44 Space Saving Hacks That Are Useful When Travelling In A Caravan

It’s a great feeling to ride in your own caravan when you are on the road. It is so much more comfortable than using public transport. You might think that there is a lot of space in your caravan however when you are traveling with your family even a caravan may seem small. Usually, caravans are driven by people who have plans to be on the road for several days or even weeks and months. And when you are on the road for so long you want to have all the necessities in your caravan that would help you on your trip. It can be quite frustrating when trying to pack for an extended journey! Getting everything on your caravan can be tricky. Even if there is a lot of space, when you start adding up things, it is going to get congested. So you need to take steps to save some space on your caravan. If you don’t know where to start then check out these 44 hacks that will help you save some space while still being able to take everything that you need for an amazing trip away from home.

Stick-on Hook

The stick-on hook is the best solution, whether you want to hang a towel, oven gloves, or even utensils up in your kitchen space. The best thing about the stick-on hook is that it eliminates the need for you to hammer in a screw. Instead, you can simply stick them on anywhere and everywhere.

For the stick-on hook to work to its maximum potential, you must ensure the adhesive used is strong. This way, you won’t have to worry about the hooks peeling off and falling. However, that is not all; you need to ensure that you don’t overburden the hooks in terms of weight.

Foldable Laundry Basket

If you’re having some space issues in your caravan, then a plastic laundry bag is your worst enemy. The best option for you, in this case, is a foldable laundry basket. Since these laundry baskets are made of fabric, they are flexible, easy to store, and get the job done.

The flexibility of the fabric used to make it allows you to store it anywhere. You won’t ever have to worry about space from behind the sink to beside the toilet seat; you can place it anywhere. This makes this laundry basket the most practical and environmentally friendly one out there.

Antibacterial Cloth

If you’re looking for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option to replace baby wipes with, then this antibacterial cloth is your best option. This washcloth is manufactured to hinder any microbial maturation using preservatives. It can be used for anything, from wiping your child to cleaning using soap and water.

What makes this antibacterial cloth a sustainable one is that it can be reused after washing. The great thing is that it retains its antibacterial qualities even after it is washed. This makes it the perfect washcloth for your kids. It is easy to store and comes in several different fun colors.

Waterproof Hooks

Out in a new location for the holidays and can’t find the right place to air-dry your towels? Waterproof hooks are the best solution to all of your problems. These waterproof hooks can hold up to two kilograms of weight, making them perfect for wet and heavy towels to air-dry on.

What makes these hooks waterproof is silicone, which repels water. But, that is not all; these hooks are also movable. So, you can easily reposition them and carry them throughout your journey. These waterproof hooks can hold a variety of other items as long as they are two kilograms or less.

Makeup Travel Bag

If you’re going on a vacation and need a bag to store your makeup, skincare, or toiletries in, a makeup travel bag is a perfect solution. The layout of these bags allows you to see every item you have placed within. So, it allows for easy access and great storage while saving space.

The market for such makeup travel bags is quite extensive. So, you will have the option to choose from a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. The layout within differs as well, where some come with partitions and small pockets, while others can be folded or come with hooks.

Rolled Clothing

This is one hack that is completely free of cost and incredibly effective at saving storage space. If you’re packing your clothes in a suitcase or a drawer, roll your clothes into a log-like shape. This not only saves space but allows you to see all of your clothes altogether.


The rolled clothing hack is a tried and tested one. In fact, it is a method used for decades by military personnel in order to save space. The great thing is that it works with all types of fabrics. So, you can use it when packing clothes, towels, and even linens.

Storage Boxes

There are several places that you can use for storage to give your caravan a tidier look, such as storing items under your bed. To do this, you’ll need to get your hands on some storage boxes. You can use these storage boxes to store anything from books to toys.

The great thing about these storage boxes is that they are made using fabric, which makes them flexible, sustainable, and easy to carry around. You can find these storage boxes in a variety of different styles and colors. So, you can use them to store items while brightening up your caravan.

