25 DIY Projects That Are Creative and Fun To Do

The pandemic has been tough on everyone. However, we should never forget that there is always a silver lining in every bad thing. As far as the pandemic is concerned, it gave people a lot of free time to try out different DIY projects. People felt so incredibly bored that they decided to take full advantage of their free time.

If you are feeling bored as well and need to spice up your day (doesn’t matter if you are quarantining at this moment or not), then this blog post is perfect for you.

If you are not really planning to do any DIY projects but just want to have a good laugh, then it is perfect for you, too.

There are 50 creative DIY pandemic projects that will leave the boredom behind in no time!

Renovating Your Dog House DIY Project

One amazing DIY pandemic project is to renovate your dog’s house. Dogs are very social animals indeed. They like to
have nice things so in order to keep your dog stress free it is important to invest in their well-being.

And one of the best ways to do that is to make their dog house more beautiful. It can be a nice calming project for
your pup and also something to keep you busy during the pandemic because something this fun should never be passed

Creating a Miniature Doll Set of Important Events DIY Project

Get small miniature doll-sized houses and small figures and furniture to create your very own miniature sets. It can
turn into a hobby of yours and you can even make money out of it. All you have to do is bring a specific event in

And then think about how you can make a miniature set for that event. Once you are ready, buy all the required things
you would need for that specific event and get to work. It would also make for a great conversation piece when you
are having guests over.

Turn Your Dining Table into a Pool Table

This project is for all those who love playing pool and would really like to play it in their dining room or living
room. For this, you just need a normal dining table that is of the same size as a pool table and then gets
small pockets and balls in case you want them real.

Just hang the small pockets or punches at six sides of the table and start playing. For a complete DIY project you
can even use a ball made at home with different materials. Just imagine how entertaining it can be.

Put On a Neighborhood Concern to Showcase Your Music Skills DIY Project

This is one DIY project that you can do at your own home and showcase your musical talent to all of your neighbors.
To start this project you just need a small corner in the living room or dining where people could sit down, listen
to some soothing music while admiring the decor.

You could also get sound proof furniture designed for it so that it doesn’t disturb anyone else in the house when you
are practicing. Put up stool chairs for everyone to sit on during their turn. This would be very much like an open
karaoke session with music at your own place!

Renovate your house yourself DIY Project

Now this project can get a little tricky if you are not experienced or careful. If you want to renovate or add some
new nice furniture to your house and if you have the time, money, and effort then this project is for you.

Just pick a room of your choice and get started with creating an entire new look for it. Allow your imagination to
finally be free. You just need to be as creative as you possibly can and think of an out-of-the-box while placing
every little thing.

Learn To Stitch DIY Project

This project is for all the people who have always wanted to learn how to stitch but have never got around to it. All
the resources you are going to need for this is just some time and a little effort.

You can search online for tutorials on how to stitch in case you are new to it or if you know how to do it already,
then simply pick up an item that needs stitching and get started. It’s a fun way of learning something new at your
own pace!

House Makeover

A house makeover is obviously not the same thing as a house renovation. Instead of changing everything from the
inside of the house you obviously focus more on the outside when it comes to a house makeover. Try to change its
entire outlook.

Paint it with a different color, get different types of roofs, do anything that would make your house look more
beautiful and stand out from the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. It would also make you feel good since you
have a house that is unique and beautiful, way better than other houses in your neighborhood.

Arrange a Fancy Dinner Night At Home

With the restaurant closed during the pandemic, it was difficult to enjoy a fancy dinner with your partner. Well not
anymore. One of the best ways to enjoy a romantic evening with your partner is to arrange a fancy dinner night at
your home.

You could even use that fancy dining set and dining table you have never used up till now. You could also arrange
everything from flowers to candles to make it look even more beautiful! You can also arrange a fancy dinner for the
entire family.

Make a detailed Ping Pong Obstacle Course Project

This DIY project in particular is designed for all those people who love playing ping pong and also have a very
creative mind. You can make your own obstacle course and use the ping pong table to play it on.

This would be like an adventure game where you would need to clear different levels by reaching at the end of the
course without hitting any obstacles along the way. Sounds interesting right? Try this out, maybe with some help
from other people as well!

Create Different Fun Challenges for Your Pet

This project is for all the pet lovers who have a dog or a cat at home. You can pick up a few things from your house
and create different fun challenges to play with your pet. For example, you could use toilet paper and stack them
one over the other and then ask your pet to jump over it.

Gradually make the challenge tougher for them by increasing the number of toilet papers. This would be like an
adventure game for them as well, since they get to explore new things while playing this game (which you made). This
is just one example you can create many different challenges for them.

