27 Products And Designs That Probably Shouldn’t Exist

After spending years researching and trialling the product major brands’ products fail on the market. By the time it hits the market, customer needs could change, the economy could have taken a downturn, or the market segments may have evolved. Are you pushing pixels and creating fluff products, or are you taking things seriously enough to empathize and validate? There are so many things a designer has to take into account while working. Whether you are a graphic designer, a product designer or an interior designer, attention to detail is always one of the most important skills. Despite this premise, mistakes happen, just like any other job in the world. They are comical and inappropriate blunders that show the importance of looking over a design one final time before sharing it with the whole world. Let’s look into some of these kinds and make out the mistakes!

Did they say “possible” or “impossible”?

If you like yoga, keep doing it. There’s no evidence that it’s particularly harmful, and it can lead to a range of
health benefits. Can you do yoga without a mat? Yes, you certainly can! But before you try you should
understand the pros and cons of not using one. A yoga mat also provides a sort of insulation between the human
body and the ground. Although the designers of this mat meant to give a positive message for their users,
saying that “nothing is impossible”, but look what happened. The poor “IM” from the word “IMPOSSIBLE” has been
faded by the white stripe.

As soon as you look down at the mat, it gives you negative vibes. Why will a yoga practitioner every buy this? Let’s
change the quote from “Nothing is Impossible” to “Nothing is Possible”. Jokes apart, this was a blunder mistake. The
manufacturer could have seen it once before selling it in the shops.

Bathroom trip for the audience

If you’re renovating an existing bathroom and the layout already makes sense, think carefully before switching
sanitary ware around. You’ve fitted the suit perfectly into your bathroom but ‘oh no’ you didn’t think about
the door and now it hits the beautiful new bath or vanity unit every time you enter the bathroom. If this is the
case why not think about installing a sliding door to maximise the space you have in a small bathroom. 

These could be considered mistakes but what about this, in the picture? Did the owner want his bathroom show publicly
out? Or was it a silly mistake? When it comes to a practical space like a bathroom, the function has to come before
form, especially in a small bathroom. Make sure you allow enough space between sanitary ware so people can move
around and sit or stand comfortably. And here, they can sit comfortably and look at your bathroom activities.
Hilarious, indeed.

Designs going from dope to pedo

We recently featured some of the most awkward, cringe-worthy moments to ever happen. My best friend is a
server. When setting down a dish in front of a customer who happened to have prosthetic arms (which was obvious),
she exclaimed, “Watch your hands! That plate is really hot!” So much second-hand embarrassment. And this
shirt reminds me of all the embarrassing moments that ever happened to me.

After all, no one wants to walk around all day with a shirt that could appear to spell out “pedo” instead of
dope. Lots of laughs. Spanish slang for Fart. All of its meanings have to do with being messed up or screwed
up. Unless you keep your finger on the fashion pulse constantly, it’s difficult to know just what is and what isn’t
considered to be in at any given time. But no matter how bad your sense of fashion might be, we’re pretty sure we
can all agree that the clothes below will NEVER be in style. A fallen victim to a cr*ppy design, and as you can
see from this hilarious shirt.

Serving with chips or chips without chips?

Haddock is the fish that most chefs prefer for fish and chips. The texture isn’t as flaky or tender as cod but
the meat has more flavour. Yeah, they’re right, kind of. This collection of ultra-literal puns and dad-level
witticisms may be too dumb to handle. Do we think some are pretty clever in their own way? Probably? Anyway if you
want to see more cleverly dumb jokes then you can check out more of them right over here.

Whatever was trying to be portrayed on this menu, got a little fishy when it came to the chips section. They
might have excluded the chips option from the menu. I could also imagine certain other dishes like, “Cheese pizza
without cheese”, “Healthy Junk Food”, etc. How can you forget the trending caption, “No makeup make-up look”? No
sense in the statements.

Little apostrophe makes a whole of difference

Small, but so important. Is the apostrophe on its way out? Apostrophe use is a bit like Marmite – you’re either
really bothered, or you just don’t care. I fall into the former camp, much to the consternation/irritation of my

In fact, this is a personal trait that dates back to my school days when I was that annoying kid that pointed out
cases of apostrophe misuse/typos. I even went so far as to buy a copy of Eats Shoots and Leaves (which is now in our
company library), although I never went as far as using the supplied stickers! I wonder Anu’s Kitchen is so much
associated with the apostrophe that the new restaurant wouldn’t have started without it. And this little kid made it
more emphasising for everyone. 

