25+ Funny Business Solutions That Somehow Exist

Owning a business – big or small is extremely difficult and full of stress and strain than having a job. One has to put a lot of effort into it, firstly to come up with an idea, arrange the funds, choose a location, and much more. It is of course a stressful work to do but does it mean we have to be stressed all the time. No, there are some businesses that work perfectly while having fun. They are enjoying their work time plus are very dedicated to their work. Fun encourages a positive mindset, and the people with a positive mindset are much more productive in their growing business. People are realizing that they were missing, not just something fun, but something important. Positivity is a very important element when we talk about business, it’s necessary to have good confidence and a positive mindset. Given how laughter affects business, leaders should take note. Nowadays, people are opting for unique ways to gain success in their business. Let’s have a look into such types of businesses and how they have reached the milestones by working while having fun out of it, and most importantly their customers are fascinated about this. Customer satisfaction is the key when we take regard for business and is the most important thing. How beautifully have they survived!

Can I call you a Starbuck

We all are aware of Starbucks coffee, it serves the world’s most expensive coffee. This company has gained immense success and because of this, it has a lot of haters as well. Using a Starbucks mug overtly as a toilet brush stands at a local coffee shop. It does look very funny. After all, using a Starbucks mug, a multinational brand’s cup for such in itself is a contradictory thing to do so. Well, does the owner of this coffee shop have an opinion that it’s better to use a Starbucks mug as such? Clearly, the owner of the cafe is a very huge hater of Starbucks, he tried to seek attention by doing this act.

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Certainly, he may have an opinion that Starbucks coffee is worthless and its right place is as well defined above in the picture. Researchers have discovered that the main purpose of laughter is not to signal that something funny has happened but to foster agreement. Despite the fact what people think, it is the funniest way to slam Starbucks.

Touch Me Not Ice-Cream

The proprietor of this shop used a novel approach to attracting consumers by employing a term that piqued their interest. Make someone laugh, and they’ll back you up in the long run. People who make you laugh are almost tough to argue against. To demonstrate their care for the ice cream, a local ice cream stand has a dedicated sign. Unfortunately, it seems that the poor ice cream is afraid of people and wants to keep a safe distance from them. The poor ice cream deserves all the luck in the world.

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It could be like, is there anyone so merciful who can show some mercy on such a beautiful and delicate thing. Well, we don’t really know such a person, may it be a kid or an adult, everyone is madly in love with you. We always see people touching the glass while they are choosing ice cream flavors. A good idea of the owner to keep people away from touching the glass.

Turophile – A Cheesy Love

The ability to incite laughter is as important a skill in business. It’s extremely necessary to be as unique as possible while doing business. An idea adopted by the local cheese shop to attract people buying cheese from him. As we all know there is each of us has endless love for cheese. Cheese comes in our day-to-day necessities as well And now there is a song out for the beloved cheese in the picture below.

Laughter therapy is the best you can offer to your customers as laughter is the best medicine. Immediately following a laughter episode, people can solve complex problems more easily and create innovative solutions more quickly. A beautiful song about the cheddar and the mozzarella lovers, pizza and burger lovers. Hey! Let’s sing it. I guess you too are humming it while reading it. While humming this song customers will forget everything they are going through in their life for a while.

Specially Framed – The Kids’ Menu

Laughter also acts as a sort of mental lubricant. Kids are very easy targets if owners want to increase their business. The kids’ menu in the picture below has been perfectly framed to draw children’s attention. The menu is worth appreciation. There is for sure a mastermind behind it. Such a confusing yet striking menu with a plus point, that you will get a free cookie with every order. Offering freebies can attract a lot of children and the families will get attracted too.

So how do you go about bringing laughter back when there has been so little to laugh about lately? “I don’t know!”, “I don’t care!”, “I don’t want that!” Are the varieties listed inside the menu, that too requires a deeper perception? It’s not that easy for one to decide what they actually are craving for. Here, peanut jelly bread is highly expensive than macaroni with cheese. Owners are smart enough to cover their profits in other dishes, by doing this they can gain both profits and customers.