Travel Fans

When going on a trip, you never know what type of weather you’ll be encountering, so a travel fan is essential. Travel fans come in a variety of sizes. However, we’d suggest the 12-volt travel fan. This way, you’ll be using up fewer voltages in your caravan and have a lightweight fan.

These fans are the perfect alternative for standing and table fans. You can easily install these travel fans using a screw. Since they’re installed on the wall, you won’t have to worry about the fan coming in your way. It is a great way to stay cool and save space.

Washable Cloths

Staying clean at all times is a bit difficult when you’re traveling in a caravan. It’s easy for the debris and dust to start piling up, and the smell of chemical cleaners might end up giving you a headache in a closed environment. This is why washable cloths are your friend.

Bottles of cleaners and wipes tend to take up a lot of storage space. However, with a washable cloth, you won’t ever have to worry about space, and the option is sustainable. The best type of washcloths to get are the microfiber ones, which are durable and better at cleaning.

Store Items in Your Grill

If you’ve got a grill in your caravan, then you know the struggle of finding space for storage within your kitchen space for items, such as dishes and trays. Well, no more. You can use the simple yet useful technique of storing these items within your griller to save storage space.

Your griller has an ample amount of space in it, one where you can store several different items together. Apart from trays and flat items, you can also use your griller to store items, such as utensils, oven mitts, and more. So, why not use the griller to its full potential.

Whiteboard with a Magnet

If you’re finding it difficult to maintain a yearly planner and need something that is always on display and has quick access to, then a whiteboard is a great idea. It functions just like a normal whiteboard, so you can easily write out your to-do lists on it.

What takes this board up a notch is that it is magnetic. So, with a magnetic pin, you can attach your notes onto this whiteboard with ease. That is not all; this type of whiteboard can be repositioned easily. The great thing is that it comes in several different sizes.

Foldable Bins

Often times it is the unnoticeable items that take up a significant amount of space, which includes the trash can. The dilemma arises because the trashcan is of the utmost importance to keep your area clean. So, the best solution to saving storage space is to get yourself a foldable bin.

Foldable bins are perfect for saving storage space, particularly when you’re packing all of the items to take on a trip. When you aren’t using the bin, you can fold it and rest it against a wall. Due to the flat nature of such bins, they will barely take up any space.


At their face value, a crate that is sturdy and not flexible wouldn’t really seem like much of a hack for saving storage space. However, these crates are incredibly effective when it comes to storing solid items that you need to keep fresh, such as a variety of different vegetables.

The design of the crates makes them incredibly sturdy and robust and holding items. The style also allows for airflow throughout the box and items. When placing them, you can stack one crate on top of the other. You can even store the crate under the shelves or the cabinets.

 Drawer for Cups

When you’re setting up your caravan and finding the perfect spots for items, such as plates, utensils, and cups, a great hack is to store your cups in a drawer. With a drawer allocated to cups, you will be able to store them in a way that allows for easy access.

With a drawer specifically used for cup storage, you won’t have to worry about any bumps causing your drinkware to lose balance, fall, and break, which is quite dangerous. It also allows your kids to reach the cups with ease and see all of the cups that you have available.

Flat Containers

All flat items allow you to save space during packing and usage, which is the case with flat containers. You can use these flat containers to store pantry items, such as nuts, biscuits, and cooking ingredients. These containers come in several different shapes, although the best would be the rectangular shape.

The great thing about these flat containers is that their shape and flatness allow them to be stacked on top of each other without fear of any destabilization. So, you can easily store several flat containers filled with all of your pantry items in a single cabinet in your caravan.

Frying Pan

When packing items to take with you in your caravan, you’ll have to make several decisions where you’ll have to choose between two items. Well, if you’re stuck between an item and a toaster, then the frying pan is your best friend. It allows you to fry items and toast bread.

The great thing is that these types of frying pans, which can be used for toasting items as well, are incredibly lightweight. They also offer incredible amounts of versatility in terms of usage. So, you can use them for frying, toasting, and even barbequing items when on a camping trip.