Build a Fort from Couch Cushions and cardboard

This is fun for groups of all ages, and you will probably want to do it again after your first time. It’s like
building a house out of couch cushions. You can make the floor and walls and even cover them in fabric, pillows, and
stuffed animals to give them different textures.

Make sure there are doors but no roofs; this will allow airflow inside the fort so the participants don’t get too hot
while they play inside.  Watch old home videos or put on a favorite family movie you already own (make sure any
parents who join in know that you’re planning on doing. You can also create a cardboard fort for your pet to enjoy.

Arrange a Movie Theater Night

Put up an old sheet or other white fabric on the wall (outside) to make your own outdoor movie theater. For the
inside, you can use chairs and blankets to create an area that is cozy. Be creative with different snacks; offer
popcorn, hot cocoa, juice boxes, and more.

You could also screen classic movies like The Sound of Music or Grease. If cinemas are closed during the pandemic
then there is nothing to worry about. Of course, nothing will replace a real cinematic experience. you can create
your own cinema at home?

DIY Suncatcher

This Reddit user made a DIY suncatcher with the shape of a tree of life using beads. However if you think this is too
difficult for you then you can also take on lighter projects. This project is very inexpensive, simple to make, and
doesn’t take much time at all. Use a clean glass jar or recycled jelly jar.

You can find this type of jar in bulk at most grocery stores. Wash the outside of the jar with some soapy water and
let it dry completely before you start working on it. Pour some vegetable oil into the jar. Then add glitter,
sequins, confetti or anything else that you have around your house that reflects light well. Fill halfway up with
distilled water then screw on the lid tightly. Place the jar in direct sunlight next to a window for maximum

Make Your Own Coffee Table

This is the perfect thing to do if you are experienced in woodwork. This creates a functional piece of furniture that
you can enjoy for many years. This genius reddit user used leftover top boards to create this awesome coffee table
that doubles as storage.

You don’t have to spend money on wood, tools, or even art supplies if you are comfortable using what you already have
at home. First, clean the surface by sanding it down with fine-grit sandpaper until there are no rough spots left.
Wipe off any dust with a damp cloth then let it dry completely before applying primer and paint or stain.

Backyard Renovation

This is perfect for family fun nights in the summer. You can also host game night in your backyard if you don’t mind
hosting outside in the warmth of the sun. If you live in an area that has mosquitoes then you might want to set up
some citronella candles or torches around your yard to keep them away.

To make this project happen, start by cleaning up any old clutter like broken lawn chairs and garden tools (if
there’s anything left). Then throw down a comfy carpet or artificial turf so everyone will be comfortable while they
enjoy each other’s company. This reddit user made his own beautiful outdoor area in their backyard.

Invest In House Plants

This is a great way to spruce up your home without spending too much money. This indoor garden has lots of beautiful
plants, which makes it look more welcoming. You can also make this reddit user’s living room look better by adding
some house plants.

To give your indoor garden an extra pop of color you can paint the wall behind one container red or yellow. It will
make the flowers in front stand out even more. It is inexpensive, really easy to do, and you can get your kids

Glass Painting

This is another activity that is fun to do together as a family. Kids can paint on the glass with acrylic paint and
adult supervision is always a good idea if you have young kids taking part in this project.

And maybe adults will want to take part in the process too, who knows. Just be sure to use non-toxic paints or coat
the glass first with a non-toxic sealer so it’s safe for drinking glasses. If you want to make your own personalized
coasters then this reddit user has some great tips.

Create Your Own Gym

If you like to workout at home and you don’t want to spend a lot of money creating your own gym then follow this
reddit user’s advice. Create a simple exercise area with some homemade equipment. You won’t need to spend tons of
money doing it, and it’s not going to consume lots of time and effort.

You can make these tools out of everyday household objects, which means they are super cheap to make. Just be sure
all the weights are even so there is no chance of tipping over or breaking floor tiles or furniture if someone
happens to bump into them.

Invest In Creating the Perfect Home Office

If you are someone who works from home then making your workspace comfortable and fun is a must. This Reddit user’s
home office is the perfect place to get some work done on those days where everything seems like it’s against you.
You don’t need fancy furniture or equipment, which makes this project more affordable than most would think.

Start out with a simple desk and chair along with some shelving for storing supplies and files (papers and books).
Then add some small personal touches like pictures of family and friends, plants, etc. to make it feel like your own
unique area that helps you relax even while you’re working.