Foxy cup in your eyes

Anyone who has worked in a shared office will know that people can get possessive over their favourite coffee cup.
But it’s not just personal preference. Silly foxes, stinging their ears into eyes. Ouch, that hurts. Who will dare
to take a sip from this kind of mugs? The funny thing is that when you quiz them people often feel almost
embarrassed to admit they prefer their favourite mug because at one level they believe it can’t change the taste,
that they are somehow just being silly.

But what if the FOX Cups were to fall and break? Or an upgrade was required? How should we go about unearthing a new
favourite mug? I would avoid pale blue cups for sure; one wants to use colour contrast between coffee and the inside
of the cup to make milky coffee look its best.

Drive or Die

The words die and dye are homophones: they sound alike but have different meanings. Green, white and red
combinations if are mistaken, you will end up reading it like this, “DO DIE” and “DON’T DIE”. It almost lost the
originality and positive caption.

To summarize all the options of messages this sign could be trying to portray, there is “do die safely”, “don’t drive
safely”, “don’t die safely”, or “do drive safely”. Of which, only the last one would make any possible sense. But I
can make out the meaningful, can you?

A banana in a bag

Overripe bananas that have strange odours are not safe to eat and should be discarded. Fully ripe bananas don’t
pose any health risks. Bananas release ethylene gas through their stems. The more gas that is released,
the riper the fruit. So by wrapping the ends of the stems in plastic wrap, you prevent or slow down this gas from
escaping. Bananas are tropical fruits, and, in general, tropical fruits don’t handle cold storage well. That’s why
the best way to store bananas is at room temperature, not in the fridge, especially when they’re green and not
yet ripened.

Next time you buy a bunch of bananas, separate them and then wrap a small section of plastic wrap around each
banana’s stem. Without the plastic wrap, the ethylene gas spreads to other parts of the fruit, helping it ripen
faster. Why would anyone think they needed to add an additional layer of artificial protection and non-environment
friendly waste? All this wasted plastic is not only very bad for the environment, but also most likely damages the
freshness and taste of the bananas themselves. Actually, unnecessary and wasteful packaging choices.

Eyes sliding through a sliding window

There’s good advertising that makes you convinced you can’t live without the product or service. There are so
many ways an advertising campaign, a billboard, a print ad, and a commercial can go wrong.

And then I followed this bus for 4 blocks to wait for it to pull over to share this beautiful work of art. The poor
model has been placed at wrong window panes. That must have happened unknowingly but it’s a true attraction for
people like us.  

Hiding behind the stickers?

Before we go any further with deciphering the codes on these labels, let’s take a moment to talk about the actual
labels. The stickers themselves are kind of mysterious. Are they bad for you? Is there an easier way to rip them off
your produce? What goes on behind the stickers is the question.

Funny, indeed. Poor sticker placement can happen to anyone. The yellow one as its legs out of the sticker and rest
had been hidden, making it funnier. That red M&M seems just a little bit too happy with the entire situation.

South Korea’s playground gone unprofessionally wrong

Probably it may be an innocent cultural statue depicting Hide and Seek game, and the usual speech goes like
this: “One, two, and three…. Ready or not, here I come!” It is very important to tradition that the
seeker says “Here I come” to let the other players know their time is up. The seeker must close their eyes and often
is required to face a wall away from the players.

But how will the kids play in such a playground with inappropriate stuff? See the last boy in the row. Oh God, he’s
adjusting his pants while playing. That’s more hilarious now.

Really the fastest and inappropriate before and after transition

Comparing things have been a long, old tradition for us. And this new trendy before and after advertisement poster
has everything absurd. A fat man turning slim and fit is usually seen but who can ever think of turning black from

Research shows that physical activity can also boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy. We don’t think, the
company is actually interested in any kind of fitness of people. Yet, impressive advertisement. These companies are
so much into marketing that they forget to maintain the logic of that thing.

Light switch with an extraordinary power to operate elevator

The switch allows each connected device to talk to the others. Light Switches are used to turn on/off
lights and devices. But we did not know that it can operate the elevator too. You would argue
that lights and bulbs are what serves this purpose but what controls the light, is
a switch and an elevator has its own circuit and switch.

So, now whenever you’d switch on or off the light switch, the elevator is to come to your door and take you wherever
you want to. Interesting, isn’t it? Imagine, if a fizzling appliance sends a significant burst
of electricity into your light switch, the elevator might dance and burst into pieces.

Die for your lady with these cookies

Whether it’s a beach party, a luau or a carnival, customized cookies and custom confections are a
unique and delicious way to surprise your guests. Check out this no fuss, no
muss customized fortune cookies. We are drooling over the customized
 for our very own ‘desi weddings’. They are delicious,
chocolate-dipped cookie favours for your guests with no baking required!

