23+ Pretty Unconventional Things One Can Buy Or Order These Days

We all know supermarkets are the best place to buy all the necessary products we need for the week to come. But have you ever gone to the supermarket and looked at an item you never saw in your entire life and thought “well, this looks unique”? There are so many unusual and out-of-the-ordinary things that you can find at some supermarkets and other places around you as well.

So, let us take a close look at some of the strangest and craziest items you can find in the market. Some of these may surprise you while others may compel you to try them out yourself. Some of them are pretty easy to find, while some of them are a little less common (maybe you will have to order them online), but all of them are pretty interesting, which is how they found their way into this article.

A Unique Revenge

This idea is absolutely genius! A rehab center in Oregon will put your ex’s name on a salmon and feed it to a bear
and they would only charge you $20 for this extremely satisfying experience. (The question is: why does this bear
need to go to rehab? Does he have a drinking problem or something?)

This is one of the most unique ways to get back at somebody who has wronged you. If getting revenge was this simple
then everybody would be doing it all the time. But it is the most peaceful way, so you should still consider it.

Politically Correct Bedtime Stories

A new take on satire. This is one of the best books on satire. It pokes fun at the government and other political
figures in a clever way. It is actually a satirical look on bedtime stories like little red riding hood and other
fairy tales.

However, if you are an extremely politically correct person, a vegan, a male feminist, a fighter against tyrannical
patriarchy etc. etc., you can buy this book anyway and read it to your kids in all seriousness. No matter what
people’s views are, this book is a classic, and every reader loves to get a copy of it whenever possible.

The Perfect Banana for Every Day of the Week

This supermarket sells packed bananas that are at different levels of getting ripened. They are packed in a way that
when you reach the end of the week the unripe bananas from the pack are already ripe and you are able to enjoy a
delicious banana.

These products are very commonly found in Korean supermarkets. However, with time they have gained popularity in
other parts of the world as well. It was probably a bit tricky for the producers to export them successfully into
the States, but, as you can see, they nailed it.

The Pencils That Turn In To Plants When They Become Too Short To Be Used

This is a very creative and unique product. It is a pack of pencils that can be buried in the ground when they become
too short to use. After some time you can see a plant growing from that place. These pencils are not only great fun
but also help the environment by recycling pencils and eliminating waste.

Not to mention the addition of a healthy plant in the environment. This product is all over the world and is very
popular among young kids as it helps them increase their creativity and imagination as well as teaches them about
nature and how we need to take care of our planet earth.

The Classic Art Meme Book

Being a comic mixture of art from the past along with some funny comments that you would only expect to see on a
meme, it’s a true masterpiece really, because it joins the past and present. And popularizes fine arts as well, by
the way.

When we found this picture on the Internet, we instantly decided to put it into this article. This book is a real
classic and you can easily find it in book shops and even in some online stores as well. It is a very popular book
and has already sold a lot of copies. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your copy today.

Cat Butt Tissue Holder

At first glance, you might think that it is a cat sitting on the table however once you go closer you would see that
it is just a tissue holder. It has a very realistic design but the worst part about this tissue holder is that the
tissue comes out of the cats’ back side which in our opinion makes it look bad.

It is creative and funny but that is all that it is. You cannot put it in front of guests or even on your work desk.
However, if you are having a friends’ gathering then it can become a great point of discussion for you and your

Earmuffs for Cows

Yes, you read that right. These amazing pink thingies are earmuffs for your cow (if you have one or planning to buy
it). If you live in a cold climate and have a cow, then these earmuffs are going to help keep your cow warm.

This is a perfect pet accessory to have if you run a farm. Not only will these earmuffs keep your cow warm but they
will also make your cow look cool. Sometimes a little bit of glam is absolutely crucial. Not only for you but also
for your cow.

Harness or Leash for Your Chicken

We all have our favorite pets but bringing them to the park is not an easy task because you will always be worried
about losing your pet or it running away. This can get very tricky if your pet is a chicken. You cannot put a
harness or a leash on it like a dog. Or can you? Well, it turns out there are specifically designed leashes for
chicken as well.