Renovate Your Garden Beds

With some fresh paint and new fixtures, your garden bed area will be looking good in no time. This reddit user’s
raised beds are the perfect addition to any yard or even patio because you can create an inviting atmosphere when
growing delicious fruits and veggies.

You don’t have to start over by ripping out all old garden beds if they are functional. All you need is some scrap
wood to give them a quick makeover. Then just add some color by painting everything in bright colors that stand out
in your yard/patio area. It helps to choose flowers that attract butterflies too, because everyone knows how
mesmerizing they are to watch flutter around your garden area while chomping on nectar-filled flowers.

Make a Home Bar

If you enjoy having friends and family over for a game night or movie nights then this might be the perfect project
to take on. This reddit user’s home bar is amazing, not just because of how it looks but also in terms of
functionality too.

You don’t have to waste loads of money buying a commercial one when you can build your own one with these DIY
instructions. Just follow these simple instructions and soon you will be the after-party favorite among your social

Build a Canoe and Other Unique items

To make your yard and garden more beautiful and easier to maintain, follow this reddit user’s advice. She used old
reclaimed wood scraps she found while dumpster diving to build a canoe and lots of other cool things for her

This is perfect if you like the idea of recycling materials that can be turned into useful items (like a canoe). You
can also use pieces of scrap lumber to create planters, which makes them not only more aesthetically pleasing but
also functional.

Develop Your Very Own Board Game

With nothing more than a small budget and some time, you can create your very own board game. This is perfect if you
like to entertain family and friends (especially during the holidays) because it gives everyone something to do that
is not only fun but also challenging.

Plus, making your own board game is a cool way to spend quality time with people close to you without spending too
much money or going on vacation somewhere exotic. Just put these DIY instructions to use and soon enough you’ll be
enjoying good times and great memories with those who matter most in your life.

Complete Your Degree Online

Pandemic gave people an ideal amount of time to complete their education. With so many universities offering online
courses and a lenient marking system, it became easy for many people to complete their degrees that had been halted
due to different reasons.

With this whole pandemic thing going on at the moment, it also means that completing their degree would be a lot
easier because there wouldn’t be that many things to distract them from doing homework and studying for their exams.

Do a Goofy but Memorable Photoshoot

Many people decided to do their own photoshoots which are not only more affordable but also fun. This user suggests
that you don’t have to be doing a serious shoot with heavy clothing because it can end up being hot and
uncomfortable for everyone involved. Instead, wear something you would wear while boating or fishing for example.

Those kinds of clothes are usually easy to move around in which means more room for creativity when you are taking
pictures. Plus, adding playful props like fishnets and old oars makes everything look more interesting while also
giving off an outdoorsy vibe.

Plant Your Own Vegetable Garden

Many people decided to build their own vegetable garden. This is perfect if you like eating wholesome and healthy
food. Plus, by planting your own vegetables in your yard you can save a lot of money on groceries because then you
don’t have to buy them at the store.

There are also many different types of vegetables that grow very well in different climate zones and seasons which
really gives everyone much more freedom of choice when it comes to choosing what exactly it is that they want to

Adopt a Pet and Take Care of It

Taking care of an animal can be challenging but also rewarding at the same time. This is perfect if you like pets and
feel bad for strays roaming around in the streets. In a pandemic, wild animals are more vulnerable to getting sick
because there isn’t enough food to go around.

This means that by taking care of one, your pet will have a better chance of surviving when things get really
serious. The best kinds of animals to take in when there’s a pandemic going on are farm animals such as chickens.

Dye Your Hair Different Colors

This is perfect if you like standing out and being unique, whether it’s through your clothes or hairstyles. Dying
your hair a bright color such as yellow or blue is not only more affordable than going to the salon but also fun.

Plus, dyeing your own hair gives you greater control over how much and which strands of hair get dyed. If the
pandemic lasts long enough, this can be a really cool way to express yourself and show everyone that there’s nothing
wrong with just having fun.  

Learn To Sew Clothes

Sewing clothes is another way to save money which can come in handy if the pandemic lasts for a long time. By making
your own clothes instead of buying them, you’ll be saving a lot of money on clothes and also earning

Sewing your own clothing gives you greater control over how you look and how everything fits on you, which means that
everyone will be satisfied with their new pieces. You could even make birthday gifts for friends and family such as

Do a Big Jigsaw Puzzle

This is perfect if you like doing things by yourself and can be done in most locations that have electricity. Many
people enjoyed working on jigsaw puzzles during the pandemic because it meant spending some time with their families
while also having fun.