Round Hangers

We are often familiar with a hanger that is flat and long. However, when you’re in a caravan and need to find space to hang multiple clothing items on to air-dry, a circular hanger is the best option. These hangers are incredibly sturdy as they are either made of steel or plastic.

With a circular hanger, you can hang up a lot of clothes while taking up minimal space. Although, there are things that you need to take care of, such as not placing the hanger directly in the sun’s glare. With high heat shining directly on them, they could lose their durability.

Attachable BBQ Arms

When looking for items that save space in caravans and camping trips, you have probably come across items such as portable tables for barbequing. Well, a great alternative to such items, which also help you save space, are arms that are already attached to your barbeque grill on either side.

A great option for such an item is the BBQARM. It provides you with a place that you can use for meal prepping and another one on which you can place the cooked items. The great thing is that it even takes up less space than a collapsible table would.

Outdoor Cabinet

The outdoor cabinet is an item you can use for storing without worrying about the size. Since the cabinet will be used outside your caravan, you won’t have to worry about how large it is as long as you can store it easily while moving it from one place to the other.

Once you’ve parked your caravan, you can place the outdoor cabinet outside and store items that you will need when you are outdoors, such as a bug repellant. This way, you won’t have to make tedious trips going back in and out to carry several items you need to use outside.

Caravan Cover

No matter how often you travel in your caravan, a caravan cover is one of the most important things you can keep with you, particularly during the off-season. The caravan cover will completely envelop your caravan and protect it from dust and debris, making it easy for you to keep your caravan clean.

A caravan cover is essential as the outside of your caravan has certain nooks and crannies within which it is easy for dust to settle when not cleaned on a daily basis. An excellent way to completely secure your caravan cover in place is to use tape along the bottom.

Single Water outlet

Your plumbing can make all of the difference when on a caravan. Instead of having multiple separate outlets, the best way to save space without compromising on utility is to use a single water outlet. Even if your caravan has several outlets, you can switch them for a single one.

A great option to use instead of separate outlets is the grey water outlet, which you can even install yourself. The logic for it is simple; that is, once you have pulled up, all you need is a single outlet for your hose to get the job done. Of course, this also helps in saving water.

Caravan AC Units

Safe saving is important but always remember that your comfort is equally important. You never know how hot a location might be, particularly when in a caravan. The best item to ensure that you stay cool while saving space is to have an air conditioner made specifically for caravans installed.

The great thing is that we live in the era of technology where the market probably already has everything we need, including caravan AC units. In fact, some caravans even come with built-in units. If yours does not, be sure to have one installed by a professional before taking a vacation.

Magnetic Hooks

We’ve all seen stick-on hooks that allow you to hang items. However, this item takes it up on a notch. To keep yourself from losing items of the utmost importance, such as your keys, get yourself some magnetic hooks. These magnetic hooks can be placed anywhere using an adhesive.

Remember, the stronger your adhesive is, the more sturdy your magnetic hook will be. The best part is that you can attach these right next to your caravan doors, inside and outside. This way, all you’ll need is a glance at your door to ensure that your keys are where they’re supposed to be.

Solid Sink Cover

When in a caravan, using items that help you in automatically maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is important. This way, you won’t have to do any form of extra cleaning when on vacation. One item that can help you do this is a solid sink cover the size of your sink.

The great thing is that with a solid sink cover, not only will your sink remain clean from dust and grime, but you will also now have extra shelf space as you can place items on it. Apart from that, a solid sink cover can also double as a cutting board.

Nesting Containers

We’ve all heard of nesting dolls. You can fit a plethora of dolls into a single one. So, why not use the same
technique when saving space and maximizing utility. Get yourself a set of nesting containers, all of which, when packed, will not take up more space than one large container.

These nesting containers also have measuring spoons. So, you can use them to measure and store ingredients. So, if you’re still purchasing items, such as bowls for your caravan, this is the perfect kitchen caravan hack for you. They even come in several fun colors.

Folder Holder

If you’re out shopping for your caravan, grab yourself a folder holder from any stationery shop. These holders are incredibly robust and can be used to hold various items. From long and bulky kitchen items to your children’s favorite books, these holders can be used for anything and placed anywhere.