So if you ever want to take your chicken out for a walk don’t forget to bring its leash with you because if your
chicken runs away you would have a really hard time trying to catch it. People will definitely be confused by your
actions of bringing the chicken to the park with a harness but let the people think and do what makes you and your
chicken happy.

A Toolbox that Looks Like Thor’s Hammer

This is an absolutely unique toolbox that looks just like Thor’s hammer. This product was made to commemorate the
superhero who loves to save the world. So, when you’re fixing your apartment, you will also feel a bit like you’re
saving the world.

Plus, this toolbox is actually really practical: you have something to help you work on your car, house or any other
tools you may need around the home. It has many features and can be used as a normal toolbox for everyday household

Cover Your Cat’s Bottom With This Unique… Thing…

No, this is not what you think it is. We honestly have zero idea as to who invented this product and for what reason
and who the hell will buy it. Well, we know the reason is to cover the poor cat’s bottom but why is this even

This is one of the strangest and most useless items out in the market at the moment. Not only is this weird but it
isn’t even functional. No cat will let its owner do that to itself. We think it may actually be considered animal

The Wooden Night Stand that Disassembles Into A Bat and Shield for Protection

This is a very unique and interesting product. It looks like a normal wooden nightstand but can be disassembled into
a bat and shield for protection that has been built in the system of the product. You do not have to be scared of
anything anymore.

This is perfect for those that enjoy funny stuff as well as want to protect themselves from harm. The best part about
this product is it looks so real in both ways, you may not even want to put it away after you use it because it
looks so cool.

Nun Chucks with Nun Dolls as Handles

This product is an abomination. It takes the classic nun chucks and makes them even better with the addition of a
little nun doll hanging on to it. This product does not have any bad intentions as it is just a creative joke.

It is very useful for self-defense and for the spiritual education of your attackers as well, for they will very
quickly remind them that God’s punishment for their evil deeds will be swift, painful, and inevitable.

However, they are still nun chucks and can be dangerous so don’t buy them if you have kids in the house.

The Most Bizarre Fight on Social Media

Catholics vs. Seedless Watermelons and Seedless Watermelons vs. Catholics are two different pages on Facebook. We are
not sure how this rivalry came to be but we are happy to see that the world is definitely enjoying it and actively
participating in the battle between Good and Evil.

The weirdest part about this whole thing is that there are billions of Christians in the world but when it comes to
the likes and followers’ battles then the seedless Watermelons have a great lead over the Catholics. Apparently,
seedless watermelon is more attractive to people, even though it didn’t promise bliss and eternal life to anyone.

Lettuce Design Umbrella

This is indeed a very unusual umbrella. It looks like lettuce and is one of the most creative umbrella designs out in
the market. If your lettuce is looking a little bit soggy then don’t worry some rainwater will freshen it up.

Just don’t try to eat it no matter how hungry you are. That can lead to food poisoning and social embarrassment. But
honestly, if you want to have a nice element of design with you all the time, you can order this online (it might be
tricky to find this stuff offline).

Cosplaying As the Convention Center

Thanks to the legendary Comic-Con that takes place regularly and brings lots of joy to so many, we have seen a lot of
cosplaying costumes over the years. But never have we ever seen a person actually cosplaying as the building where
the convention is being taken place.

This is one of the most creative cosplays we have ever seen. Even though it isn’t particularly ‘fancy’ and doesn’t
show a character from a comic book, it looks absolutely amazing. We want to meet this person and thank them for
their dedication to making a costume like this.

Lazy Susan Refrigerator

This is a Lazy Susan Refrigerator. This clever design is great for small kitchens and will help get the most out of
your refrigerator space. The best part about this product is it looks so real that nobody would ever think there was
a rotating compartment inside the fridge.

