a picture is never a good outcome.

The One with a Clown

You may have seen weird and happy family photos on the internet. However, scary portraits may be lacking. Luckily, this picture will fulfill your needs if you’re looking for a creepy family photo. The parent is dressed up as a clown and sneaking up on his child. Even the smile on the father’s face is creepy.

However, the child does not seem to be annoyed or scared by the clown. Of course, the picture may have been captured before the kid noticed the parent. So there may be another part to this portrait with the kid’s reaction to the clown.

This Is Horrifying

The best thing about family photos is that nothing seems weird to the parents. Some parents will bring their pets into the picture, while others will use props. There are also fathers like the man in this picture who bring a puppet to the party.

Interestingly, the father in this picture also seems to be the most confused one. This is piquing our curiosity because the dad is controlling the puppet. Meanwhile, the mother and kid seem relaxed in the picture. So they are probably used to the puppet joining their special family moments. We bet the photographer was a bit fazed too.

A Weird Camping Photo

Camping is one of the favorite activities of parents because it allows them to bond with their kids. However, it is often that people use this activity as a family photo concept. The worst part is that the fake interest of the kids and the expressions of the mother are ruining the aesthetics.

The kids don’t know what to do and are posing randomly using different props. Meanwhile, it seems like the mother is reading a book for the first time. Of course, it may also be that she is reading a climax scene making her gasp.

The Middle Child

Middle children are often forgotten by parents for most things, and they also have to do different chores at home. You may also think the same seeing one of the kids being left out of the picture. Everyone else is posing for the photo while one of the kids is on the extreme right.

However, looks can be deceiving because the child was not left out of the picture. The father confirmed on his social media that his son snuck off in the middle of the shoot to stand out of the frame. This is another example that most kids don’t love to pose for family photos.

Let’s Have Some Milk before the Picture

You may have seen many bizarre photos, but this one will make you laugh a lot. All members seem to have milk froth above their upper lips, giving a childish look. It makes you wonder that someone probably asked everyone to drink milk before the photo. The family most likely loved the concept because everyone is enjoying it.

Of course, we wonder what made them opt for this concept because it does not seem cool at all. The picture would have been a thousand times better if the family had used a different idea or avoided the milk froth appearance.

The One with the Crying Baby

All couples with babies go through a rough patch of sleep deprivation because of the constant crying. This picture also gives off similar vibes. The father seems to be dozing off in the middle of the portrait while the mother is distracted. She also looks more tired than the dad.

Meanwhile, the baby is crying and does not want to be there. The couple probably didn’t expect their Halloween to be busy managing the baby instead of dressing up. However, this picture is probably a memory that they cherish now. After all, it is highlighting the kid’s first pumpkin patch.

No Need to Guess the Decade

Looking at their appearance you don’t even have to do any effort to guess the era it belongs to. For youngsters it may take a time to identify but it is an easy one. This era this belongs to is all known as the golden era.

Their hairstyle, clothes, all belongs to the 80s fashion. This one of the best family photo in this list as everyone is smiling and looks happy. One day we are also going to look back at our family photos and cherish the memories we all created.

Food over Everything

We all can understand how food can be our first love. Here it is clear definition of it. No matter what happens you shouldn’t compromise your love for food. No doubt this is a memory they are going to look back their whole life.

The whole family gathered for a picture but the big guy just didn’t let go off his turkey leg. That is real commitment towards the love for food. Nothing can separate them. It is also not his fault as he was about to take a bite but was soon stopped for the family picture.

When Costumes Photography Was A Thing

There was a time when costumes were a thing for family pictures. Not all that cartoon cakes were also very popular and were a part of every child’s birthday party. Some of us also have similar pictures in our family album.

This picture is so adorable and look at the smile of that cute kid seated on the back of his dad. This picture one of the cutest we have seen so far. The kid dressed up as Eeyore looks a bit too old to be dressing up as a character from Winnie the Pooh.

An Unusual Family Member

This may look a bit unusual pet photo as this family brought their pet possum in their family photo. No doubt a pet is a part of the family but having a possum as pet is a bit unusual. It looks like they just checked the traps on their fields on the way to take their picture.

We are amazed how calm this possum is compared to most of the dogs in this list. It is really a pet? How did they get a possum to act such calmly? It is mystery still in line to be solved.

May You Have Many More

This birthday picture is an interesting one. By the appearance it is confirmed that it is a birthday event. However, why is everyone so sad? I mean look at the girl holding the balloon, she is giving very sad vibes.