The great thing about these holders is their shape, which doesn’t take up much space but allows you to store several items within them. They are also incredibly affordable and readily available. You can also use them to store glass bottles in the kitchen or your children’s snacks, allowing for easy access.

Think Long

The pantry is one place in the caravan where you might be using up more space for storage than you need to. So, when purchasing storage items for the pantry, always think long. By doing so, you will be able to maximize your storage space without taking up much space.

You can use this ideology of space saving for various items, such as vertical containers instead of bulky ones, long cabinets instead of drawers, and even some internal shelves. The mechanism of drawers takes up space, which you can free up with one long cabinet, using it to store stacks of items.

Similar Organization

The way you organize items in your caravan is critical. It is easier to find items when categorized and stored in one place. An excellent way to do this is to find things that fit into containers and store them together. The best medium to use for this is a container made of fabric.

Not only is a container made of fabric easy to fold up and pack away when not in use, but it is also sustainable. You can even hang your fabric container up and out of the way with a hanger, freeing up more leg space in your caravan.

Toothbrush Hooks

Your washroom can get messy with several different holders used for separate items. A great way to free up space and reduce accidents is to get some toothbrush holders that are attached to the wall. This helps save space and is sure to get your kids excited about brushing their teeth.

These toothbrush holders can be stuck on the wall using a strong adhesive, which makes installation incredibly easy. The great thing is that they are waterproof, which makes them incredibly durable. Just make sure that they aren’t attached too close to the shower and in reach of any kids.

Shoe Hangings

It is important that you keep the floor space and passageways in your caravan as tidy as possible. One of the most common tripping hazards in enclosed spaces with several items are your shoes. A good way to keep them out of the way is to install a shoe hanging organizer.

A shoe-hanging organizer will keep your shoes out of the way, organized and make your caravan look incredibly tidy at all times. It is also a good way of keeping your shoes on display, which also allows you to easily access them when stepping out of your caravan.

Shower Wall Hangings

When trying to save space in a small area like the shower, think about utilizing the wall as much as possible. A great item to use to save space and maximize storage is a shower wall hanging, which not only saves space but also makes your washroom look fancier.

The great thing is that there is a wide variety of shower wall hangings that you can choose from in terms of their style, color, construction material, and even the way they are installed. You can use these hanging to place your toiletries on, such as your shampoo, skincare, and more.

Door Magnets

If you are constantly having trouble with your caravan doors not staying closed, particularly your shower door, and are in need of a quick, easy, and affordable fix, then this is the best hack for you. Grab yourself some strips of door magnets and place them alongside your shower door.

These door magnets will prevent your door from opening unless you pull the door open, which is particularly useful when your caravan is parked on a hill at an angle. The strips are waterproof and come with adhesive on their backside, which allows them to be installed or repositioned within seconds.

Metal Hooks

Towel rails, while convenient, need to go, particularly when you are finding an excellent way to save up space in your caravan. A good and equally useful alternative is a metal hook. You can screw into the wall of your caravan and hang up large towels allowing them to air-dry.

Although stick-on hooks get the job done, however, when talking about adult towels that are wet, you’ll need something that is much sturdier and more robust. What could be sturdier than a screwed metal hook? The hooks will help keep the towels from falling and always in your reach.

Holder for your Toilet Brush

A good way to keep your toilet brush out of the way is to get yourself a holder. With a holder for your toilet brush, you will be able to save leg space and grab it when you need to. This holder can be attached anywhere, such as behind the toilet, sink, or even next.

For maximum utility, you can even use this holder for the toilet brush as a tissue roll holder, using its handle. This multipurpose tool is sure to help you in saving space. The best thing is that the handle will prevent your rolls from unraveling, which is quite the issue in a caravan.

Jewelry Holder

When traveling in a caravan, you always want to make sure that you’ve got your essentials, and jewelry is a must-have on any vacation. With all of the bumps on the road, your jewelry is at the risk of tangling up or being misplaced. So, you definitely need a jewelry holder.