It is one of the most effective products ever to be invented. Its name gives it a slightly bad rep but it is
definitely a great item to have. We don’t really understand where this name comes from. This fridge is not for lazy
people, it’s for those who like practical things.

Toilet Paper Holder and Phone Holder: A 2 in 1 Fixture

This is one of the most unique fixtures you will ever see. This product has a phone holder at the top for convenience
and also a toilet paper holder underneath it. Now you can have both your amenities next to each other.

The design of this product is perfect because a lot of people use their phones while they are sitting on the toilet.
This 2 in 1 accessory is something that should be in every house. Plus, it is definitely very aesthetically

Weird Inflatable Swan Toy Thing

This is an oversized swan toy, and whoever made the design of it should be promoted. We don’t know how this came to
be but it has become the most popular outdoor activity ever since it came out on the market.

Now people can enjoy the majestic beauty of this large inflatable Swan at the same
time as thinking as to why does it exist in the first place. This is one of those products that we had no idea we
needed until we saw it and then we were immediately hooked.

A Circular Typewriter to Write Music

This is a circular typewriter designed, of course, especially for musicians. This peculiar typewriter has all sorts
of controls that allow you to manipulate notes in many ways and write music freely. We already said that of course,
this product was originally made for musicians, but…

…but then they found out that regular people loved it too. It is one of those objects where you will continue to find
new functions even after having it for years. Its unique design is the one that makes it so popular amongst music

Unique Floating Coffee Mug Design

This is a unique floating coffee mug design. This product looks great and functions well as well. It is one of those
products that gives you exactly what you expect out of it: it is as practical as it is beautiful, and it’s easy to
wash it.

This mug is also very lightweight which makes the use really convenient. At a first glance, it gives you a feel that
the mug is floating in the air but as you get closer you see that it is only the unique design of the mug that is
making it look like that.

The 24 Hours Clock

This is an amazing 24-hour clock. This is a more modern approach to telling time. The 24-hour clock eliminates having
to make amends between 12 midnight and 12 noon which can quite often lead to confusion as it goes from 0 to 23.

This product makes it much easier but also takes away some of the styles that come with regular analog clocks. It is
one of those things that you will have trouble at first using but then after a few days, you won’t be able to start
living without this product.

Organ Shaped Plush Toys

These days you can find a range of different plush toys that are shaped like organs of the human body. This is a
great little item that kids will absolutely love. It makes for great decorating and the best part is that it will
never get old.

We can definitely see this product becoming popular in many different countries around the world and we would be
surprised if its longevity was limited to just a few years. There is so much potential here and we can’t wait to see
what else this company has up its sleeves. Get this for your teenager who is thinking about going into medicine.

Uno Dos Tres

Uno is one of the most popular card games in the world. This is why someone had this unique idea of coming up with
the same game named Dos but selling it slightly cheaper than Uno. So it is the same card game but it is sold cheaper
than the original game.

This is one of those products that we can easily see becoming very popular in the future may be just a joke but it
will definitely become popular. So if you are looking to save some money then dos are the way to go for.

Blanket with A Burrito Design

This is a blanket with a burrito design. We do not think we need to say too much about this product as you can guess
by now we know we are looking at a blanket shaped like a burrito. Again, don’t eat that, please.

The quality of the material used for this product seems great but then again it is a burrito blanket so the quality
isn’t the main thing to focus on here This is one of those products that you have no idea why it exists but once you
see it you will fall in love with it.

Plastic Covers for Your Shoes

These plastic covers for your shoes are a perfect way to keep your shoes from getting wet or/and dirty. This is an
ideal product for those who have a need to take off their shoes every time they enter a building.

These will literally save you time and money as well as keep your floors clean. These plastic covers are your shoes’
very own raincoat. They are a perfect accessory to have. However, if you want to flex your new shoes in front of
your friends, it can be a bit of an obstacle.