A Pinecone At Display

Be as innovative as you can while doing a business. The pinecone at display inside a local ice-cream shop deserves a standing ovation. Well, who will display the pinecone alongside the wafer cone, sugar cone and a waffle cone? Doesn’t it look weird to display a pinecone like this and funny too? The pinecone in this shop makes no sense but it is just to attract attention and force the customers to think for the reason. They might be thinking of adding a traffic cone, a funnel, and a Christmas tree.

The owner of this shop seems to be a dad, as the display is nothing less than a dad joke. Well, i am not going to have an ice-cream in this pinecone, a waffle cone will work for me very well. The waffle cone is the biggest cone and kids will always want waffle cones because of its size. Of course, some events should never be the source of humor, no matter how far in the past they reside.

Man Of The Month

A leader’s role is to step forward and acknowledge whatever elephants are in the room. The leader has multiple important elements to carry forward and he/she should be able to handle team coordination as well. The guy in the picture below awarded himself as permanent employee of the month. Certainly, he was not praised by his boss so he decided to praise himself, it’s quite funny to see this. Well, he is good enough as he survived a month at his job. A great idea to praise himself. What do you think?

Making fun of yourself gives one some additional confidence. If you can laugh at yourself, then you can inspire others to be more creative and productive. We wonder how difficult it would have been for the pet store owner to survive without such an extraordinary employee after he left the job. He was the best thing ever that had happened to the store owner.

Unbeatable Tattoo Shop

A tattoo shop opened inside a closed movie theater, with brilliant signboards ever. The signboards are praiseworthy and really attractive, anyone passing nearby will definitely get one tattoo inked. Signboards usually are meant for marketing, people put all the important information regarding their business. The signboard with “covering ex’s names since 2004,” is the unbeatable one among all others. The most demanding one too. This tattoo shop owner tried a very different way to attract customers by putting funny phrases over the signboard.

The sign of “ink responsibly” and “gluten-free tattoos” are the new tattoo ideas introduced to the market. These signboards will definitely convince people to have a tattoo from this shop who never had an idea to get the tattoo in their entire life. Such signboards will force you to stop and read the phrases which is a very smart marketing strategy. You never know where the next great business idea will come from when you laugh at yourself.

Buy Two And Pay For Both

Discounts always sound very satisfying as a customer, pizza owners give special offers to their customers. Although, it seems that the pizza shop is tired of giving special discounts on pizzas. Therefore, adopted a tricky strategy “today’s special, order any two pizzas and pay for both.” A tricky step to end normal discounts on pizzas. This offer will definitely attract a lot of customers although it may sound very foolish and funny as well.

Hope this will have easily fooled many people who are desperate about eating pizza. The people are really so much excitement for it that they even won’t notice what actually is written there. They may misread it as buy two and pay for one. And then their business will be healthier all around.

Surprising Quote Of The Day

Humour has a way of opening people up to new possibilities and frees their minds to spark new ideas. You might have seen a lot of coffee shop owners use this idea for customer engagement. The local coffee shop came up with a surprising quote for the day. A different from the routine, yet perfectly true. The person who got this quote has perfectly slammed the politics, but truth finds its way out. And here it came on a local coffee shop.

Opening up lines of communication. If you can get someone to laugh, you can get them to listen. Writing anonymously at the end of the quote forces the customers to think about the writer. Everyone was curious about who is the mystery person behind this quote, and that person deserves an award for sure. It creates a lighter mood and people are more willing to reach a compromise.

Stop Abusing The Staff

Laughter leads to better relationships. Meeting someone new? Start with a joke or a shared moment of laughter. In most of the hotels, we have observed how badly the staff is treated by the customers. This is the most needed sign and should be placed in every public place like shops, malls, hotels everywhere. Every single day we come to see customers abusing staff members. Due to their personal frustrations, employees suffer. But this needs to be stopped.