Even the birthday boy is not smiling. It looks like the family is going through something but celebrating the birthday as a formality. However, the mystery remains and left us with many questions. Hope someone on this picture reads this and let us know what actually happened.

Are You Guys Really Happy?

If you just have a glimpse of this photo it will look like a happy family to you. However, once you get a detailed look things may change for you. Why is looking like they are faking their smiles.

 It is obvious that they are faking it. Even the pets are not aware of what is going on and how to act. That is why the boy is holding the duck by its neck. The family is holding their breath and just waiting for the click sound of the camera to get back in the reality.

The Two Moods

Let’s talk about this one right here. This photo of the little girl is the clear representation of the two moods we carry. The first one is that we put on while pretending to be happy and smiling and the other is the reality that we have to face.

However, it is cute how this girl is reacting but to what? Did the photographer pull off any stunt to capture her like that? Or did she realize something but too late to solve. Well, it is adorable how this picture looks in recent times.

An Unforgettable Ski Trip

We understand that skiing can sometimes be challenging and one has to face many wipeouts before getting in a form. However, the child on the far right looks like he had many wipeouts. He may have taken a wrong drink out of the vending machine before going for skiing.

However, it is clear that the father doesn’t care how it went. His smile tells the quality time he spent with his boys and that is enough to bring to cheer his mood. We hope that the boy on the far right gets on his feet.

Don’t Try To Do This At Home!

In this list we have seen many family photos, some are good and some are funny. However, this is one of the most awkward one. We know that getting a tux can be expensive but it would’ve been better if they left the bow.

This pose would suit if it was a couple’s photo. But it gets worse when two of your brother stands like that next you shirtless, flanking at you. Just look at their facial expressions and it gets weirder. Here the parents should be held accountable.

The Kids Want To Disown Their Parents

Here we can clearly interpret what the kids want from this family. It looks like they have had enough of the craziness of their parents and just waiting to move out. It is good to see how the parents are enjoying themselves and don’t care how their children are reacting to this.

It is not their fault, the children are from a different generation and it may take time for them to understand all this. What if this picture is in their home hanging somewhere the children may be busy flipping it on its face every time.

No Doubt That They’ve Got Each Other’s Back

A family that leans together stays together. It is important to have the family as support system but emotional support not physical. It looks like no one briefed this family about that. But it looks like they are happy so nothing else matters then.

But what we really want to know is from where they got an inspiration for such pose. And how did they even agree for it? Not only does it look uncomfortable but equally awkward as well. We hope this is the only such family photo we get to see.

What Else Could Go Wrong Here?

We know you weren’t ready for this. It also took us time to accept what we were seeing. I mean how someone even for a picture could do that. Handing out cigarettes and making them pose with them is one an irresponsible act. It doesn’t matt if it is the dads mistake or the mothers.

They shouldn’t at any cost do this. However, the kid in the blue sweater looks like he is really enjoying it. What else do you think can go wrong here? We hope not to see a family picture like this.

The Cat Just Had Some Flashbacks

This is such a cute picture. However, someone has to be brave or bold enough to wear a turtleneck like that. But it seems that he is comfortable enough. No doubt the cat is the one to look at here.

However, the cat is the one who looks uncomfortable here. What could the reason behind that? It looks like that the cat just had some flashbacks and realizing how it was in its former life. Let’s pretend that here the cat wants to take of the Christmas hat it was forced to wear.

They Need More Pets

No doubt pets are a part of our family and the most loved ones. That is understandable but we just can’t move our eyes from the beard. What is the style behind that? We are now curious of the era it was popular in.

It seems that the pets have a better sense of style that their masters. However, it is not their fault. All they needed was a stylist before their photo shoot. But that wasn’t available during their time and that led to such picture.

There Is So Much Going On On the Grooms’s Mind

We can’t understand is the bride or the thought of the honeymoon on his mind. Just look that smile, but it can also be the editing of that time that led to such vibes. However, this looks more like a movie poster than a wedding picture.

Everything aside, just look at the couple. They look so good together and we would be happy to see their recent picture. In addition, there life story from this picture to now would be worth hearing. However, we hope this couple is together till now otherwise we may be disappointed.

The Most Difficult Task

The most difficult task that the parents have to face is making their children stand still while taking pictures. And most of the parents fail at it as it can be impossible sometimes. Here we have an example of it.

The parents are all set and posing of the picture. But it is the children who have ruined it. Not a single child is still in the picture and this is going to make the parents angry when they get to see such pictures. Let’s see if we can find a solution for this problem.