Weddings are full of a variety of dishes and snacks. But what if your wedding has such D|E cookies that could be
misread as DIE? Designers didn’t notice the blunder they are going to print on hundreds of cookies.

Spongy Sofa for your drawing room

While some of these chairs are made of fabric and other soft materials, the others are made of
plastic. You can also inflate them when you want your child to play. There is a wide range of sofa sets that fit in
our room. Some are foldable, some fluffy, some hard and some turning into beds.

Can you see the innuendos on this sofa? The colour had everything to do with our imagination. They actually seem to
disturb our mind and it reminds me of a private hotel room. Maybe using lots and lots of pillows is the only option
for a way to hide these innuendos offered by this sofa. What’s your opinion?

Make way for the man in blue

An interesting predicament showed here. The man in blue has to decide, what the best course of action is. Should he
block the path so that it causes six people to die or only five? This is illogical, and I wonder about the second
road that is turned around with a single person walking.

You have to set the picture in motion and wait for the 6 people to walk off and then decide how the blue man is to
travel. So, is the man in blue is supposed to kill at least five people in the way. The absurd question has no

Interesting playground with colourful children

The colours of a rainbow are light, fresh and happy and since they are so rare, they elicit a sense of awe
and delight in addition to bringing the promise of sunshine with the blue sky usually on the horizon. But look at
this playground. It has colourful urine showering through the metal pipes.

These strange conformations of baby and adult are interestingly bedecked in neon mismatching hair colours. Also, I
can observe the mismatch of the neon colour of the hair and the body. Poor baby statues made this playground, a real
fun place to hover around.

Optical illusion hitting us seriously

An optical illusion occurs when the way you see something is different from what the object really is. Optical
illusions occur when there is an error in how the brain interprets what the eyes are seeing. These may be
literal illusions, physiological illusions and cognitive illusions. Optical illusions fool our brains by taking
advantage of these kinds of shortcuts. Some can also trick our brains into perceiving colours or
shades that aren’t visibly present.

Instead of walking down peacefully on this slight slope in a garden, one can trip and slide down painfully. So
wrongly placed wooden steps that can hurt you seriously, and break your bones apart. Stay calm and cautious! 

New style of keeping books backward

This look is that it shows the whites of the pages, creating a cohesive colour palette for your
bookshelf. There’s a controversy surrounding the new decor trend of people displaying books
 on bookshelves. And Lauren took it to such extreme level of turning and stacking all of her
books from the back to the front. What’s the point to hide all the tittles? To click a picture and create a neutral
background view, one can also bring out a plain cloth, isn’t it?

And if you wish to read any book from your own bookshelf, you have to take all the stuff out and place it back. This
cycle would go on daily if you are a book lover. That’s crazy and who has so much of time to waste searching stuff?
It actually ruins the beauty of individual books by hiding their titles and covers

A Bench or a Moat

Just like all of our shower benches, this Wall Mount Fold-down Shower Bench is handcrafted in
the USA. A bench is a long seat on which multiple people may sit at the same time. Pay & Sit is a
park bench dreamed up by a designer as shown in this picture.

When at rest, it becomes the porcupine of the street furniture. It’s relaxing during dry seasons, but
what about monsoons? This has an interesting design that slopes backwards, with so much comfort. Maybe there’s no
rainfall in such areas for water to accumulate. Interesting invention. Must be worked upon more and recreation is
necessary for such hilarious designs.

Google with its cultural homogeneity

A logo conveys the owner’s intended message. It keeps the company ever-present in the consumer’s mind when it is
easily recognized. Because it grabs attention, makes a strong first impression, is the foundation of your brand
identity, is memorable, separates you from the competition, fosters brand loyalty, and is expected by your audience.
But Google seems to use the same colour and combinations in all its products. The drive, meet, Gmail and other apps
have similar structures and colours.

Logos is the part of the argument where you treat your audience like purely rational, “only the facts, ma’am” kind of
people. Shapes with jagged angles may create feelings of anxiety for your viewers, while shapes with soft
curves will make them feel more relaxed. These Google apps have nearly identical logos, making it almost
impossible to differentiate different apps.

Dangerous before and after picture with tiger

Tiger cubs may seem cute and playful but they grow rapidly. The first image shows a cute baby tiger with its
owner, posing for photographs. Big cats — lions, tigers, leopards, cougars, etc. — are elegant, majestic creatures
worthy of respect and admiration. So long as you don’t turn your back on them because they will absolutely
sneak up on you and rip your face off of your head. The next image has a big tiger with its owner’s flesh. These are
not real images but memes can go to any level.