Even if the employee is not well experienced or well trained, he deserves respect for sure. They are humans and should be treated as humans not robots. Also, these can get angry and may react unpredictably when abused. Getting people to laugh at work reduces absenteeism. They’ll want to show up for work if you can make them laugh. Such warning signs are playing a very crucial role in maintaining dignity in the hotel premises.

Mouse Or A Trap

A mouse repair shop has a mouse attached to the mousetrap and is doing a sort of advertisement for his outstanding skills. Well, it’s clearly seen that the shop owner has a very good sense of humor. This idea deserves a great mind to evolve, and this shop owner has got it for sure. Mice puns and jokes never go out of trend just like our furry friends. Really unexpected!

Here the word “mousetrap” has been taken rigorously by the owner. Does anyone have an idea about why he did so? If your mouse is out of warranty, well, it may be time to buy a new mouse. Or, if you’re willing to get your hands dirty, you can try repairing it yourself. Although it’s quite evident that the reason behind doing this is deep, although the act is equally funny.

A Manikin Funeral

The arts & crafts store with such a wired sense of humor that no one is paying attention to it. This may look weird but we should definitely praise the owner for such a unique mindset. This dummy has become the worst joke ever, poor dummy. This is the same as when your uncle laughs at strange things and makes jokes without laughing. You don’t understand him. Now you’re talking with your mother about him.

Humor perception is affected by one’s values and beliefs and some personality traits, and level of sanity. If someone is sane and reasonably normal, you can tell. If they are a messed up person, it often enough shows up in how they react to things. Who could have imagined seeing a dummy in such an unpleasant manner, wrapped inside a coffin and that too in a arts & craft shop!. Such acts may look lame but it will force the customers to smile and think about what’s actually going on. Maybe the manikin has left for a better place than this. Rest in peace dear.

Honey! You Are Being Slandered

When it comes to relieving stress, more giggles and guffaws are just what the doctor ordered. This shop had decided to change the beautiful name of “honey” to “bee vomit.” This person has got a funny idea but actually honey is neither the bee vomit nor the bee shit. Man, you are deluded. We all know how honey is made and this person decided to be a bit more extra creative with the name honey.

Whether you’re guffawing at a sitcom on TV or quietly giggling at a newspaper cartoon, laughing does you good. Scientifically honey is the end product of flower nectar inside the bees through enzymatic reaction and dehydration. It is evident that this person is not aware of the basic knowledge of manufacturing honey. Therefore, it would be totally wrong to call it a “bee vomit”. What do you think?

Hello Vegans! 🙂

We all are aware of the vegan culture which is at its peak nowadays. A local shop has put a vegan statue on the wall along with deer statues, a kind of taunt to the vegans. Some people would love it while others would take it as a sort of humiliation. Vegans would be upset while non-vegans will take pride and have fun out of it. A cold war is always there in between the vegans and the non-vegans and the owner is using it very well.

Vegans can take the idea of how to adopt it by mounting non-vegan statues along with some flesh eaters. Well, every person has his own choice and taste for food. It’s just for fun not to humiliate anyone. So it’s important to take it as a joke and people must laugh it out despite getting angry. This is so scary and I cannot laugh but stay away from this sculpture.

That Triangular Note

Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs, and muscles, and increases the endorphins that are released by your brain. Laughter has so many positive aspects on your health, it releases the happy hormone which is dopamine. No idea about what the reason is behind this note below the triangular roof-shaped menu. “save the orphaned whales.” What is the purpose behind such a note that too inside a cafe? Does the owner want people to read a book instead of having coffee there?

It could be a bit better if it had another note “enjoy coffee for free while reading a book here,” while having a discussion with others on how to save the orphaned whales. Probably this coffee outlet is giving you a serious point to discuss while sipping a coffee. Laughter isn’t just a quick pick-me-up, though. It’s also good for you over the long term. Let me know what you think about this picture.

Why Do I Need To prove I Have Bought A Donut?

It’s about a person who tries to explain that there is no need to give a receipt for buying a donut. Looks like this person what’s the deal to be as simple as possible. He tries to say that there is no need to waste paper and ink to record the transaction. Why one need to prove that he has bought a donut. Although all he did was just for fun, seems to have a good sense of humor.