With a jewelry holder, you will be able to easily see every piece of jewelry that you have available and easily access it. However, when it comes to a jewelry holder, which attaches to the wall, it should only be used when your caravan is packed to prevent your jewelry from falling down.

Clothing Nooks

There is no storage space hack that you should leave unturned when in a caravan and no space left unutilized. This means that you should always be on the hunt for space in your caravan for a clothing nook, such as under the bed or even some shelves.

With single or even multiple clothing nooks, you will have an ample amount of space within which you can easily store your clothes. So, if you have some space on top of a drawer, which can hold a shelf that you couldn’t install, you can use it as a clothing nook. 

Hanging Rails

Before setting off on your journey in your caravan, there are certainly some modifications that you can make in order to increase storage space while saving space. One such modification is to switch out a hanging bar for a hanging rail. These hanging rails are extendable and allow for a larger hanging area.

In fact, with a hanging rail, you will now have twice the amount of hangers available for holding clothes than a hanging bar would have. You can even use them to hang towels as they are incredibly sturdy. They can fit alongside the wall, thus saving space while hanging more items.

Smart Television

While in your caravan on your trip, you might not always be able to find good reception when it comes to your television set and entertainment is always a must, particularly when traveling with kids. A good way to combat this issue is to get yourself a smart television.

A smart television provides top-notch entertainment as you can connect it to the Wi-Fi and stream a myriad of shows that are fun for the whole family. That is not all; you can even have great movie nights at night. All you’ll need is some Wi-Fi and some popcorn.

Power Switchboard

When in a caravan, you can never have enough sources of power, and with a power switchboard, you’ll never find yourself lacking it. With this additional source of power, you will have ample power and plugs to always keep your devices powered. You can easily connect it to the inverter.

A great option for a power switchboard is a surge-protected one, particularly when you will be connecting it to an inverter on your caravan. This is due to the fact that the surge protection protects the device plugged in from any type of damage. Not to mention that they are also easier to install.

Store Items in your Microwave

Just like the grill storage hack, this one will allow you to create more storage space without having to take up any amount of space. It is the perfect hack when on vacation in a caravan. A microwave is a sizeable machine and is sure to be perfect for bulky items.

There is no doubt that you would have a microwave on your caravan. Of course, you’ll need something to reheat your food in. By storing items in your microwave, you’ll be creating storage space free of any cost. You can not only store items inside the microwave but also on top of it.

Clear Containers and Boxes

To ensure everything stays as placed while your caravan is on the road, get some small containers to help you out. This also keeps your storage cupboards organized and appealing. The last thing you want is for everything to fall out of the store when you open the door.

Not just that, boxes or containers can then be used for various purposes. You can quickly stack up against each container on the other and can store more. However, make sure to get some hard-quality material containers and boxes as they will last longer and can hold heavy objects.

Reuse the Tissue Box

If you use all the tissue from the box and just left with the empty box, don’t throw it out. You can show your creativity and make a practical storage compartment out of them. Once there is storage space, you can store anything you want no one can stop you.

Hanging them on the wall is one of the best options to get extra storage and utilize every inch of your caravan. Reusing empty tissue boxes is the perfect temporary way to store your items. Once you don’t need the space, just take them off and hang any art piece.

No Need for a Drying Rack

Why use a big drying rack when there is a dish drying mat available in the market. You definitely will think about how a mat can replace the drying rack. Yes, it mysteriously works and saves space, and rapidly dries your dishes to ease up your efforts.

The best thing you will find after using the drying mat is there won’t be any water residue after you use the mat. To quickly dry the mat, hang it out the door. However, it doesn’t matter how big or small your counter is, the drying comes in different sizes. 

Floor Rug or Mat

You must be stopping at different spots throughout your caravan. Bringing in dirt and sand is the last thing you want to make your work more difficult. You surely don’t want to waste any of your precious time cleaning the floor thoroughly after every stop.

Make sure that you don’t forget a pair of floor mats before leaving with your caravan. You will realize the worth of your decision after you use it once and see your floor still clean. However, use them properly to get the best result from the floor mat.