Probably the biggest concern with keeping a tiger as a pet is a danger associated with enclosing a wild animal.
Tigers are predatory animals and it is in their nature to hunt and seek out food. Tigers pose an immediate
danger to humans and therefore should be left in the wild. Whatever may be the originality of the pictures, one
must stay away from wild animals

A window, so thin for light to pass through

Some window panes are made of plastic, but the glass remains the best solution
for window panes due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. The size of the window should be satisfying
the amount of sunlight it allows into the room. And look at this cute, thin window. Is it made for rats and insects
to travel through? I guess, someone was so desperate to have a little bit of sunlight in a dark room that they
specifically added this kind.

Not only a window but the ultra-thin curtains are designed to make the room look darker. Waste of money and space. It
was better if one had made a small compartment for things to be kept or any painting to decorate the room. Great
minds have great ideas that fail for the rest of the world.

Sliding Door Company with no sliding

They are often called Patio doors. If you have a large gaping doorway in your home or office, sliding doors
are practical and efficient. They make great use of space and if you ever need to move big items or furniture
around, there is no reason to try and squeeze the item through the small door jam or a window.

How will someone trust the company if they keep such hypothetical names? They themselves don’t make sure to keep the
name of the company worth it. At least the main door must be kept sliding in function, but they could have missed
the place or irony. The person clicking the picture looks so much interested in sharing it on social media.
Humorous, indeed.

Circular lines with non-circular message

Let’s make up the original line from this “Love requires us to know when to be silent and when to speak up.” What is
the purpose of the lines connecting the different sets of words? And what is supposed to be the order of
reading it? One should be read in a circular fashion creating a strange puzzle.

It has become more confusing with the circular lines. They have no interconnection and why is there so much empty
space in the middle of the image? Only an intelligent will understand this at the first instance. It is really a
nice message if anyone could understand it quickly. 

Experience is everything

Work experience gently introduces you to the world of work. It will give you an idea of the skills you need to
thrive in the workplace. But this company surely wanted many outcomes and so they designed such unusual poster. It
could be a marketing tactic of shocking their potential customers.

The original words seem as, ‘Analytics customer experience”. Then why is the word experience highlighted? This
analytics company had many different things in mind for their poster. A terrible choice of highlighting only a
certain word that is not as important as compared to other words in the poster. No more words to explain this absurd

Be sure to lift correctly

Inspirational posters are all about a compelling message that resonates with the reader. It’s important that the
message is clear. But in this inspirational poster example, there’s A LOT going on. Multiple colours, fonts,
words, and shapes come together to form a very interesting poster design.

And when it came to this company to make its posters, they hired a low-grade artist. They did not think about the
company’s reputation after releasing such kind of gorilla-like human figures on their posters. Practically,
companies will have a short amount of time to attract and hold your readers’ attention. Think about the one aspect
of the information that must convey the message and plan your design around that. I assure you that you would be
unable to lift anything the way this sign is suggesting. Hiring a low-grade artist brings out such hilarious

Is it poo or dirt on the keyboard?

A well-designed interface and screen are terribly important to our users. Will you like to type on keyboard keys that
have poo or dirt like designs all over them? They must have been marble designs but printing a straight path that
resembles dirty mud or poo patch is not at all good type on.

The designers of this one failed their very simple task of creating a cute, fresh marble design. Will you think
of buying such products?

Human-like heath centre

Building structures when observed from the sky look comical and funny. This is a disastrous design fail and a
coincidence that is showcasing a human figure for the Newmarket Health Centre. A head-like building with stretched
long hands, and an inappropriate structure of folded legs. Would you want to go to a health centre designed and
built in the shape of a person?

We felt that this building is both comical and amazing at the same time. Imagine entering the room from the
centre of the legs and seeking another room in its hands and legs. Exciting and funny, indeed.

Dangerous bike lane built on the bridge

The addition of bike lanes helps to improve traffic flow because it gives bikers a place in the roadway. No longer do
city bicyclists need to dodge cars or people and vice versa, but they can carry on at a steady speed. This improves
traffic flow because everyone knows exactly where they belong. And when it comes to such types of lanes, one must
have a strong and courageous heart. You might understand why no one is using the bike lane here.

Not only do bike lanes make the roads safer for cyclists, but they also reduce crashes and near-misses between
cars. If you ever dare to travel here, you might slip and fall to the doom off the side of this dangerous path.
Observe the railing on the actual edge of the bridge. Too dangerous, isn’t it?