Plus, when everyone works together they’ll be able to finish faster which means more time left for other activities.
There are many ways to make your experience with puzzle-working even better including creating comfort zones,
learning how to solve jigsaws, using music or apps to make it easier.

Take Up Painting and Paint Canvases

This is perfect for people who are creative and like expressing themselves in different ways. Painting can be done
anywhere there’s electricity which means that it’s the perfect activity to do on a rainy day. Plus, when you paint
canvases your skills improve faster which means that you’ll become better at drawing over time.

Taking up painting during a pandemic is very affordable because all the materials needed can be found in most arts
and crafts stores. One of the best things about learning how to paint during a pandemic is that by the end of it you
might actually have enough skill and knowledge to sell your own paintings and make some money.

Learn Photography

This is perfect for people who like taking pictures, especially of nature. It might be difficult to find time to do
it during the pandemic but when you get the opportunity you should definitely take it up because there’s always
something new and exciting to capture.

Photography can also be enjoyed by friends and family members so this means that everyone will be able to participate
in the fun. The best thing about photography is that even if you don’t enjoy it right away, with enough practice and
experience it becomes very rewarding which makes learning fun too.

Do Embroidery

This is absolutely perfect if you enjoy being creative in different ways. Embroidery can be done anywhere there’s
electricity which means that it is one of the easiest things to do when the world isn’t what it used to be any more.

There are many well-loved embroidery patterns that have stood the test of time meaning that you won’t run out of
things to make any time soon. Embroidery is also very affordable because all the materials needed to practice it can
be found at most arts and crafts stores.

Do Crocheting

Crocheting is perfect for people who enjoy doing things with their hands and also want to save money. It’s very
affordable because all the materials needed can be found at most arts and crafts stores. Crocheting gives you a
great deal of control over how your art looks, which means that everyone will be able to make their own pieces.

Plus, Crochet creations are usually extremely durable meaning that it’s a wonderful crafting experience for you and
your friends and family members. The best part is that by the end of the pandemic you might even have enough skills
to apply for freelance jobs or enter contests.

Make Your Own Musical Instruments

Musical instruments can be very expensive and you might not always have the money to buy them so this is why making
your own is perfect. The pandemic will give you a good amount of time to create your own musical instruments that
you can enjoy at home with your friends and family. It’s also a great way to bond with friends and family members
because everyone gets involved in the process.

The best part about musical instruments that you’ve made yourself is that they tend to be more durable than those
that aren’t, plus, they’re usually unique which means that nobody else will have one just like yours. It might take
a lot of time and effort but at the end of it, you’ll have something all your own which makes every second spent
worth it.

Learn a New Language

This is great if you want to travel and see other countries someday. Learning a new language helps you understand the
world better and it also enables you to communicate with different people as well as their cultures which makes it
easier for you to visit those places. Plus, knowing more than one language means that your opportunities will
improve because there’s always an opportunity where one knows your native language or another one that you know.

Learning a new language can be done anywhere so this makes it even better because there’s no limit to what kind of
adventures you can go on by learning just a little bit at least. As Napoleon said, a person who knows two languages
has two heads. So check how many heads you can grow!

Improve Your Baking Skills

Baking is perfect if you enjoy cooking and also want to save money. It might not be easy to find the ingredients that
you need at first but when you get used to it, it becomes very rewarding and fun. It’s also a great activity for
families and friends because everyone gets involved in making something together.

The best part about baking is that people will always love some tasty treats so this means that your baked goods can
be sold too! As an added bonus, knowing how to bake could help out with other projects such as crocheting or
embroidery which makes it extra useful.

Do a Movie Marathon

This is perfect if you enjoy watching movies and also want to save money. This is a wonderful activity because
everyone gets involved in it together which means that you’ll get to bond with everyone in your family or friends
circle. At the end, you’ll have spent time with each other without spending too much money.

Plus, when movies are watched at home they’re usually very relaxing which can be helpful during this difficult time.
It’s also a great way to take your mind off the pandemic for a little while so that when you come back, all of your
energy will be restored.

Pick and Read a Book

If you enjoy reading then this is the perfect pandemic project for you. You can pick out a book that you’ve always
wanted to read but never got around to it or find something new. This is also great because, unlike movies which are
time-consuming, books don’t take as long so more of your time will be open.

Plus, when you read a good book at least once in your life there’s nothing like it. It would be even better if
everyone in your family and friends circle did this too though! If you do decide to try out books during the
pandemic, remember: stay safe and make sure to eat chocolate!

Take On Coloring

You might think that coloring is only for kids. Well that is not true at all. Adults can also enjoy coloring. Just
like books, coloring is also great because it takes very little time and energy, which you’re going to need in this
difficult time.