Rubik’s Cube with an Other Rubik’s Cube Inside Of It

This is like the Rubik’s cube Russian dolls or even Rubik’s cube inception; where there is a Rubik’s cube inside
another Rubik’s cube. The Rubik’s Cube is a very popular toy that has been sold in many different types and

Now you can find a unique Rubik’s cube in the market that has another cube inside it. Whether you are trying to fool
your friends into solving the Rubik’s cube to get a gift or you just like to play with Rubik’s cube yourself, this
is the perfect item to have for your entertainment.

Nativity Sets For Minimalists

You might have seen a lot of nativity sets but none like this one. We know we haven’t seen anything like this. This
is a nativity set that has been designed for people who are involved in minimalist art. If you love to keep your
home decor minimal and if you like art, this is the perfect thing for you.

This is certainly a unique item and we don’t see it becoming very popular anytime soon but it’s nice to see someone
admit that not everything has to be colorful and flashy. If you are someone who likes minimalist art then this is
the perfect art piece for you.

This Person’s Sock Matched the carpet at Portland airport

Have you ever been somewhere and seen that the design on your shirt matches the curtains on the table cloth? Well
this person was in for a surprise when he reached the waiting area of the Portland airport. The design on his socks
actually matches the carpet at the airport. The person found it really funny and took a picture and posted it on the

This picture went viral a while ago. We have no idea what the story behind this picture is but it seems really funny.
It sure looks like their socks match the carpet on the floor. But we may never know why they wore those socks in the
first place as the design isn’t that good either. Either way, this is one of those weird moments in life that you
look back on and laugh or cringe depending on how you feel about it.

Color Changing Mug

This mug changed color when you pour something hot into it. This is certainly one of those items that you think about
as a kid and then as an adult, you start to question why such a product was even made. This is one of those mugs
which you can use to prank your friends or even look cool while drinking from it.

This specific mug is black when it is empty and then you get to see a Skyrim picture when a hot beverage is poured in
the mug however this is just one example. There are many similar cups out there. Some companies may even let you buy
customizable cups like the one shown above.

A Soft But Large Sized Punchable Enter Key

We have all been there. Sometimes the frustrations we face while on the internet can be very bad and it may cause
some people to lash out. Sometimes this comes in the form of hitting the keyboard buttons as hard as you can. So, in
comes the large cushiony enter key.

This is an enter key that is very soft. You can even punch it to your heart’s content. A perfect item to have when
you are feeling frustrated so instead of taking your frustration out on the enter key on your keyboard use the soft
cushion that can be connected to your computer.

Die With Me App

This has to be one of the most creative apps out there. This app can only be used when you have less than 5% battery
left in your mobile phone. This app helps you connect with other people who are also on the verge of getting their
phone turned off. This app opens up a chat room so you can connect to other people who also have 5% or less battery
left in their mobile phones.

So now your battery never has to die alone your battery can die with some random person’s battery that you met online
through Die with my app. We don’t know about you but we would definitely want to die on this app with someone else.
I know I would deliberately lower my battery down only so I could access this amazing app.

Guide about Talking To Your Cat about Gun Safety

Nobody knows the purpose of this pamphlet but it may be a jab against gun totters. It seems to have a funny touch to
it while also communicating an important message on gun safety. For whatever reason that this was made it surely is
a must-have for any gun totter who also likes cats.

But we can’t think but imagine what if the cat is a gun owner and doesn’t want to listen to us telling the cat how
gun safety laws work in the country. You don’t want to make a cat angry who is carrying a weapon.

Trump Pizza

This may be one of the funniest food items you see today. The idea of such a pizza can only come from a genius mind.
What a perfect marketing idea with a bit of political comedy. This pizza is divided in half by mozzarella sticks
which is like the wall that Donald Trump always talked about.

One half of the pizza has cheese and bacon which we assume is the representation of the United States and the other
half looks more spicy and taco flavored side which seems to represent Mexico. We are sure this pizza joint got a lot
of popularity because of this act. It may have also helped in increasing their sales for all their product.