Donuts contain so much sugar in such a little size that your body puts out a lot of insulin to deal with it. Intense elevations in blood sugar are immediately followed by precipitous declines in blood sugar. Despite the risks, it’s OK to indulge in them every now and then for one’s own amusement. It’s possible that the doughnut store was in desperate need of such a free piece of advise.

Screaming For Coffee?

Whosoever has written this phrase must definitely be praised for his sarcasm. This sign depicts how badly one needs a cup of coffee. Yawning is a simple and silent demand of the body, carving for the coffee. It is a very good marketing strategy that can increase your sales. Coffee addicts are well aware of this situation. They even can’t wait to yawn first and then grab a cup of coffee for themselves. Very funny indeed.

Caffeine is naturally produced in the leaves and seeds of many plants. It’s also made artificially and added to certain foods. The most difficult and impossible is to stay longer from the coffee. Caffeine causes great addiction and the long gap is unbearable. Leave a comment on this picture and let me analyze your thoughts.

A Captivating Alternative

Kids are very choosy when it comes to their food, making them eat healthy products is a difficult job to do. This local store is well aware of how to make children buy veggies they are least interested in. Great strategy adopted for product tying. Carrots have been described here as “snowman noses.” This great concept is compelling children to buy carrots.

This is an outstanding and funny idea., exclusively when there is a great need for snowman noses. I mean during winters, as one can use a carrot really as a snowman nose, well snowfall is the first requirement for it. Kids love to make snowmen during the winters so it is a very smart marketing strategy to increase sales. Actually, they don’t make sense but marketing and designing can go at any level. I hope they add some sense in their upcoming designs.

Ice Cream For Sure Is The Best Cheat Treat.

Nowadays people have become diet conscious and have started paying extra attention to what they eat. This ice cream shop has no mercy for those people who regret eating ice cream as an unhealthy calorie intake. Who is going to choose anything over ice cream? Sorry, not me! This ice-cream cup is trying to persuade people about having this delicious ice cream without regretting it.

Ice cream is not a low-fat or low-calorie treat but full of cream, flavors, and calories. If one really wants to get nutrients from ice cream, he should go for carrots, not ice cream. And this company just wants his customer fooled. Adding such heavy words won’t really affect people today. Everyone is aware of such marketing techniques. Will you buy this ice cream? I hope not.

Are These Rules For Fire Safety Or For Smackdown?

Whosoever made this poster must be in a very light mood, the poster looks very funny but delivers the right information. The poster has a wrestling theme as fire safety rules to be followed while helping someone get stuck in a fire emergency. This has everything picturized very well that one may mistake it as a smackdown poster.

This poster can for sure help during an emergency, but it is really very funny to use a wrestling theme for fire safety measures. But the most important thing is that one should be able to lift a person like a pro wrestler. Some legends will stand and laugh at these pictures rather than rescuing people from danger and emergency. Guys, explore more for such funny and wired pictures of an emergency. We need to make our audience aware of the wrongdoings.

You Will Be Laughing While Reading This, Right.

This poster is a very good taunt to all those who think that pizza is junk food and has adverse effects on your body. Simple steps to pizza salad

This advertisement at the pizza shop has gained huge love from customers. Why not, after all, lettuce is being replaced by the pizza slices and everyone is going to love this salad. Will this recipe for the tastiest salad be a blockbuster?

Loaded with nutrients for a perfect diet. Flavor and fun all together. Everyone is going to love this for their whole life. People won’t regret eating pizza after seeing this poster, as according to this person it is a salad. Lots of laughs. Personally, I like pizza a lot. We all know it’s not healthy but I loved this idea. Making junk food healthy and creative is a good way of marketing. Jokes apart, this design has gone hilariously wrong.

An Apologizing Coffee

A coffee shop with a signboard “sorry,” is apologizing for its weird signs. This seems to be a joke but it is absolutely true and happens only in Canada. This trick seems to be used just to attract customers and be famous. This seems so innocent idea. We never thought that any company would keep its name as sorry. Personally, this is a very unique and creative idea.