Make it readable

“What we know is that good spelling is a tremendous reflection on an individual’s overall knowledge and
attention to detail.” Simon Horobin says that it matters because spelling shows ‘the richness of our language and
its history. A unique and appealing style of printing characters on walls has come up like this.

It spells as “make it count” but sadly people do not see the letter “o” at first glance. But your bad spelling is
likely making you look less credible, like the lady posing in front of the wall. An unpleasant word comes out if we
ignore the letter “o” from this word “count”. Absurd design and text.

Large size leggings or skirts?

Ethically questionable marketing tactics target young or unsophisticated consumers with misleading messages.
Advertising claims that are partly true or ring true encourage consumers to buy harmful products and engage in
behaviour that is not in their own interest. Provocative advertising is one technique frequently used by many
advertisers that may be effective to break through the advertising clutter.

Instead of placing an actual plus-size model to wear such leggings, they are advertising models to put one leg of the
leggings on, wearing it as a skirt. But why? Just to show how big your leggings can go, this came up as an absurd
and inappropriate way of advertising clothes. Are they marketing a skirt or leggings?

A sliding sink and toilet

Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. You get excited to roll up your
sleeves and create a wonderful presentation with wonderful slides and start your day with such sliding sinks
and toilet attachments. Imagine your brush, comb and other styling stuff falls into this toilet.

This will probably disturb your morning with the toothbrush in the toilet bowl, and now nothing is safe from the sink
slide. Why do people construct such a cheap way to build a sink and a toilet together? At least they must have
closed the flap of the toilet to avoid accidents like this. Hilarious idea and construction.

Extremely Horrifying Playground Design

Cursed Design Choices That Didn’t Need To Happen, But Did Anyway. People are drawn to monsters because they flip the
predator/prey relationship on its head, turning us from the hunter into the hunted. This, more than any other
quality, is what makes a monster truly scary. Erratic and unpredictable emotions are being displayed through this
sculpture in the playground.

Whether this is a joke, a terrifying art installation, or a dangerous game? A green lizard connected to a brown
bald man, then to a blue dog and finally to a pink human, what is the correlation in connecting these creatures? The
way these creatures are connected is inappropriate and who would like to play on such bars?

Fashion Fart

While farting every day is normal, farting all the time is not. And very
bad when you go shopping in such Fashion Fart malls. Why would anyone think of combining the world of fashion with
the world of farts? It is meant to say “Fashion Art”, but the design and structure of this logo are not appealing to
the readers.

Honestly speaking, the letter “F” and the word “Art” are both far too large on their own. But a common man who looks
at this sign will not think that the predominant message is fashion, but rather fart and continue shopping in our

A very long link for your new job

Have you ever noticed how long these Web addresses are? Ever wonder why these urls are so long? Think of an
internet link—what’s the first thing that comes to mind? URLs can
get long and unwieldy. Like a Google search URL, with all those numbers and
symbols and, quite a few others still take over half a second of the page load time, which is really
way too much for just a URL redirection.

When you are seeking a new job, you probably would not have the patience to go through the arduous task of typing
this messy, long link into a search engine. If this was online people could just do a simple copy and paste,
but here it is printed in the magazine. Facing so much inconvenience, aren’t you?

Are people eating the children here?

I actually love my neighbours; they are the best. I have never had an issue or a grievance with them. As friendly
neighbours, we have each other’s backs. This is even true of the annoying ones. Other people aren’t as lucky as I
am. I’ve heard many tales from friends and family about how their neighbours are rude, ruthless, and uncaring. But
is this way correct to keep your neighbours away?

What is the purpose of a sign telling you that people are eating? That has a break after the statement, “people are
eating” and then a message for children in this area to leash their dogs and clean them up. One big mess of a
statement, isn’t it?

Bridge made for ninjas only

People have used bridges for a long time for walking and of all the things created and built by
humankind, nothing in my mind is better or worthier than bridges. It is usually built to keep you safe
and dry and able to travel across a wet area without getting yourself wet. Will you travel on this kind of bridge
that makes you wet?

As you can definitely see, his bridge has become a big puddle of water. I could suggest you try some ninja techniques
to pass this path and safely reach home.

Very similar “o” and zero (0)

The shape of the letter in both alphabets is attributed to the shape of the mouth when making the sound, not any
sort of universal or geographic relationship. The number ‘zero‘ is shaped
more like an oval while the letter ‘o‘ is shaped like a circle.

Did you notice that there are not two zeros besides the 9 and 1? It is actually an “O” followed by a zero. A
very poor luck of drawing the text but I guess they enjoy torturing their customers.