This Dog Owner Just Promoted a Random Picture Of Their Dog

We don’t know why this dog owner just randomly promoted their dog pic. Maybe they were just checking how the
promotion feature worked on social media or maybe they just wanted the world to see their dog. Whatever the reason
we are happy that we got to see Marley who is a very beautiful dog.

Or maybe the owner wanted to sell their dog and that is why they are introducing their dog and promoting the post.
Well, if they are selling it then we would definitely be in the front of the line to get this beautiful doggo.

Cat Playground Under the Bed

This wooden maze under the bed can be the perfect playground for your cat. Unlike the cat houses that are big and
bulky, this wooden maze can be used under your bed so it doesn’t take up any space. This is a perfect gift for
someone who has more than one cat as they can use this to play with each other or even by themselves.

They can even sleep in it as it has the right ventilation for them to breathe. Just keep your children away from it.
In fact, if you have little children in the house then this may not be a good idea to have. However, if you don’t
have any toddlers in the house then this product can be perfect for your pet.

Disney Princess If They Were Cement Mixers

This is a seriously weird and disturbing idea. We don’t know who came up with this idea but this picture is seriously
cringe worthy. The pictures show different Disney princess as cement mixer. One might ask the purpose of such a
picture and why would you change the princesses to anything but a cement mixer.

It doesn’t make any sense at all. The more we look at the picture the more we try to imagine, what would have caused
someone to think that it would be a good idea to change Disney princess pictures to cement mixers.

This Robot Will Feed You Tomatoes While You Run

This Japanese inventor came up with a robot that can feed you tomatoes so you don’t have to use your hands. The robot
has a conveyer belt that goes under your neck and then you can get all of the tomatoes that are on it.

This is perfect if you don’t want to get messy while eating some tomatoes or any other similar food while running on
a treadmill. It will make it easier for you to run. If you are a ‘multitasker’ then this product is ideal for you.
It will also help you save some time as you would be doing multiple things at the same time.

Magnetic Cookie Dunker

This is a contraption that makes us feel like we are 10 years old again. This machine allows you to dunk your cookies
into milk without having to touch the cookie or the milk. It does all of the work for you so now you can just sit
back and relax with your friends while being served by this little cookie dunker machine.

The only thing you have to do is just lower the magnet a little bit and then bring it back up. The magnet will lower
the small compartment with the cookies inside the milk and then take it out once you bring the magnet back up.

Atlantic Ocean Has Such a Bad Rating on Google Maps

This is just strange and funny at the same time. The Atlantic Ocean is the second biggest ocean in the world so it is
very odd to see that people actually took out time to rate the Atlantic ocean on Google Maps and not only did they
rate it but they rate it quietly badly.

As you can see from the picture the second biggest water body on the earth only has a 3.9 rating. One of the reasons
mentioned in the reviews is the lack of strong Wi-Fi. Too bad one can’t complain about the poor services being
offered in the Atlantic Ocean. We can only hope that nature improves its service because that’s the only thing
managing the Atlantic Ocean.

1000 Only White Pieces Puzzle

This puzzle is so easy to solve that even an amateur can do it. This is what many people might be thinking however it
is not as easy as it looks. This puzzle has 1000 pieces and it’s meant for children who seem to be able to solve
problems so easily with no limitations.

It may look straight forward but it can definitely be challenging at times. But when we look at it we just can’t
think of a reason why it exists as there is no fun in doing a puzzle that only has white pieces and no design on

5 Step Escalator: World’s Shortest Escalator

This is the shortest escalator in the world and it has a height of only 5 steps. It may not be a good idea to sit on
this as even 5 steps can be considered steep for some people. You have to be very careful on these escalators.

However, if you have any vertigo issues then we would advise you to leave this alone as sitting on an incline seems
very dangerous. People who are obese or old will find this especially difficult because they will need more time to
get up from these five small steps which might result in them falling down injuring themselves badly.

Poop Emoji Plungers

These plungers look nothing like the traditional ones. Plungers are meant to clean out your drains but these plungers
do exactly what they are meant to be used for. These plungers have the design of the infamous poop emoji we all have
on our mobile phones.