The poor, gloomy coffee shop with the name “sorry coffee co” is feeling sorry for not having a guy who makes a better sign. You can revisit next time so you may get a better sign to see. These people change the signs every day so each day you will get to see a weird sign which may make you laugh.

This Neglected Repair Shop Renovates Everything.

The owner of the shop is unaware of the fact that he is looking so ironic after the use of this poster.

This poster is being honest to describe its services. Well, everything can get repaired here but they can’t repair their doorbell. One has to knock on the door so hard because the maintenance workshop can fix anything but not their own doorbell, well their own choice.

It simply means that professionals here are only to help people and not to fix their own things. It’s quite similar to the plumber’s house leaks and the carpenter’s house creaks. This reminds me of my uncle’s car. He had an old, worn-out car and he always suggested people buy branded cars.

An Extraordinary Fan

Hello, world! Have a look at this unique fan. Some genius-minded people only can get such a brilliant idea about how to make a skateboard fan. A person with a lot of free time can only come up with an idea like that. Have you ever got such an idea?

Well, this person seems immensely in love with his stuff. Was he really in need of a fan or was he a skating dreamer? He might have liked gazing towards the ceiling all day long. It may be his personal way to preserve his things. Lots of laughs. Very very funny idea and design.

Flexible Modes Of Payment

Oh God. So much flexibility can be seen in this advertisement. The business below is very flexible when it comes to the modes of payment. They accept debit cards and credit cards, also open mouth kisses are acceptable. Here internet banking seems to be outdated, thus new payment methods have been introduced.

The payment modes in this shop will freak you out. If you can purchase products just by giving kisses then it’s not a bad deal. In place of currency, one can give compliments to the staff members. This is very rear and cool as you can give bowls of soup instead of money. Well, you can give waffles too.

Surprising Wine Sign

The person in this wine shop seems to have a good sense of humor while framing the sign “I ran out of coffee” that too in a wine shop, funny. Well, everyone will be happy with such replacement wine for coffee. Coffee lovers are very nicely trolled in this wine shop. A lot of people opt for coffee in place of wine so it’s a good way to attract wine lovers.

Displaying the coffee signboard at the wine shop is a massive joke. Similarly, the coffee shop can have a sign “I ran out of wine.” I guess we all will run out of coffee after reading such hilarious and wired quotes. And what is the relationship between the brand name, GIANT EAGLE, and the product? Do you find any?

The Celebrity Avocado

Avocado, healthy food as we all know, is getting advertised with the movie theme of “the game of thrones.” Getting the perfect avocado is not everyone’s cup of tea, but in this store, you are going to find the perfect avocados. The owner very nicely made the use of memes available on social media.

Game of Thrones is a very popular series and a lot of people will get attracted to this board. This supermarket has the best quality avocado you will ever find. Somewhere I also think that this is a dirty idea. The way this poster is connected here, brights up my mind. Oh shit, no more words for the slogan.

An Empty Jar

As a local fast food store, everything is labeled so does an empty plastic container. The owner is truly committed to the work that he got, even an empty bottle labeled as “empty.” Should he label it as “air,” as the jar is not totally empty, it does have something in it. A very bad joke, I guess.

It seems this container has been placed for the people who don’t like any sort of topping or dressing for their food. Yet they can enjoy the empty jar. This may sound funny but it is equally weird as well. It is totally senseless to do this act. And this restaurant will charge it high and make it so expensive that people will value empty things from now on.

Professed For Tobacco Use Only

The owner of this store pretends he does know anything that he sells is only meant for tobacco use, and does not sell any illegitimate product. Here it is quite evident that the owner of the shop is trying his best to be proven innocent. Is he really an innocent person trying to be one?

We all know the red glass oil burner on the bottom shelf, right. The owner is just trying to fool the people by using the sign board. These memes can go so viral on social media that you don’t need to market them anymore. We can learn how to fool the customers from this company. I truly discourage this kind of joke. Very hilarious indeed.