However, when you’re finished with your project remember to stretch and generally just do some exercises! After you
start your coloring activity you, trust us, are unlikely to stop soon, so after sitting for a long time some
physical activity is what your body will want for sure.

Make Scented Candles At Home

Candles are great because they don’t cost a lot of money and also give off a lovely scent. If you make scented
candles at home then there’s no limit to the kinds of smells that you can put in them!

You can even make your own odor if you are very creative. Just remember to make sure you stay safe when working with
fire and wear gloves! Order some essential oils online if the shops are closed and enjoy the creative process.

Take Up Meditation

Meditation is awesome for this pandemic because it will help calm the mind and relax the body. It’s perfect for this
time because it can be done anywhere so no matter where you are. Whether you are in public at the moment or flying
high up in an airplane, meditation can still be done.

The benefits of it have been proven by clinical psychologists a long time ago: levels of cortisol go down, stress
resistance goes up, and generally, you just become a calmer, nicer person. Yes, we know you are nice already, but,
as a proverb says, there are no limits to perfection.

Make Photo Albums from The Past

Photo albums are a joyful way to remember the past and put your energy into something that makes you happy when
you’re in difficult times. They take very little time, energy, and money so it’s perfect for when you need to save
all of those things.

Plus, when people look at them they’ll be reminded about what wonderful memories there are in their lives. This also
goes out to family members or friends who would enjoy going through photo albums with each other because it will
help bond everyone together!

Organize Your Garage

Garages are often filled with unwanted items that can be very difficult to organize. To make things easier for
yourself, organize your garage. Remember to pick up each item and look at it carefully so that you don’t
accidentally throw out something that you actually need or want!

A world-renowned psychologist Carl Yung developed a theory, according to which everything in life consists of order
and chaos. So, if your garage has turned into complete chaos, you know what to do. If your family members or friends
enjoy organizing, then this would be a great pandemic project for everyone. Just remember to stay safe while working
outside of the house!

Do DIY Repairing

DIY repairing is a great way to keep busy and stay productive when you’re in difficult times. There’s no limit to
what kind of DIY repairs that you can do because they’re all very simple and most times they only require a little
bit of time and energy.

It won’t take up much of your time. Plus, if family members or friends enjoy doing DIY repairs together then everyone
will be able to get a great bonding experience with each other while getting things done around the house!

Organize your Closets

Closets are great places to organize because there’s so much space in them, so much opportunity to get rid of the
stuff you’re never going to wear again. If you organize your closets, then not only will it be very satisfying when
everything is in order.

But you’ll also be able to find clothes, shoes, and other items that you need very easily rather than having to look
around the whole house. Plus, this will help family members or friends who want to help each other organize!

Write Your Family History

Writing about your family history is a creative way to use your energy during difficult times. By writing about your
own experiences or memories of things that happened when your parents were younger it shows how much love and care
there was when they were growing up.

Plus, it would be great fun for all family members or friends to sit around a table and write out their own
experiences! Then you can put the copybooks into a special box and hide it for, say, ten years, and only then you
will open it and read what you wrote. What an adventure indeed…

Learn a New Skill Online

Learning new skills online is a great way to be way more productive than you were before the quarantine. When you are
going through difficult times such as these, it allows you to have open hands and do everything while being still.

All you have to do at home is sit down on your computer or television, visit an online website that has free
tutorials, and learn something that will help keep your mind occupied like sewing, cooking, writing, drawing,
playing the guitar, etc.!

Make DIY Cleaner and Do Deep Cleaning Around Your House

Making your own homemade cleaners is a great way to use the energy you have during difficult times. It’s easy to
make, does not require many ingredients so it won’t cost much money at all, and most of them are very simple to do.
Plus, if family members or friends love making their own cleaners then it will be something everyone can bond with
each other over.

Deep clean your house because this will help save the time that would’ve been used on cleaning little things like
dusting off surfaces, wiping away smudges etc. You can deep clean by vacuuming every room in the house (including
carpets), washing walls/doors with warm water and soap, scrubbing cobwebs down from ceilings/fans, wiping down
smudges on walls, cleaning behind/under furniture, scrubbing sinks with soap and rinsing them, mopping hardwood
floors or tiles, etc.!

Make a Journal

A journal is a great way to use your time because it’s very easy to make. All you have to do is write everything that
has happened that day, how you’re feeling, and maybe a few things that have happened in your life.

This is a good way to get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper (at least to some degree) while being able to
look back at it later on so you’ll know what you were feeling throughout the difficult time!