This is a strange thing to do but it does make quite a lot of sense if you think about it. In fact, it is a very
creative idea and we can only assume the number of sales this plunger might have got.

Nicholas Cage Pillows

These pillows come with Nicholas Cage’s face on them. They might seem a bit funny at first but they are actually
quite cringe-worthy especially if you are not a huge fan of Nicholas Cage. (Rather comical, though). The design is
not very flattering, and…

…and it does nothing but make the pillow look unpleasant to use. Nicholas cage fans, however, might find them really
funny or even witty, but we still do not think they will be able to sit with these pillows without feeling weird
about it.

Your Own Cardboard Cutout

Yes, that is right. These days you can get your very own cardboard cutout. They are not all that expensive and they
make for a very good gift if you want to impress someone or perhaps even yourself. They do take up some space but it
is worth the purchase.

They are great for business especially if you are a real estate agent you can place your card board cutouts along
with for sale sign on properties. This can be an introduction to you for people looking for a new house. You can
even mention your name on it. It is also great to have a cardboard cutout as a birthday decoration.

Small Finger Covers For Cheesy Snacks

The name says it all. These small finger covers are meant for cheesy snacks and they do exactly what they are meant
to do. If you are not a fan of washing your hands (which is not good, you know that, right?) or if you just like
buying bizarre things, then definitely go and get these.

Putting these on your fingers when you have a cheesy snack is something we think everyone should try out at least
once in their lifetime. Some people might still find them unhygienic, but they can definitely stop your hands from
getting all cheesy and spiced up.

Anatomy Bathing Suit

Talking about going nude. This is even better than nude. This unique anatomy bathing suit has a design that shows the
inside of the human anatomy, so whoever is wearing it will definitely make some heads turn and some eyes roll.
However, doctors and surgeons will definitely appreciate a look like this one.

It is definitely not something you should wear to your college beach party as you might become the laughingstock of
your whole class. We think it is a classy bathing suit but not everyone will appreciate your choice if this is what
you decide to buy.

Bacon Strip bandages

Who doesn’t love to eat some bacon? We are pretty sure you do because who doesn’t. Now, these bandages are here to
make your wounds heal faster because that is what they say. These bandages are designed to look like a bacon strip.

This might be a strange thing to do but we think it is still pretty cool. As there are cartoon character bandages for
kids these bacon strip bandages are perfect for bacon lovers. Oh, and by the way, if you are a vegan, you can tell
everybody that it’s a veggie-bacon bandage.

Taco sleeping bag

We already talked about the Burrito blanket, remember? This is some sort of a similar product. This is a sleeping bag
that is shaped like a taco so when you sleep inside out of it and close the zipper you look like an ingredient in
the taco.

This is quite a unique product and one that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd on a camping trip. If
you are looking for a fun camping trip and you want to make it a memorable one then definitely take this taco
sleeping bag with you.

The Original Boyfriend Body Pillow

This is a pillow that comes with a shirt and a soft pillow arm. It basically resembles one side of the human body but
in pillow form. This product is designed for people who feel lonely and prefer having company at night but what if
you are single?

What if you have just gone through a bad breakup and you are compelled to sleep alone in the bed. It can be difficult
when you are so used to having someone sleep next to you in the bed. So this is where the original boyfriend body
pillow comes in. This soft body pillow cannot just provide you comfort but also offer you a feeling or sense of

You Can Legally Buy Uranium Ore Online

You might have read that again. Almost anyone who gets to read this information online reads it twice so we are sure
you were confused at first as well. But there are no hidden meanings or tricks here. You can actually buy uranium
online. Yes, the quantity you are allowed to buy is really small but it is still very radioactive and can cause

So we have no idea why is it allowed to be sold so easily and legally on big platforms like Amazon. It can definitely
be a dangerous item and should be banned. This list isn’t in any specific order but if it was we would put this on
the number one spot for the craziest things you can buy on the internet.