The Bitter Truth

The gift store has a sign about the children. They believe that kids are our future but it really doesn’t mean that they will definitely be productive in the future. It’s a very harsh truth that has been scribbled by the owner of the shop. It may even offend some people but we all know it’s the truth.

It sounds weird but not all children are the same. Some children may be productive in the future. But this store owner really doesn’t hesitate to display such a demotivating sign. Kids are kids, whomsoever they may belong to. If you are a kid lover, be cautious. They can harm you anytime, anywhere and you’ll never be able to catch them.

The Love For Donut

A donut shop had put a delicious donut on the display. Attracting everyone who is passing thereby. The dog is drooling over the donut. Anyone please, help the poor dog. Putting your products on display is a very good method to attract customers and force them to eat donuts from your shop.

The kid in the picture also longs for the donut. A tasty one it seems. Hey man, please remove this item from your display. Have some mercy. Whatever I cannot resist myself but have a donut for my meal. Do you all like donuts? If you have never tried, we suggest you do that. They are super tasty.

Donut- Do Not Panic

While refurbishing a local donut shop they put a message for the customers. The idea is hilarious and catchy. They didn’t want their customers to get worried about being closed. Such an effective way to take a break and also keep in touch with your customers. This is again my favorite place to hang out.

Wait, does the sign “donut panic will be back” mean” do not panic, we will be back,” or does it mean donut has got a panic attack and after recovery, it will be back. The funny but appealing idea this person has got. I don’t mind looking upon the other side of this poster, let’s focus on donuts and not on its advertising.

The Barbers Room

The barber’s shop with the sign of a shaving tool, calling for hippies to get their heads shaved. For a bald, it’s a sort of entertainment but for hippies, who are in love with their highly pampered hair, it is nothing less than a tragedy. Basically, hippies are trolled in a very decent manner by this sign.

Hippies are going to get very angry over this sign. Also, the barber has got a very poor sense of humor or is the barber himself is a bald-headed person. Why can’t people understand that these jokes are not meant for a laugh? They really don’t make any sense of humor for today’s youth.

Screaming To Get One

Can you scream to get a sword out of the box at a supermarket, if yes then you can own one for sure? In this supermarket, a customer should scream out “there can be only one” to get a sword out of the box. Do these words really make any sense? Who will really laugh at these?

Is it have any sort of test to determine whether a person is able to have a sword or not? Is screaming the deciding factor? Definitely not, this phrase is just used to catch attention. I would like to advise the company to think something sensible. They are gradually reducing their customers with these stupid words rather than attracting them.

To Mend A Step Ladder

A hardware store with such a dad joke is terrible to handle. Like how can anyone get such kind of humor? Will the house say to this poor ladder that you are not my original ladder? This poster has a very deep meaning and a lot of people might not understand its original meaning. There’s a chance that viewers might also get offended after watching this.

Hey boss, the ladder is just helping you to reach the higher points and shelves, and you are making fun of it. How cruel you are Mr. House? And that 59.00 doesn’t look normal. Those zeros are making an infinity symbol. Oh yes, that really is a very long ladder now. Sorry, a step ladder to be precise. Very hilarious poster, isn’t it?

Sleep Is Inversely Proportional To Amount Of Coffee One Should Have

Whether we’re earnestly attempting to solve big problems or striving for profits, jokes and laughter often seem out of place. Coffee needs strong men and this coffee shop knows it better. This coffee shop owner indeed is a master who is aware of the exact amount of coffee needed to avoid sleep. The amount of coffee intake is determined by his sleep. Less sleep more coffee and vice-versa. The longer the sleep time, the weaker the person is. And coffee is not for the babies, right.

Caffeine and stress can both elevate cortisol levels. High amounts of caffeine can lead to the negative health effects. Intake of caffeine should be limited, one should be really careful while having coffee because of its adverse effects. This coffee shop has coffee of different sizes. This concept looks good but for sleep lovers, it may be terrible for sure. Can anyone guess the size of coffee for the immortal person?